Top 10 Scenic Train Rides in Virginia USA

Top 10 Scenic Train Rides in Virginia USA

Top 10 Scenic Train Rides in Virginia USA

Scenic Train Rides in Virginia USA – Many people may find train travel, as a means of transportation, a bit old-fashioned and old-fashioned. But think about it! It is convenient, hassle-free, and gives you a great experience.

Train rides don’t have to go through traffic. Before you get to the best places to visit in Virginia, USA, you will see the beautiful scenery that will give you a sense of peace and contentment along the way.

There is a certain charm to train travel and rail systems. Whether you’re headed to a fabulous beach or the picturesque mountains, many rail companies in Virginia provide transportation services and tour packages.

They also have museums dedicated to the history of the city’s rail system and shopping malls for those must-have items. We have compiled a list of scenic train rides for your next trip to Virginia, USA. Feel free to check them out below.

  • Buckingham Branch Railway

Buckingham Branch Railroad offers seasonal excursions to tourists. They have partnered with the Old Dominion chapter of the National Railway Preservation Society to provide hiking trips during the spring and fall seasons and even have a Santa train during Christmas.

The ride begins at Dillwyn Station and winds through rolling hills, lush forests, and magnificent scenery in central Virginia. Experience old-school train travel and have a weekend trip that is one for the books.

  1. Winchester and Western Railway

Winchester & Western Railroad’s primary mission is to provide its customers with a convenient, safe, and quality travel experience while being corporately responsible to the environment and the local communities it serves.

They are a short-line railroad that runs from Gore to Hagerstown, Maryland. They also have other lines to New Jersey, connecting with Conrail’s joint venture operations in Vineland and Millville.

Along the journey, the train passes through a beautiful stream in the Potomac Highlands known as Abram’s Creek and then through the historic Northwest Turnpike, Hogue Creek, and lots of lush greenery and virgin forest. (Scenic Train Rides in Virginia USA)

  • Potomac Eagle Scenic Railroad

The Potomac Eagle Scenic Railroad offers excursion trips with a once-in-a-lifetime experience and world-class service.

You can choose from the Trough Trip, the All-Day Petersburg Trip, and the Green Spring Special Tour Packages.

The Trough trip is a non-stop three-hour trip that passes through the Trough and Sycamore Bridge. On the other hand, the whole day trip to Petersburg is quite long in terms of travel time.

This is an eight-hour drive that goes through Moorefield and arrives in Petersburg. While in Petersburg, passengers can sample cafes and restaurants and pick up treats during a two-hour layover.

On a different note, Green Spring Special is only about an hour and a half drive north, passing by the Potomac River and vast farmland. (Scenic Train Rides in Virginia USA)

  1. C&O Railway Heritage Center

C&O Railway Heritage Center is a tourist destination in Virginia. It has a heritage center and museum that is both educational and inspiring.

It tells tourists the American story of society’s founding, from the people and places to the railroads.

They encourage Americans to learn about their history, from how our ancestors worked and persevered to the growth of the entire country today.

It all comes down to the two twin steel rails that connect the lands. The museum features vintage trains and rail design models, some vintage equipment, replicas, and more. (Scenic Train Rides in Virginia USA)

  • Cass Scenic Railroad State Park

Cass Scenic Railroad State Park is a fantastic tour company that offers package tours to various state parks and remarkable destinations in West Virginia.

They promise a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will reconnect you with nature from lush greenery, mountains, enchanting waterfalls, fishing spots, and more.

They also provide you and your family with beautiful memories that make you want to return for more.

Its parks offer a wide range of activities you can choose according to your preferences, from hiking to biking, boating, fishing, camping, scenic train rides, and much more. Stay in one of the wooden cabins and enjoy a vacation close to nature. (Scenic Train Rides in Virginia USA)

  1. The Richmond Railway Museum

Managed by the Old Dominion Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society, the Richmond Railway Museum is a tourist destination located at the South Railway Station in Richmond.

The museum features a variety of fascinating memorabilia, exhibits, galleries, furniture, and many more artifacts related to Virginia City.

It also has a gift shop where tourists can buy trinkets and souvenirs. Additionally, the Richmond Railway Museum is available for rental. You can celebrate your special occasions there with its event room that can accommodate up to 100 guests. (Scenic Train Rides in Virginia USA)

  1. Mountain train

Mountain Rail is a tour company that offers excursions in Virginia. Explore hidden routes and pass through mountain ranges and lush forests in an experience you will never forget when you book a package with them. Their packages vary from short trips to day or overnight trips.

Many options are available, such as Cass Scenic Bald Knob, Wild Heart Connector Pack, New Tygart Flyer, Cheat Mountain Salamander, The Dublin Rocket, and much more. Long-haul excursions provide lunch and dinner on the train. (Scenic Train Rides in Virginia USA)

  1. Suffolk Coast Station Railway Museum

Suffolk Seaboard Station Railroad Museum is another tourist destination in Virginia City. It’s filled with artifacts, memorabilia, a collection of train station items, vintage model trains, exhibits, and much more.

This museum is integral to Virginia’s history, as it has been in operation for a long time. It treasures 130 years of the history of the local train station.

This museum also hosts exciting events that will appeal to adults and children, from book signings to movies under the stars, educational tours, and more.

To top it off, you can have your birthday party at the Suffolk Seaboard Station Railway Museum, subject to reservations and arrangements. (Scenic Train Rides in Virginia USA)

  1. O. Winston Link Museum and West Virginia Museum of History

One of Virginia’s many educational and historical museums are the O. Winston Link Museum and the West Virginia Museum of History.

This museum is a tribute to the works of master photographer O. Winston Link. Most of the photographs are in black and white settings. Some of his works are paintings of old locomotives and railway sets from the 1950s.

The museum also has interactive displays and audio recordings that provide relevant information about the models in his photography. In addition, some of his old photography tools and equipment are also on display. (Scenic Train Rides in Virginia USA)

  1. Virginia Transportation Museum

Located on Norfolk Ave, the Virginia Transportation Museum is another museum in Virginia that attracts tourists.

It has been operating since 1963 and features a collection of vintage artifacts, old photographs, memorabilia, and other items related to Virginia’s transportation system.

It is now considered the Official Virginia Transportation Museum. It contains approximately 2,500 items on display, available for viewing.

Some of them are locomotives, vintage wagons, and even borrowed items. Not only that, but it also covers Virginia’s air and water transportation system.

Its main goal is to preserve the history of the city, as well as the achievements and hard work of the people who participated in advancing the city’s transportation system.

Virginia, USA, is not only rich in beaches, halal restaurants, shopping malls, unique hotels, and high-rise buildings but also has a fascinating history and unique culture.

Train travel and the rail system bear significant significance to Virginia’s history. Even today, the city still encourages people to ride the train on the go and learn more about the city’s history through the museums.

Check out our list of these activities for your next visit to Virginia, and have a wonderful time ahead.

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