8 Best Road Trips From Minnesota

8 Best Road Trips From Minnesota

8 Best Road Trips From Minnesota

Are you looking for Best Road Trips From Minnesota? Then this article will be very helpful for you. Road trips are adventurous, therapeutic, and highly relaxing.

They take you to destinations you’ve never been to, expose you to attractions you may never have known, and sometimes present you with specific challenges you never thought you could handle.

If time and resources allow, everyone should take a road trip at least once a year. With the scenic nature of the United States, road trip destinations abound, and it’s entirely up to you to choose an itinerary based on the type of experiences you’d like to have.

Read below for a quick look at some of the options you may have if you’re looking for the best road trips from Minnesota, USA.

Best Road Trips From Minnesota

  • Chicago, Ill

If you were to drive nonstop from Minneapolis to Chicago, the trip would take about eight hours, but this would underscore the essence of a road trip.

The good news is that there is plenty to see and do on the way to Chicago, and if you’re not in a hurry, you can take as much time as you like to explore the various attractions.

This city is a road trip idea from Minnesota that hardly needs an introduction. Still, some notable stops not to be missed on this trip include Minnehaha Falls, Paul Bunyan Logging Museum, Wisconsin Dale for views and some photos with the pink elephant.

And if you’re not too exhausted as you approach Chicago, a stop at the Jelly Belly Warehouse for about an hour should round out your to-do list for the trip.

  1. Detroit, MI

A road trip from Minnesota to Michigan, depending on the route you take and your travel time, should take a little over 7 hours.

The most recommended time for a trip of this type would be summer or autumn. And for better exposure to scenery and attractions, you should consider using Highway 61 because it is one of the most scenic highways in North America.

Some attractions you’re likely to encounter along the way, and should take some time to explore, include: Split Rock Lighthouse, just north of Two Harbors, Grand Marais, Silver Bay, Grand Rapids, and Circus World in Baraboo.

Choose your stops based on whether you’re interested in indoor or outdoor attractions.

  • Cincinnati, OH

The distance between Minneapolis and Cincinnati is about 710 miles (1,140 km), and if you were to drive nonstop, it would take about 13 hours to get to Cincinnati.

This is not only exhausting but also potentially dangerous. However, with plenty of attractions, you’ll have more than enough to see and do and can spend as much time as you like along the way.

On this road trip, your potential stops should be Eau Claire, La Crosse, Madison, Chicago, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati. You have a whole world to choose from in attractions and activities, and it’s entirely up to you to choose based on the specific experiences you’re looking for. (Best Road Trips From Minnesota)

  1. Indianapolis, IN

If you’re planning a road trip from Minnesota to Indianapolis, you have plenty of options for routes and attractions at your disposal.

You can start on US 14, just west of Madison, then join US 61, which will take you to Lacrosse and eventually the Twin Cities. You can visit the Lloyd Wright Museum and House on the Rock in Spring Green if you have time.

New Glarus Brewery and Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine at Lacrosse are potential attractions to consider on this road trip.

In addition to these attractions, Wisconsin is blessed with many beautiful landscapes you’ll enjoy seeing throughout the state.

  • St. Louis, MO

Minneapolis to St Louis in Missouri is about nine hours away by road. While you may not have the pleasure of driving on some of the more scenic roads during this trip, there are plenty of attractions where you can stop for short drives and enjoy the landscapes.

Some of the most recommended stops during this tour include Cedar Falls, Clear Lake, Faribault, O’Fallon Brewery, Amana Colonies, and Nauvoo.

  1. Denver, Colo

Minneapolis and Denver are about 950 miles (1,528 km) apart, and if you were driving nonstop at about 70 mph (113 km/h), it would take at least 13 hours to get to Denver.

But the greater the distance, the greater the number of attractions and stops you can make. Some of the possible tour and sightseeing stops for this trip include Clear Lake, Des Moines, Omaha, Hastings, North Plate, and Brush before finally arriving in Denver. This city is one of the best places to road trip from Minnesota!

  1. Tulsa, United States

If you’re driving from Minneapolis to Tulsa, you’ll need at least ten hours to cover a distance of about 706 miles (1,136 km), and for a good road trip experience, you should set aside at least two days, so you’ll have a good experience, too.

Contact time with the attractions at the different stops. Some places it’s likely to stop include Bancroft, Des Moines, Nevada in Missouri, and Joplin before finally arriving in Tulsa.

Nestled in the middle are many attractions, including sightseeing tours and adventures that will make the road trip worthwhile. (Best Road Trips From Minnesota)

  1. Columbia, MO

Due to the distance between Minnesota and Columbia, a road trip between Minneapolis and Columbia will surely be full of thrills and challenges.

With a solid itinerary mapping out your stops, tours, and sightseeing adventures, it should be an excellent time to cover the 468 miles (753 km) that separate the two of you.

Enjoy the journey and the beautiful scenery with these road trips from Minnesota.

There are plenty of road trip opportunities out of Minnesota, and you should take every chance for these scenic drives.

Read through the list of the best driving vacations from Minnesota, USA, outlined above, and pick the ones you think are likely to give you the most pleasure.

We hope you like our article on 8 Best Road Trips From Minnesota.

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