One Piece Confirms Just How Unique Luffy's Devil Fruit Awakening is

One Piece Confirms Just How Unique Luffy’s Devil Fruit Awakening is

One Piece Confirms Just How Unique Luffy’s Devil Fruit Awakening is

One Piece shows a new awakening of the Zone-type Devil Fruit, confirming that Luffy’s version of this rare and powerful ability is unique. Kaku’s awakened form shares a significant future with one shown by his CP0 partner, Lucy, which highlights how different Luffy’s Gear Fifth appearance is.

A handful of people in the world of One Piece have unlocked the final level of Devil Fruits’ power, called “Awakening,” which significantly boosts their abilities.

For Zone-types, the Awakening amplifies the user’s physical abilities to near-unparalleled levels, though at the risk of losing their mind to its bestial nature.

Despite its initial impression, Luffy’s Devil Fruit is a Zoan-type of the legendary branch, Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika (Human Human Fruit, Model Nika).

However, Luffy’s appearance and abilities in his awakened form (which he calls Gear Fifth) are very different from other awakened clones featured recently in the series.

During their current adventure on Egghead Island, the Straw Hats are clashing with members of CP0, an elite group of spies and assassins in the service of the World Government.

The group includes two old enemies, Rob Lucci and Kaku, who are both Zone Devil Fruits users. Lucy immediately shows off her newly awakened form, which consists of strange black plumes of smoke around her neck and shoulders.

In chapter #1072 of One Piece, Kaku battles Zoro and reveals that he has also awakened his Devil Fruit and that his form shares the same signature black flames as Lucy’s, proving that it has awakened.

A common feature of Zone is that they don’t lose their mind in the process (explaining why to Impel Down guards don’t show this).

Luffy’s Gear Fifth also has smoke-like wisps around his shoulders, but they are white and do not look like flames.

┬áHis awakening’s unique abilities, which are more akin to Paramecia-type than Zon, confirm that Luffy’s awakened Devil Fruit form is unique in the series.

This is likely because the grouping of mythical zones with other zone types has always been heterogeneous and incorrect.

Mythical Zone users such as Kendo, Yamato, Sengoku, and Marco have all displayed abilities similar to those of Paramecia and go beyond mere bestial transformations of regular Zones, as confirmed by Eiichiro Oda in the special Road to Laughter Vol. 3.

There is also a possibility that the dominant white color in Gear Fifth is another way for the writer of One Piece to highlight Luffy’s role as the “Dawnbringer” and savior of the world.

Luffy’s Devil Fruit true ability revealed twenty-five years after its debut in the manga, has overpowered and made the protagonist of One Piece look and feel special even in a world full of people with unique Devil Fruit powers.

The different colors of the signature Awakening smoke/flames on Luffy’s body compared to Luffy’s and Kaku’s thus help differentiate Mythical Zoan users. Luffy’s dominance over Lucy in their fight shows they are on very different levels.

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