The 25 most important things about the United States of America

25 most important things about the United States of America

25 most important things about the United States of America

Here are 25 of my favorite things about the US. Some are distinctive to certain states, and some are pretty general and not unique to the US. (important things about the United States of America)

The best of the United States of America

National Parks

If I had to pick my favorite thing about the United States, it would probably be the National Parks system. As a lover of nature and the outdoors, I have spent a lot of time visiting National Parks, such as the incredible Denali National Park, and appreciate them.

With so many different landscapes and climate zones within the United States, one of the best ways to experience them is by visiting other national parks, monuments, and historical sites found throughout the country.

  • I also love the National Park campgrounds.
  • National parks are one of the things I love about the US.

Various Landscapes

As I mentioned earlier, I love the different landscapes in the United States. The US is home to almost every climate zone, so no matter what kind of weather you like, you can find it somewhere in the country.

If you hate winters, it’s possible to avoid them without leaving the US If you hate extreme heat, you can avoid it too.

  • I love seeing so many different landscapes in one country, how amazing is that?!
  • I love the diverse landscapes of the US.

Diverse cultures

As well as the diversity of climates and landscapes, the US is also home to such cultural diversity. I am endlessly fascinated by the different American cultures as I travel across the country.

There are so many cultures and cultural subsets, depending on what state you’re in, what people’s beliefs are, what your ancestry is, what color your skin is, and more.

There must be thousands of different subsets of American culture, and I hope to experience more as I travel across the country.

There are so many diverse cultures in the US.

American Hash Browns

Just like when I am asked what my favorite country is, I also find it almost impossible to decide what my favorite food is. But good American hash browns are up there.

Best eaten at a restaurant on a road trip, good hash browns should be seasoned with grated potatoes and cooked on a hot grill so they’re crisp and soft on the inside. That is all. It sounds easy, but only the US seems to get it consistently right.

I’ll happily eat them on their own, but they’re great as part of a cooked breakfast or even as a lunch or dinner dish, with a pile of other delicious ingredients. Long live American hash browns!

Hash browns are one of my favorite things in America.

Craft beer

Oh how I love the craft beer scene in the US! The United States is the leader in the craft beer movement, and no other country comes close to the prevalence and quality of American craft beer.

I feel very lucky to live in Colorado too, as I think it’s the best state for craft beer, with a very inventive beer scene that includes more bitters than I’ve ever seen in any other form (my favorite!) flavors.

Quirky like Blackberry Habanero IPA, Chocolate Chai Porters, Wild Sage and Lemongrass Saisons, and Orange Creamsicle Ales, to name a few examples.

I love craft beer in the US.

Mountain villages

It’s pretty hard to beat a historic mountain town in the US mountain states. I know there are some beauties in New Zealand, Europe, and even across the border in Canada; heck, I even lived in one of the nicer ones there for a short time.

But unlike many other countries, there are so many mountain towns in the US that I would love to live in, about 20 in Colorado alone that I adore.

Mountain towns with a young population, tons of fun community initiatives and events, thriving food scenes, craft breweries and distilleries, and some with a thriving arts scene – I think all of these things together are what make America’s mountain towns so popular. US be special.

Some of my favorites in Colorado are Crested Butte, Telluride, Idaho Springs, Steamboat Springs, Manitou Springs, Golden, Silverton, and Ouray. (important things about the United States of America)

The beautiful main street of Telluride – the best mountain town in Colorado

Rocky Mountains

The Rockies are my favorite mountains in the entire world, and I first fell in love with them when I visited the Canadian Rockies in 2010.

Coming to Colorado for the first time and then settling there on and off for the past six years further cemented my love for this majestic mountain range.

The beauty of this part of the world still takes my breath away, and I love the plants and animals that inhabit the Rocky Mountains. I don’t think I’ll ever get over my love affair with the Rockies, and I don’t want to either. (important things about the United States of America)

The Rocky Mountains are one of the things I love about the United States.


I love the wildlife that calls the United States and Canada home. North America has my favorite animals in the world, surpassing even Australia and Africa.

Bears, moose, moose, bald eagles, foxes, pikas, otters, groundhogs, wolves, pronghorn, woodchucks, skunks, raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks, bison… I love them all!

And there are still so many I haven’t seen that I would love: wolverines, cougars, polar bears, coyotes, opossums, badgers, bobcats, and javelins. The animals here are incredible, and it gives me great joy to see them in the wild.

Wild flowers and wild berries

Along with the wildlife in the US, particularly in the mountains, I also love the colorful wildflowers and edible wild berries that you can pick along the trails.

In Colorado the wildflowers are the best I have ever seen in many different types and colors. When we go hiking, we always gorge ourselves on wild blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, and salmonids.

Wildflowers are one of my favorite things in the US.

Mexican food

In addition to Mexico, the US is home to some of the best Mexican food in the world, with New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, and California even having their own style of Mexican cooking.

I had no idea how good Mexican food could be until I visited California and Arizona in 2010, a few years before visiting Mexico.

And now I have been spoiled with great Mexican food in the US. Mexican food almost everywhere else is just not good enough.

I love Mexican food in the United States.


As much as I love tacos, pizza is probably my favorite food. The best pizza I’ve ever had has been in the US. Delicious New York style, deep dish Colorado pies, perfect Neapolitan style and decadent deep dish – love it all.

Pizza in New York City is my favorite, and it is home to some of the highest quality pizza in the world.

Pizza in the US is the best.

Amazing cities

As much as I love small towns and being immersed in nature, I also love the pulse and energy of big cities, and the US has some of the best in the world.

There are so many exciting and beautiful places in New York City, although it’s a bit too busy and crazy to want to live there, Chicago too; then there is green and ecological Seattle, a city surrounded by nature is more my style.

If you love life on the beach, it’s hard to beat San Diego; for history, Boston, Washington DC, and Charleston are great options, and New Orleans is a must-see for foodies.

For Native American and Hispanic culture and arts, then Santa Fe should be on your bucket list. Denver is great for a taste of mountain living in a big city. (important things about the United States of America)

There are so many amazing cities in the US with so much to experience.

Road trips

Traveling the US is a quintessentially American experience, and the country is set up with plenty of roadside restaurants and services, plenty of motels and affordable lodging, and even weird and kitschy roadside attractions.

I don’t know if any country is more synonymous with road tripping than the US. The best way to explore this gigantic country is to feel it.

I couldn’t tell you the number of days we’ve spent on the road in our little Casper RV and Brownie RV, and they are some of my fondest memories of my time in the US.

I also did a six week road trip through six states with my dad and brother in 2010, and it was an amazing trip.

Check out my massive post on road trips in Colorado if you’re planning a trip there.

Everyone should take a road trip to the US.

Super fast internet

For anyone who doesn’t travel much and lives in the US, it’s probably a simple fact of life that their internet is consistent and fast. But let me tell you that is not the case in many parts of the world.

Even in my home country of New Zealand, while the internet in people’s homes is generally fast and reliable, it’s usually terrible when you’re staying in a hotel or connecting in a cafe.

Having fast and reliable internet is important when you work online like I do. I rarely have trouble finding good internet connections in the US, even in cheap motels, Airbnbs, and campgrounds when we’re traveling. (important things about the United States of America)

Open and friendly people

One of the things I love most about the US is the openness of the American people and their kindness and willingness to help.

Honestly, I feel like I’m a more open person having lived in the US for the past four years, more willing to share how I feel and tell someone I care.

New Zealand is a friendly and relaxed country. Still, we’ve also adopted some of the UK’s most emotionally conservative qualities: don’t talk about our emotions, don’t make a fuss, men can’t express any feelings or be seen crying.

I like that Americans are generally not afraid to express themselves and tell you how they feel about you. (important things about the United States of America)

I love the openness and kindness of Americans.

Fun festivals and events

Americans love events, and there is always something going on or celebrated on any given night of the week in the US, at least in the cities.

During Halloween alone, thousands of different events take place. Do you want to drink beer and carve pumpkins?

Do you want to dress up as a zombie and stagger down the main road with hundreds of other fake zombies? Do you want to go to a steamboat murder mystery night?

Honestly, whatever your interests or crazy ideas you have, in the US, someone else feels the same way and has created an event for it. (important things about the United States of America)

I love the number of events in the US.

Classic dining rooms

I’ve always loved classic diners, and look for them all over the US, whether it’s an authentic 50’s diner that’s been serving for over 60 years and not much has changed or whether it’s a the 50’s in a fringe. Mall where the waitresses dress like they’re out of the movie Grease: I love you all.

And my favorite dinner: cake! The endless refills of your coffee are also great. (important things about the United States of America)

Diners are one of the best things about the US.

Trader joe

You can’t beat Trader Joe’s when it comes to groceries. It’s fun, affordable, and friendly, and they even have free tastings!

I miss the unique and delicious foods that Trader Joe’s stocks while traveling internationally. I wish they would open more around the world! (important things about the United States of America)

Thermal waters

Growing up in New Zealand, I was already a big fan of hot springs when I moved to the US Fortunately; I moved to a state house for many of them: Colorado! There’s no better way to unwind after a long hike, or on a cold day, than soaking in a hot spring.

Colorado is home to many incredible hot springs, all natural or with naturally heated water piped into man-made pools, as are California, Oregon, and Idaho (where you can take an epic hot springs road trip!), among other states.

If you’re a hot springs lover like me, definitely take a road trip across the western US to some of the best on your bucket list. (important things about the United States of America)

I love hot springs in the United States.

Cajun and Creole cuisine

These closely related but different cuisines are unique to Louisiana in the US, and I’ve always loved Cajun and Creole food when I’ve tried it elsewhere. But nothing compared to having it at the source when I traveled to New Orleans and Lafayette!

Cajun food is one of my favorite cuisines in the entire world and I love how it came about. It is a hodgepodge of French, Spanish, African, and Native American cuisines.

Cajun and Creole food is unique to the US and another reason to love the country. I wrote a guide to the best food in Lafayette and New Orleans if you want to try it at the source. (important things about the United States of America)

Cajun food is one of the best things in the USA.

The best trees

Aspens and pines in Colorado, redwoods in California, Douglas firs in the Pacific Northwest, Spanish moss-covered oaks in the south, crazy-looking Joshua trees in the California desert—America has some amazing trees!

Hanging out around trees gives me life and always adds to my happiness, and the US is home to my favorite trees in the world, or at least equal to my homeland of New Zealand. (important things about the United States of America)

America has the best trees.

Entertainment: TV, movies, music, books and more

It goes without saying that the US is the superpower in the world of entertainment: most of the best movies, TV shows, music, books, podcasts and more come from the United States.

About 80% of what I see and hear is American, and has been for most of my life. In saying this though, I think it would be a mistake to only consume American entertainment because you’ll be missing out on some absolute gems from other countries too – it’s hard to beat a New Zealand or British comedy, a Scandinavian police drama and If you haven’t seen Parasite yet, the movie from South Korea that won the Academy Award for Best Picture, check it out, it’s great!

But yeah, America is killing it when it comes to entertainment.

Autumn colors

Nowhere is fall like the US (and Canada, I haven’t forgotten you). While I was completely spellbound by the reds and oranges of fall in New England (which can be seen from space!), my favorite place for fall is Colorado because I can’t get enough of the golden aspens.

With the stunning gold, brilliant white bark of the tree trunks, and the almost always blue of the Colorado sky, it combines to be one of the most beautiful sights in the world.

Last year we were able to enjoy the fall colors in both places because fall comes to the Colorado Mountains in September and fall in New England is in October. (important things about the United States of America)

One of the best things about the US is the colors of fall.

Exaggerated kitsch

The definition of kitsch is ‘art, objects or design that is considered in bad taste due to excessive stridency or sentimentality, but which is sometimes appreciated with irony or knowledge of the facts’. And man, does the US do kitsch in a big way? I just love it!

My favorite place to experience good American kitsch is Route 66: Seligman has to be one of the kitschiest cities in America and also one of the most photogenic for that. Old Vegas is also full of kitsch. (important things about the United States of America)

I love kitsch in the United States.

American foot

I’m talking about an amazing and delicious sweet cake, not the movie (that was fine). I’ve always loved apple pie and the apple and blackberry pie my mum used to make, but that’s pretty much the extent of sweet pie in New Zealand.

It was only when I first went to the US that I fell in love with cake because there are so many delicious options in the US! My favorites are probably mixed berries, strawberries, rhubarb, and coconut cream. But I love you all very much.

So many reasons why the United States is worth visiting and exploring. And I’ll try not to forget that again.

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