Water and Fire Damage Restoration

Water and Fire Damage Restoration

Water and Fire Damage Restoration

Work can be overwhelming when fire or water damages your home or business. Do you call your insurance first or save some of your belongings? Even finding an honest, reputable restoration firm can seem like it takes a lot of work. (Water and Fire Damage Restoration)

Luckily, you’ve found the USA Clean Master. You can contact us twenty hours a day, every year. We can get to you quickly when you need us the most. We have all the restoration services needed for a name that is trusted across the country.

USA Clean Master will dry, clean, disinfects and restore your damaged property in no time.

3 easy steps to water damage recovery

When you are faced with a flood, there are three things you can do before we get to your location to begin the water damage recovery process.

Stop the water at the source: If it is a water leak, stop the leak at the source or close the main valve.

Shut off the power if you can, but your safety comes first: electricity and water are dangerous! Do not touch electrical outlets, devices, or switches where wet.

Contact your insurance company and inform them of your situation.

While you wait for our team to arrive, we recommend that you:

Take pictures of water damage. This will help deal with your insurance company and should be done throughout the reinstatement process.

Protect your carpet from staining: Put foil or Styrofoam under the legs of your furniture, so it doesn’t rest on wet carpet.

Move rugs, window treatments, and any other portable possessions (such as photographs, books, or small pieces of furniture) that may be damaged by further exposure to moisture in a dry location. (Water and Fire Damage Restoration)

Drainage and damage restoration process

Water damage restoration can be complicated. Relax. Your home or your business is in good hands with USA Clean Master.

There are five steps to every water damage restoration:

Damage Assessment

Investigating water damage and creating a personalized water damage recovery plan.

Water Removal

Remove water from carpets, subfloors and other parts of a structure with our superior water removal equipment.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Carpets, rugs and furniture are deep cleaned to remove flood contamination, and hard surfaces will also be thoroughly cleaned for your safety.

Dehumidifying & Drying

We use advanced drying technologies to remove water from the air to help completely dry the area.

Final cleaning

Cleaning the area and putting things back in order.

Mold treatment

Sometimes mold is visible, but sometimes the only sign you have mold in your home is a musty smell or even a persistent cold that won’t go away. Not to worry. If you have mold, we’ll not only find it; we’ll get rid of it.

USA Clean Master’s mold remediation technicians are experts at tracking down damp, hidden areas of your home where mold can thrive.

Safety is our top priority during mold removal and treatment. We use air scrubbers and other protective equipment to prevent mold spores from entering unaffected areas of your home during treatment. Our processes adhere to IICRC standards for safe and complete mold treatment.

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