How dirty are your air ducts

How dirty are your air ducts?

How dirty are your air ducts?

Wondering How dirty are your air ducts? Let’s read this article and know everything about it.

Improve indoor air quality

Debris inside the air ducts contains allergens and is a source of indoor air pollution. Asthma can develop in young children from early allergen exposure.

Treat pollution at its source to improve indoor air quality and keep you and your children healthy.

Energy efficiency

If your air ducts have not been cleaned recently, your furnace and air conditioner may work harder to maintain the temperature you want. A cleaner HVAC can increase efficiency by 11%, saving you money if it requires less energy.

Proper maintenance

AC and heating systems are expensive machines that require regular maintenance and cleaning. Clogged returns and failing to replace filters when needed can shorten the life of your system. 90% of HVAC system malfunctions are caused by failure to take these simple steps!

Air Ducts cleaning facts

Air duct cleaning can easily remove dust, debris and allergens accumulated over the years.

Professional duct cleaning equipment makes duct cleaning powerful, fast and effective.

When the HVAC is dirty, it doesn’t work as efficiently as it should. HVAC cleaning will help reduce your energy bill.

Duct systems come in all types, sizes, shapes and complexities. USA Clean Master has professional duct cleaning equipment and methods to address every variation.

Air Ducts Cleaning: What to Expect

After the meet and greet, our team members review the work order with you and get right to work.

We protect your property by wearing shoe covers and covering furniture and floors with plastic sheets or drop cloths.

All registers are securely covered

A vacuum is attached to the main trunk line to keep the duct system under negative pressure.

The technician cleans dust around the vents and grill.

The ducts are cleaned with a brush or air whip, and a vacuum sucks out all dirt and debris for safe disposal.

Our technicians remove the blower motor and condensing coil and clean them for better heating and cooling efficiency.

When everything is back to normal, our Air Duct team updates you, answers your questions and ensures we exceed your expectations.

NADCA Certified (Rockville, MD), so we clean and restore your heating and cooling systems according to NADCA standards and guidelines.

Professional tools are properly used to get the job done right.

We are insured to protect you and your property.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. We promise you that we will give you the best service we can.

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