One Punch Man Chapter 178 - Saitama Vs. Tatsumaki Begins

One Punch Man Chapter 178 – Saitama Vs. Tatsumaki Begins

One Punch Man Chapter 178 – Saitama Vs. Tatsumaki Begins

One Punch Man Chapter 178 has been revealed as the long-awaited battle between Saitama and Tatsumaki finally begins.

While the two heroes are often shipped together by fans, they have always wanted to see a fight between them. For this reason, One Punch Man Chapter 178 is a must-read for fans.

It was seen in the previous chapter that Tatsumaki rescues Fubuki after a Tsukuyomi member threatens to activate the deadly poison with her. This is when Saitama interrupts Tatsumaki’s actions.

She defeated the Tsukuyomi members, after which she threatened to hurt the Blizzard group members as she told them to leave Fubuki for their good.

One Punch Man chapter 178, titled Do It Outside, begins with Air waking up in the hospital as doctors operate on him after being taken down by a demon. Forte is admitted to the hospital and checked by Chan-Tod and Butterfly DX.

As Air was concerned about his voice, the doctors revealed how they surgically enhanced it due to his critical condition. This did not sit well with Forte, who thought he was being ignored.

One Punch Man Chapter 178 – Saitama Vs. Tatsumaki Begins

Simultaneously, he began to think that Saitama was a psychic like Tatsumaki, struck from behind while standing in front of him.

This is when Chan-Tod and Butterfly DX tell him that he was hit by a car after they told him never to fight with his headphones on.

As Forte starts thinking about a revenge match with Saitama, Chan-Tod, and Butterfly, they investigate the commotion around the DX Monsters Containment area.

Elsewhere, Tatsumaki begins to use his psychic powers to threaten Saitama as he is not releasing his hand when told to do so. She kept increasing the intensity of her esper powers as the earthquake’s tremors left the entire building shaking and crumbling.

This was when Tatsumaki remembered Saitama as the boy who usually accompanied Genos, leaving him confused about why he opposed him.

As Saitama begins to get frustrated with Tatsumaki, he tells Fubuki to lead his Blizzard group out of the building as he plans to take down Tatsumaki because of his stubbornness.

Tatsumaki could see how familiar Saitama spoke with his sister as he asked her how she was related to him. To this, Saitama replied that Fubuki was an acquaintance of his, which hurt him.

Tatsumaki began to act inappropriately as she could see the desperation in Saitama’s actions to help Fubuki.

As Saitama could no longer tolerate Tatsumaki’s antics, he decided to capture him and blow him up outside the Hero Association building to avoid further harm. Thus, he increased the intensity of his powers, starting to turn the entire floor.

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