Steps to Professional Carpet Cleaning

Steps to Professional Carpet Cleaning

Steps to Professional Carpet Cleaning

Professional Carpet cleaning involves more than just moving a wand over your carpet. Before booking your appointment, learn more about the entire process.

Here’s an infographic to help you learn more about carpet cleaning, from our arrival to saying goodbye to a satisfied customer.

Carpet cleaning is explained in 8 steps.

Step 1: Arrival

Technicians come to the home as per the appointment deadline. Furthermore, the technician will call 30 minutes before their arrival. They will review the order on file and then accompany the owner to the home, checking various areas and verifying the order on file conforms to the client’s requirements.

Step 2: Pre-inspection

The technician will identify and assess the condition of the carpet. If areas require additional attention or items that need to be moved – this will be discussed with the owner. If heavy furniture is not removed before the appointment, the technician will clean it around or under it (if possible).

Step 3: Pre-cleaning

After pre-inspection and confirmation of the commencement of work by the owner, our technicians will start cleaning the areas as per the order. The first run is to get the dirt out, break it down, and ensure it comes out clean afterward. (Professional Carpet Cleaning)

Step 4: Deodorizer / Sanitizer (Optional)

Deodorization or cleaning may be required in some cases, such as pet odor or pet stains. This is recommended if your family is prone to allergies or you suspect bacterial growth in your carpets.

Step 5: Carpet Cleaning Process

The USA Clean Master uses Hot Water Extraction Technology, penetrating deep into the carpet and removing all dirt, dust and contaminants. The steam will refresh the fibers of your carpets and rugs, and the extraction will remove any residue, leaving your carpets and upholstery fresh.

Step 6: Spot Removal (If Necessary)

If rinsing with hot water doesn’t remove any stains in your home, we recommend a stain removal treatment. Sometimes, the stain will come off easily and require a deeper cleaning or special treatment. (Professional Carpet Cleaning)

Step 7: Carpet Protection (Optional)

A protectant (such as Scotchgard™) isn’t always needed, but if your carpets and furniture are in good shape, you may want to apply a protecting and keep them that way.

A protector helps prevent stains and reduces the amount of dust that accumulates in clothing, thereby improving vacuuming efficiency. (Professional Carpet Cleaning)

Step 8: After the Inspection

After everything is cleaned and done, our technician will accompany you to your home and the cleaned areas.

During this review, they will show you what was cleaned, what stains and stains they treated, and guide you on maintaining this “like new” condition. If you have any comments or questions, this would be a good time to let the tech know. (Professional Carpet Cleaning)

We aspire for 100% customer satisfaction, so don’t hesitate to let the tech know if anything bothers you.

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