What are the job opportunities in the USA for foreigners

What are the job opportunities in the USA for foreigners?

What are the job opportunities in the USA for foreigners?

Job opportunities in the USA for foreigners – Have you already asked yourself: Why me and not a US citizen? Here I will show you all the job opportunities you can get in the USA as a foreign or an international student.

Given our experience, I know how you are thinking about how difficult it is to find a job in the United States as a foreign or international student when a company can easily hire an American for a free position. Is.

You’re right. This is the case for 90% of the job market. Companies are pretty satisfied with local hiring and don’t need much more. And you know what? Let them be in peace.

But what is happening with 10% left? Do you think it’s easier for them to hire someone?

Even if American politics today is not in the interest of immigrants and foreigners, Since getting a visa to the United States is more complex and more challenging, you still have your chances! Let me explain:

My language, my culture, my citizenship

The first point is related to your language and culture. We want you to represent your culture or language in specific jobs!

In this era of globalization, many companies think that international employees can be the basis of a company’s ability to succeed in a global market that never stops. Let’s have a look at all the job opportunities you will get in this field:

If you speak another (or more) language, that’s a real plus for the company!

This was the case for us, Max, and me. Since my company has the French Quarter in Paris, they were looking for someone who could communicate well in English and French.

Understanding of culture

If the company has a subsidiary or office in your home country, which is very different from the culture of the United States, the company needs someone who can manage with people in your culture, and they need you. They can’t move forward without someone like you.

If the company’s founder, executive, or manager has the same citizenship as you.

It also depends on how long these people have been in the US, but they are more likely to hire people who fit in with their ideas. And they’re more than you think… For example, Los Angeles is home to about 4 million people.

 Following public records, 37.7% of Los Angeles residents are foreign-born population (about 1.5 million), of whom: 6.5% (98,029) are from Europe, 29.9% (447,826) are from Asia, 1.6% (24,339) are from Africa; and 61.6% (924,078) from Latin America.

See more here! Isn’t this crazy? You can research other cities like New York City, San Francisco, Miami, etc.

Also, if the company is headquartered in your home country and has subsidiaries or offices in the United States.

It is quite possible; The company policy is that percentage of people of your nationality do not forget the source of the company and work in harmony with various mixed perspectives.

You will receive services in this language everywhere in the United States where people of your citizenship/language are

Because customers with your citizenship/culture/language are here! They need help with their language or services.

This school, teachers (parents want their children to preserve language), accountants for foreign entrepreneurs (with dual skills accounting in your country and the US), lawyers (double times are dealing with investors/international entrepreneurs) with).

Real estate (dual languages, dual skills) for those who come and don’t know how to behave to find homes, churches (different religions and cultures), even public services (you There will be public services like DMV that provide services in Spanish), etc.

It may also happen that the company wants to build a brand image.

For example, the French people in the United States are famous for luxury, fashion, food, and wine. That’s why it’s not uncommon that international brands like LVMH or L’Oréal are always looking to hire French people in the United States at every stage, every position.

The same goes for French restaurants: to spread authenticity to the customers, they always hire a French cook, a French waiter, etc.

How is your culture famous in America?

Also, you can serve your country from the USA.

In that case, the government or private companies in your country send you to the USA to report to and deal with US representatives privately or publicly.

It deals with journalism, military, government diplomacy, research laboratories, universities, international organizations, etc. (Job opportunities in the USA for foreigners)

Company’s difficulty rent in local

Believe me or not, this happens a lot, depending on the field you work in. The unemployment rate in the United States dropped to 3.9 percent in July 2018. Whatever you think, today is not the bad time to get a job in the United States! (Job opportunities in the USA for foreigners)

Companies can have a more challenging time hiring locally because of several influences:

Not enough specialized skills are required for the job

This happens a lot in the fields of science that represent a shortage of skilled people in the US market: IT, biology, math, research, and medicine. (Job opportunities in the USA for foreigners)

Not enough workforce in a specific period

 It deals with companies that suddenly need hundreds of employees to consolidate labor. This often occurs during seasonal sales peaks or functions, such as winter or summer activities or special events.

Or it can even be that the company won a huge contract & sold thousands of the products. In that case, you do not need to be skilled; the company will train you. (Job opportunities in the USA for foreigners)

Jobs That An American Does not Want, But You Do

Yes, it can happen. It is related to agriculture and farming. America needs a workforce to feed its people, and there is a shortage of workers, know right for it! (Job opportunities in the USA for foreigners)

The salary is too high, can’t pay anyone locally

And foreigners will be more flexible in this matter. This is often the case for small companies or companies that have just started. And in some cases, it is difficult for them to hire someone offshore.

They need someone on-site! Then this is your chance! Because it will not be like this indefinitely… Once the company can pay its employees well, it will no longer need new foreigners.

But you’ll already be on-site, and they’ll do everything to keep you in position (if you do a great job, of course). (Job opportunities in the USA for foreigners)

America is unstable

This means that the employee can leave the company whenever he wants, and it can be difficult for the company to quickly hire someone else and continue to pay the cost for each recruit!

The average tenure for workers aged 25 to 34 is 3.2 years; For employees aged 65 and over is 10.3 years. They know that a visa makes it challenging for a foreigner to quit his job and work in another company.

You will not be flexible as an American or as a green cardholder. Because you will need to find the other company that wants to sponsor your visa, alert your organization or USCIS that you wish to change employment/employer.

You are not alone, and the administrative stuff is daunting and painful whenever you have to change your employer.

Trust me, you don’t want to experiment too much, and you don’t want to show your company that you intend to do so (since it is an advantage for the employer to hire you).

On the other side, the company can fire you at any time. So this is a significant advantage for them! This often attracts smaller companies with higher budgets. (Job opportunities in the USA for foreigners)

If I have a recognized talent, welcome to America!

It depends on your field of work, but if you have a recognized talent, the USA will love it! They love to serve and represent the country to talented people worldwide because now you will represent the country and help raise the general level.

So this case is a little different because the visa is on you and your talent. You will be able to initiate a visa application without any sponsoring company.

You’ll need one, but eventually, the company won’t need to do anything, in particular, to prove that you will use your talents in the USA. The approach with the company will be totally different, as it is for all types of visas. (Job opportunities in the USA for foreigners)

Job opportunities in my current company

Work in the USA for foreigners?

It’s not because you have exceptional skills that nobody in America has or because you’re from a particular country. It is because of your company that you are currently working on your needs in the United States for some reason!

Because you have worked in company for a while & you know how the company works, what your job is in this company, and you are a perfect element that the company cannot replace.

So it would be hard for the company to find and train someone like you who they don’t know yet, which in our case is the United States of America.

So it’s going to be a lot easier for them to move you to the US than to hire and train someone new to do the same thing you do.

This often happens when a company in your country wants to expand its product and services to the United States. (Job opportunities in the USA for foreigners)

In conclusion

The more you’ll meet those kinds of requirements, The more you get the chance to get hired for job.

It worked for both of us because we combined those 3 points above: Our companies were small companies managed by French people, and we work in IT, which is in high demand in America.

And it works for many of my students: one was in the quality/safety sector and was hired at a medium-sized business managed by people of his citizenship.

Another was in the marketing/communications sector and was working in a small company that people also managed within their citizenship.

One was appointed as a language teacher in an international school. One in the field of art and sculpture. One of waste management in a small company, etc. (Job opportunities in the USA for foreigners)

Those people, like us:

  • He wasn’t in America to look for his job. They were in the Asia, New Zealand, Europe etc.
  • Have not held a US degree or diploma from reputable universities,
  • Were not bilingual in English but had a good level anyway for some of them,
  • Before moving here, nobody in America knew anyone except me.

We didn’t even have all that. We were in Europe at the time, and we did it anyway. But we found a way to complete the long quest to get a job in the United States. So why don’t you?

We hope you like our article on What are the job opportunities in the USA for foreigners?

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