James Harden explains coming off the bench

James Harden explains coming off the bench

James Harden explains coming off the bench

The third quarter of Saturday’s Philadelphia 76ers 126-119 win over the Denver Nuggets featured a slightly bizarre moment when James Harden was on the bench, but he ran to the floor to help out on the defensive end in the middle of the game. And he ended up getting a deflection.

It’s been a minute since James Harden featured himself on Shaktin’ a Fool. Trust the Philadelphia 76ers superstar to bring the swoon-worthy drama when we need it most.

That was the case for the former league MVP on Saturday when the Sixers faced the Denver Nuggets at the Wells Fargo Center.

The officials then realized what was going on and declared the play dead. There was a technical foul in Philadelphia with only four men on the floor, and it appeared to be an accident on the Sixers’ part.

Afterwards, Harden’s former Oklahoma City Thunder teammate Serge Ibaka called Harden out because he wondered what Beard was doing in the play.

Harden then responded that there was a miscommunication, but he was happy that the Sixers walked away with the win.

Harden had 17 points and 13 assists in the win, his seventh in a row for the Sixers. They will look to get things going in the right direction on Monday when they host the Orlando Magic.

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