Find the Best Investment Property in Houston

Find the Best Investment Property in Houston

Find the Best Investment Property in Houston

If you are successful in finding real estate in the most undervalued locations with room for prospective growth, investing in real estate can be a lucrative endeavor.

A Forbes Real Estate Council article suggests that location is the key to profitable real estate, which many people fail at because they don’t fully understand the factors to look for that make it a good investment.

We will cover these factors in more detail later. But first, let’s take a look at why real estate investing is so popular.

Why Should You Invest in Real Estate?

Along with other real estate investment experts, Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles star James Harris asserts that real estate investing has several advantages that make it a wise choice.

These advantages include greater control over your investment, higher returns and stable income, the ability to diversify your portfolio, and numerous tax advantages.

More control over your investment is provided by it

Investments in the stock market, like stocks, may be more volatile, which raises the risk. In truth, there are a lot of uncontrollable elements in the stock market that can lower the value of your investment.

The tangible nature of the real estate, on the other hand, gives you more control over your investment because you can borrow money against it or use it as collateral to create new revenue streams, all the while the value of the property is rising.

Additionally, unlike intangible investments like stocks, which might lose value to zero in certain market circumstances, your property and land will always be worth something. Additionally, since real estate is a tangible asset, you can employ insurance to safeguard its value.

Higher returns and stable income are produced by it

Real estate, in contrast to conventional investments, also frees investors from having to rely on managers’ expertise, as is the case with real estate securities like real estate investment trusts (REITs), which are subject to rules on investment plans and rewards.

Real estate investments, unlike REITs, also get the majority of their overall return from rental income rather than capital value return, which can be erratic.

It can aid in portfolio diversification

Additionally, real estate spreads your risk. Real estate contributes to reducing volatility because it is a physical asset and has a low correlation to other important markets.

As the economy grows, real estate demand rises, driving up rents and boosting capital gains; thus, it also helps guard against inflation.

It offers several tax benefits

Numerous tax benefits are available for real estate, which attracts many investors. For instance, you can deduct operational costs and expenses from your taxes in addition to your mortgage interest.

Tax deductions are also available for depreciation, insurance, and property taxes, even if the value of the property has grown.

What are the best places to invest?

There are several important elements to take into account while choosing the optimal location for real estate investment. However, a few of the most crucial elements are as follows:

The region has a strong real estate investment track record

As an investor, you want to buy in a location that has a high likelihood of profitability, such as one where there is a track record of successful long-term or short-term real estate investments, such as holiday rentals, as this indicates the possibility for consistent growth and revenue.

The local economy is robust, and prices are low

Finding a region with low prices and a thriving economy is also crucial because it enhances the possibility of an above-average return on your investment.

Other factors that contribute to rising property prices, besides a strong economy and low costs, include low unemployment rates, an increase in the number of residents and workers, development booms, and municipal restrictions on new construction, which, in some cases, can even lead to less inventory in the region.

Traditional Information on the Region

You may choose the finest cities to invest in by knowing conventional facts about the area, such as the median real estate values, price per square foot, rental income, price in proportion to the rent, how long the property has been on the market, and short-term occupancy rate.

 By taking these crucial elements into account, you’ll be able to identify the regions that are flourishing and are predicted to keep expanding over the long term, which will help you plan for optimum earnings.

Is Houston a Good Place to Invest in Real Estate?

The fourth-largest city in the country, Houston, has a lot to offer both potential buyers and renters.

It boasts some of the most desirable areas in all of Texas, as well as some of the most affordable housing in the nation.

According to reports, many properties are selling for more than 20% less than the median home value in the United States, with a 3-year appreciation forecast of more than 10%.

This indicates that the area is rapidly appreciating and has the potential to produce both rental income and capital gains. Along with many open areas of land ideal for development, the city also boasts a wealth of natural terrain features.

Additionally, estimates indicate that Houston is one of the biggest job-creation markets in the United States. It is also one of the cities with the highest population growth, which contributes to both a high rental demand and rising property values.

A diverse spectrum of businesses, including more than 1,000 biotech firms, 6,000 manufacturers, and more, as well as top colleges, universities, and research medical institutions, contribute to Houston’s robust economy. Additionally, it has excellent school systems, which is beneficial for drawing people to the area.

Additionally, the state’s tax policies are beneficial, which encourages several Fortune 500 businesses, including Amazon, to move their headquarters there, supporting the city’s investment.

How Can I Locate a Houston Investment Property?

You may always use a real estate investment calculator to identify the best investment property in Houston.

By using this tool, you can not only perform an investment analysis of the property but also a real estate marketing analysis, which looks at the neighborhood of an investment property, its rate of appreciation, and other properties that are similar to it, among other factors, to see if it is a good candidate for investment.

You can look for Houston investment properties on real estate search engines like Zillow, Trulia, and Loopnet. Simply enter the information you’re seeking about a property, then wait for the results.

From there, you may use the address to carry out several inquiries related to the property, including finding out its appraised worth and details about its property taxes, among other things.

You can also find the best investment property in Houston with the aid of a competent real estate agent, realtor, or Houston real estate investment property firm.

In Houston, where should I invest?

According to reports, Houston is home to some of the most profitable long-term real estate investments in the country, including single-family homes, which history has shown to be the most beneficial kind of investment.

However, the region is also rapidly developing into one of the most popular tourist destinations, which makes Houston real estate investments for the short term just as appealing.

The city of Houston alone had more than 500,000 Airbnb guests in 2017—many of whom came from outlying areas—and generated an additional $70 million in revenue.

Housing Market Forecast for Houston

Even though Houston’s housing market is already expanding at a record pace, analysts predict that prices will continue to rise through by at least another 2% as more Fortune 500 companies move to the region, bringing with them more jobs and a stronger economy that will draw in more young adults.

Houston is the top city for millennial relocation, which some people believe isn’t just because of the job market but also because of the local college market, cheaper taxes, and the entertainment, recreation, food, shopping, and energy the city offers.

In any case, this is a group of people that many landlords wish to target because they are more inclined to rent than to buy, which raises the demand for rental properties.

Due to the price and flexibility that renting offers, many families are also opting to rent rather than buy, which is the cause of the recent surge in a town home, single-family home, and condominium rents. The inventory is now more accessible to investors thanks to the city’s lower-than-average loan rates.

 Because property values have been rising for many years, making Houston a viable long-term investment for property owners, many real estate professionals are recommending new investors not hesitate for long. Otherwise, you run the danger of increased interest rates and a decline in inventory after significant investment.

Houston’s rental industry

Houston rental houses are a desirable investment for real estate investors because surveys indicate that the majority of Texans on the housing market prefer to rent rather than buy.

 Because the regulations that apply to lease violations lean more in favor of the rights of the property owner, Texas is frequently referred to as a “landlord-friendly” state. This makes it simple for landlords to reclaim their rental property and compensate tenants for any infractions of the lease.

Additionally, there is legislation that will soon be passed that will give investors more flexibility in how they rent out their properties for short-term stays, like Airbnbs.

Best Houston Rental Communities: The Heights

There are seven historic districts in The Heights. Along with a variety of conserved structures, such as Queen Anne mansions, it has numerous contemporary residential developments, including townhomes and condos.

It is great for active people, families, and tourists because it has a lot of biking and hiking trails. The Heights rental properties generate $2,210 for conventional rentals and $2,047 for Airbnb, on average.


Due to its proximity to efficient public transportation and a large number of employment opportunities, downtown Houston is a key hub for new inhabitants.

It does, however, have an excess of condominiums at both ends of the real estate market, which makes it particularly alluring for investors searching for low-cost condos to rent.

Military Rice

A fantastic chance to rent to students is offered by Rice Military’s proximity to Rice University. It is also a more reasonably priced area with several highly regarded schools close by, making it an appropriate investment alternative for individuals wishing to invest in highly sought-after multifamily buildings.

City of Museums

The Medical Center, which has a large number of medical employers, is not far from the Museum District. Additionally, the region is home to over 15 museums, which attracts both retirees and young individuals who like the museum scene. Additionally, Rice University is not far away, which is something that many locals value.

Due to the recent building of numerous high-rent homes in the neighborhood, the rents in the area are constant, which is ideal for investors.


Although EaDo is close to Downtown Houston, it provides better security and is more accommodating than Downtown. It is also convenient for commuters because it is close to the Gulf and South Freeways. In general, the region is a wonderful location for rental houses thanks to its rising value.

The following are some Houston averages from the past and present:

  • Rental income typically: $1,508
  • Property listing median: $295,000.
  • $2,665 in Airbnb rental income
  • Cap rate customary: 6.22%
  • Cap rate for Airbnb: 4.22%
  • Cash-on-Cash Return Traditionally: 3.57%
  • Return on cash for Airbnb: 1.70

As you can see, investing in real estate property involves a lot of information to process. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone.

If you ever feel overburdened by your property research, all you need to do is get in touch with a local realtor or real estate investment firm, and they’ll help you identify the greatest real estate investments in Houston.

 Use one of the real estate investment tools or online listing services like Trulia and Zillow to practice researching various properties in the Houston area in the interim.

This will allow you to become accustomed to seeing and calculating the various returns on your own, giving you more confidence when the time comes to invest.

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Give us a call if you’re an investor wanting to buy a property so we can show you the properties we have available at investor discounts.

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