Kyrie Irving - I Love Beating The Knicks

Kyrie Irving – I Love Beating The Knicks

Kyrie Irving – I Love Beating The Knicks

Kyrie Irving grew up in New Jersey watching the New Jersey Nets play the New York Knicks. Irving, a Nets fan in his youth, understood the horrors of the New York arena when the two teams competed on the same hardwood. This is why he’s ready to put on a winning show when Knicks pops up on the schedule.

“It’s a different feeling for me because I grew up in New York, New Jersey,” Irving said on playing against the Knicks. “So I know you’ve seen a lot of series in my den at my best friend’s house.

Whether watching sports with my dad or his dad or watching sports and my dad admiring the guys playing at Madison Square Garden, Continental Airlines Arena.

“So for me, I love beating the Knicks and playing against them. But overall, it’s just about purpose, which is winning ball games. Nothing personal.”

After a scoreless third quarter on extended rest, the Nets guard went into ‘winning timeout’ on a mission to put the ball through the basket. In the words of fourth-year big Nick Claxton, Irving ‘is going to show up every single time in the fourth quarter.’

On Irving’s fourth-quarter performance, Claxton said, “It’s always nice when you have someone – I think he leads the league in points in the fourth quarter – that you know he’s going to play every game in the fourth quarter.”

Kyrie Irving – I Love Beating The Knicks

The bar is about to appear.” “That’s the big one. He always leads and equals, no matter the game’s score. We just ran after him and won.”

He scored 22 of his game-high 32 points in the fourth quarter to seal Brooklyn’s ninth-straight victory over New York.

Along the way, the superstar point guard wowed the Barclays Center crowd of 18,100, packed with Knicks fans. One of those fans was legendary men’s college basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski, who coached Irving during his one year at Duke University.

“What people don’t understand is the confidence he gives to other people. There’s something to be said for that,” Nets head coach Jack Vaughn said on Irving’s stretch plays.

“The game has become closer. It’s a three-point game, a six-point game, and there’s a comfort level when the ball is in the hands of someone you know can generate a shot permeates the rest of the

“We’re going to get a good catch here. We’ll get a good shot here, and it will probably go in. It relieves some of the tension at the end of the game with other guys. I think it’s the key to having friends who can get you a bucket at the end of the game.

Irving has not lost to the Knicks in games since joining the Nets in 2019. Outside of Brooklyn’s longest winning streak versus any opponent, the win put a big smile on the face of the New Jersey kid who used it. To watch growing up on your television.

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