How Much Would a Whole House Renovation Cost

How Much Would a Whole House Renovation Cost?

How Much Would a Whole House Renovation Cost?

Home renovations are exorbitantly expensive!

Many homeowners believe that if you can find a property that needs some TLC, the project home may be greatly individualized at a lower cost than a fully finished home on the market.

 On the other hand, some homeowners recognize the necessity for house improvements and believe that they may have some fun with it by becoming hobby DIYers.


The difficulty with these scenarios is that when a home takes more labor, the expense grows, as does the amount of effort and skill required.

When a homeowner decides to put their house on the market, they may believe they can undertake the upgrades and touch-ups on their own.

However, it turns out that there is a lot more effort needed, the expenses are higher than expected, and mistakes occur when there isn’t a lot of experience in place to make such changes effectively.

 So, before you go all-in on house renovations, I want to make sure you know exactly what home rehab costs are, whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring someone to do it for you.

 Let me begin with a recent property on which we worked.

How were two girls going to sell their house and relocate to New York City?

We received a call from a young woman who stated that she wanted to sell her home as-is.

She added that the property was owned by her parents, but they weren’t late on their mortgage or had anything forcing them to sell the house.

So we went to look at this house and find out more about its condition.

It turned out that the parents wanted to sell the house to enable their daughter to move to NYC with her boyfriend so that they might have enough money for their new adventure together.

What was the issue?

The house was in shambles, and restoring it to market standards would be a massive task.

There were just too many things that needed to be corrected because the house had so many faults.

The parents didn’t know the first thing about starting a renovation project, and they had no idea how to estimate the expenditures.

We’re talking about a house that had problems from top to bottom:

  • The largest problem was how much trash remained in the house, almost as if it had recently been through a flood or hurricane, creating a hazardous atmosphere.
  • A broken air conditioner in the middle of summer
  • or a leaking roof could lead to mold damage in and around the home.
  • Due to rust and decay, the exterior patio area must be completely removed.
  • Drywall repairs, as well as basic mold and trim replacement, are required.
  • and all of your typical home touch-ups.
  • This home was in shambles by all accounts, and it would be a hard endeavor for someone who isn’t familiar with home improvements.
  • It is critical for a renovation to analyze a home in nearly any state and determine what is required to return it to habitable and desirable conditions.

How a $30k renovation budget appears

The first question that normally arises with any home improvement job is:

What will it cost?

We have a fairly clear methodology that helps us analyze expected repair expenses when analyzing a home, which I’ll share with you.

I’ll go over some of it with you so you know what to look for when calculating your renovations.

What You Should Know About Home Improvements

Using our home renovation estimation sheet, you can begin to gain a clearer understanding of the expenses related to the work that your house requires.

With that information, you can make informed decisions about which sections of your home should be prioritized first and how much it would cost if you did it yourself or if you paid someone else to do it for you.

 Identifying what alterations or upgrades to your home will add the most value is really valuable knowledge to add to that.

The estimate for the property was above $30k, and we needed to bring it down to a level that made the arithmetic work for us.

In general, the overall cost of materials and labor will vary for practically any job. However, there is a rule of thumb for homeowners to provide a buffer that is greater than their original estimate, so for whatever estimate you receive, you should establish a buffer of up to 25–50% on top.

For some homeowners, this mistake means the project runs much over budget and they are unable to finish it, leaving the home in a worse position than before the project began.

If your money is limited and there is a lot to be done, you might be better off not renovating the house yourself.

In 99% of cases, there are surprises due to either the estimate being incorrect or an issue arising that was not anticipated.

These surprises can increase the overall expense of the job as well as make it take longer than intended.

 Sometimes it takes a long time.

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