Risks of a Smoke Damaged Home

Risks of a Smoke Damaged Home

Risks of a Smoke Damaged Home

After a devastating house fire and the smoke (literally and figuratively) have already cleared, many people will think that the worst is over.

Sadly, this is not the case, especially if your home has yet to be through a thorough fire damage restoration by a professional. That’s because smoke damage can still wreak havoc on your home and the people who live in it.

Smoke damage is any structural or physical damage caused by smoke, not necessarily caused by fire.

Often described as a mixture of smoke & soot, smoke damage does not ignite a fire that can destroy rooms, objects or homes but can still cause serious damage.

Objects covered with smoke create a persistent odor, eventually affecting the air quality of your home and causing various health complications.

Risks of a Smoke Damaged Home

Types of smoke damage

Smoke damage is often the result of a fire, but the severity of its effects can depend on the type of flame involved. The fire’s origin will also affect how smoke and soot are produced. Based on this, smoke from a fire can cause the following types of damage:

  1. Wet Smoke Damage

This refers to damage caused by smoke from low-heat, smoldering flames. The smoke they emit smells like burnt plastic and is often thick and black.

These fumes can cause serious damage to your property as they can cause corrosion of metal objects. The type of rust they produce is difficult to clean because it is extremely greasy.

  1. Proteus Smoke Damage

This type of the smoke damage is caused by smoke produced by the burning organic matter. It is often the result of the haphazard or careless cooking. Protein smoke damage is difficult to deal with because it is almost invisible.

Dark spots or greasy spots will not be easily visible on your walls, painted or unpainted. The only signs of damage are the paint discoloration and a pungent odor.

  • Fuel smoke damage

As the name implies that the fuel smoke damage is caused by the smoke from burning oil or petroleum products.

Fuel fumes do not create a smoke-damaged home or office, as it is commonly seen in warehouses, garages, and other places where petroleum may be stored.

However, fuel smoke can be foul-smelling and is difficult to remove. It can potentially cause irreparable damage to any fabric it comes in contact with. The sticky residue, once settled, can stick to almost any surface. (Risks of a Smoke Damaged Home)

  1. Dry smoke damage

High-temperature fires can quickly spread dry smoke & are often associated with house fires, so it is usually easy to remove because the residue is powdery & not sticky.

However, the powdery texture of dry smoke residue can also be a serious problem as it can squeeze itself into even the smallest spaces.

The accompanying smoke smell can eventually cause structural damage & even affect your home’s wiring, resulting in long-term electrical problems.

Smoke damage and your home

Smoke damages can vary depending on the type and temperature of the fire involved. Since smoke particles are usually fine and the real danger is when they get into small cracks and crevices.

The effects can go unnoticed for a long time, leading to a persistent smoke smell that can persist for months. Generally, smoke damage can manifest itself in the following items:

  • Upholstery

A regular vacuum used at the home is not recommended as a smoke-damage restoration tool for your upholstery. Using this can cause even more damage, as the vacuum only pushes the smoke particles deeper into the material.

Removing smoke particles from upholstery requires special equipment and techniques, and professional cleaners usually have these. (Risks of a Smoke Damaged Home)

  1. Clothing

Even if your clothes are inside the closed drawer, it is still possible for them to be exposed to fumes. Laundry may require several commercial smoke odor removers and cleaning detergents, depending on the severity of the odor.

  1. Furniture

It can be difficult to get rid of trapped fire smoke if you have wooden furniture. Using the wrong cleaning agent can cause significant damage to the varnish. Some cleaning materials can also cause metal frames to rust.

A restoration specialist experienced in smoke damage restoration work should be considered for cleaning your smoke-damaged furniture.

  1. Floor

Hardwood floors are usually porous, making it easier for smoke particles to settle. If smoke damage is severe, it may be necessary to refinish or replace the entire floor.

Smoke damage and your health

The risks of smoke damage go well beyond your home and its structural integrity. If you leave smoke damage alone, you could be putting yourself and your family at risk. The most serious smoking damage health risks include the following:

  1. Lung problem

This is especially true for people with asthma and other lung-related conditions. Inhalation can be complicated, especially when smoke is inhaled. In severe cases, nausea, cough and sleepiness may also occur.

  1. Skin Disorders

It is not uncommon to suffer from itching or a rash when you immediately enter your smoke-damaged home. While the condition may be temporary, it can worsen if left untreated. (Risks of a Smoke Damaged Home)

  1. Carbon monoxide poisoning

Carbon monoxide is one of the dangerous components of smoke. Inhalation of the gas can cause headache and dizziness but can also result in death if excessive carbon monoxide reaches the lungs. This happens because the gas blocks the circulation of oxygen in the body.

Important achievements

The smoke damage from a fire may not be immediately felt, but that doesn’t mean nothing wrong is happening. The effects are usually long-term, and even immediate results can be easily seen in fume-filled clothing and furniture.

In any case, the harm caused by smoke should not be taken lightly. After a house fire, precautions should be taken if you need to enter your property for a quick inspection.

However, you should allow the professionals to do their job and get their approval before accessing your smoke-damaged home.

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