Top 5 Errors To Avoid When You Apply For A Job In The USA

Top 5 Errors To Avoid When You Apply For A Job In The USA

Top 5 Errors To Avoid When You Apply For A Job In The USA

Living abroad comes with privileges and challenges. Since the beginning of my journey, when Maxim and I achieved our dream of relocating from France to the United States, we experienced difficulties for the first time in making this giant leap. (Apply For A Job In The USA)

 I have always been passionate about living life abroad. Therefore, I took it as a personal goal to provide you with opportunities to apply for jobs in the United States, help you expand your outlook, and Help me get out of my comfort zone.

I have always been on the job seekers’ side with my backstory

Knowing what it is like, I have always focused on giving you the best personal tips, information, and tricks from my experience so that you can feel comfortable applying for jobs in the USA. But, today, I saw myself from a different perspective which might surprise everyone…

Earlier this year, to be more specific… About three months ago, while trying to make the best of the USponsor Me website, I noticed I needed some help.

I started looking for a marketing and communications assistant with the extra hands and mind to upgrade this project.

And, knowing that most of you who read me are looking for job opportunities, my first thought was to keep this job within the family.

So, I posted two job openings immediately, and I started getting your feedback in no time!!

I was stagnant to see that people were excited to give me a hand to grow and expand USponsor Me.

At least, that’s what I thought when your applications and emails started piling up in my inbox in response to my offer… but right after that, I realized the reality was different.

I found myself in the situation that was not typical for me. And for the first time, I found myself in the shoes of a “recruiter.”

And I’m sorry that most of my applications let me down… I thought to myself:

  • Am I doing enough to teach you guys how to enhance your qualities?
  • Or am I need to show you the right way to present yourself to a recruiter?
  • Am I giving you enough information to understand what a recruiter wants to look for in a job seeker?

After all these questions, I can’t describe how disappointed I was… to be honest; I was even angry… So, I think about it lot and saw it as a kind of experiment. I was decided, so we can all take in this practical and valuable information after all.

We’ll talk about the top five errors I saw on multiple applications that screamed: “Don’t hire me” and the necessary actions to tackle them. (Apply For A Job In The USA)

Are you ready? Let’s give it a world!

My requests first, what do you need later?

With this example, I need to talk about several emails where I saw this “unbelievable” introduction:

“How much does it pay?”

Too often didn’t even see “hello” or “goodbye” in emails. Guys, it’s evident that if you ask this question before anything else, it’s because you don’t want to waste time applying for a job in the USA that doesn’t meet your expectations, I Hear it well, and I understand.

Let’s be clear. Just one etiquette mistake could cost you your dream job! Employers are picky about who they hire in today’s competitive job market.

Employers may assume you are not professionally competent if you do not understand and display standard etiquette.

On the other hand, what conclusion can any recruiter draw very quickly after that? What did you think, as the founder of a company? What came to your mind when you read that question?

It is crystal clear that the most important thing you want is to know whether the salary amount will work for you or not.

But, the recruiter concludes that you are not interested and have nothing to do with the company you are applying for.

About me or any other recruiter: I don’t want to work with someone more interested in the job’s pay. (Apply For A Job In The USA)

Lesson 1

A recruiter always looks for someone passionate about the work, duties, responsibilities, and company. They will never give the person another look just for the “good pay.”

So, if you don’t see a salary range specified on the job opening and if the salary is what you need, don’t ask how much it pays, and don’t apply.

You are my last chance! I am disappointed!

This is another example of a typical case: showing your personal before your professional motivations.

Let me tell you; any recruiter can see what they want from a job miles away. And, you make it that much easier when you put the following on the front line of the cover letter:

“Have a green card, and I’m afraid of losing it if I don’t act fast.”

Guys, this is awesome! Imagine how a recruiter or I might experience this…

I looked at it this way: This person applied for this job opening, not because he wants or likes the job… no, he’s desperate, and he needs to at all costs. Need job.

Do I need to work with someone who does not care about what I’m doing? Not at all! (Apply For A Job In The USA)

Lesson 2

Don’t feel the recruiter is a mouth feeder! If you show me from the beginning that you have everything to win and use at least one “attention trick”: Paytm … I assure you, the recruiter will not even open your resume.

I’m not what you’re looking for, but hire me!

Well, here is the third common mistake I found in applications.

It was apparent on the job opening what skills and qualifications were required; things like WordPress knowledge and marketing automation were “essential.” But, for some reason, I read to myself:

  • “I’m very good at customer service…”
  • Or start showing skills like:
  • apply for jobs in the USA career summary in resume
  • how to apply for jobs in the USA, skills in resume
  • Wrong resume salient features for applying for a job in the USA

Guys, this is not the objective at all; very confusing resume. You have to remember that I was looking for a Marketing Assistant… so, I don’t understand how those applicants can help me get what I need…

Let’s be honest! Do you understand this? Imagine a situation where you go to the doctor because you have a terrible headache, and he prescribes you a medicine to treat a foot ulcer that you don’t have.

Worst of all, you know what I do, you follow me, some of you for two years… I’m a US sponsor, and I need someone who can do sales pages, sales Help me manage funnels, email marketing, etc., (Apply For A Job In The USA)

Chapter 3

Clearly, show the target position you want in your resume. And clearly state in your cover letter why you like this position for which you are applying.

Here I give you the best resume templates and tips to create your American resume like a pro!

If you come across a job opportunity that doesn’t suit what you’re looking for, don’t apply because the recruiter won’t create the job for you from the ashes. Be smart with your time, don’t lose it with dead-end applications.

I’m interested, but I’m not going to tell you why

So, you tell me in your cover letter:

“I am writing to express my deep interest in working in your company.”

That’s good! But, you don’t prove to me why!!!

Why are you interested? What in particular do you love? Sponsor Me is a recruitment company for international candidates in the United States of America. Are you excited to join us?

Lesson 4

Never forget to show interest while applying for jobs in the USA or anywhere. Prove and discuss why you want to be a part of the company.

At the end of the day, when a recruiter has had many promising applications, they will surely remember someone who is not only a good fit for the job but is passionate about being a part of the company’s vision and mission. (Apply For A Job In The USA)

Could you give me a visa? Please give me a ticket!

I have to say that when I created Job Desk, I was too cautious about being transparent with you about the visa issue: I wrote in bold that I am not sponsoring any visas yet, and I Can’t take any J1 person. (Apply For A Job In The USA)

And what do people do?

“I want to apply for a job in the USA. Can you give visa sponsorship?”

I can see that you understand that you need a job first to get a visa. But anyway: very disappointed! Friends, is the company USponsor Me in the USponsor Me database?

Have you done some research before? Didn’t I tell you that 90% of companies in the United States do not or do not require international candidates? (Apply For A Job In The USA)

Lesson 5

If a company is straightforward about not offering any visa sponsorship from the start and not hiring a J1 for a specific job: don’t ask! It’s already specified!

The truth is that most people wrongly think about getting job sponsorship and then wonder why they are unsuccessful. You may be the perfect candidate for the job, but it doesn’t matter if the company doesn’t offer visa sponsorship. Your resume will then be rejected immediately.

We hope you like our article on Top 5 Errors To Avoid When You Apply For A Job In The USA.

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