Best 9 Barbecue Safety Tips for Labor Day Celebrations

Best 9 Barbecue Safety Tips for Labor Day Celebrations

Best 9 Barbecue Safety Tips for Labor Day Celebrations

The first Labor Day celebration in the US was initiated by the Central Labor Union in 1882, although it is still being determined who proposed it. Let’s know about best 9 Barbecue Safety Tips for Labor Day Celebrations.

Most historians credit Peter McGuire, the then-general secretary of the Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners. He came up with the idea of the day when workers could show solidarity in their ranks.

Others claim that Matthew Maguire, secretary of Local 344 of the International Association of Machinists, based in Patterson, NJ, first thought of celebrating Labor Day.

Why do we celebrate labor day?

Originally, Labor Day was celebrated in street parades to demonstrate the brotherhood between business and labor groups. After this, a picnic will be organized for the workers and their families.

However, the holiday is currently less about working people and more about celebrating the end of summer. In addition, most people will spend Labor Day taking one last trip to the beach or hosting a cookout at their homes before the weather turns cold.

If you’re thinking of hosting a barbecue at home, you should always exercise caution and follow these safety tips.

Barbecue fire and labor day

Labor Day often marks the end of summer, and half of all grill owners said they usually grill to celebrate this holiday.

However, in the past five years, more than 8,000 calls have been received by the fire department, and more than 400 of these fires are related to outdoor cooking or grilling.

Additionally, barbecue grills cause approximately 9,000 home fires annually, with approximately 17,000 people treated in emergency rooms for barbecue-related injuries in 2012 alone.

Given these facts, the State Fire Marshal’s Office states that residents should take protective measures to ensure that their Labor Day grilling activities are safe and clean, not only on Labor Day weekend but every time they host a cookout party.

Barbecue Safety Tips for Labor Day Celebrations

Barbecue Safety Tips on Labor Day

Grill fires can quickly get out of control and cause serious property damage, injury and even death. The following summer barbecue safety tips should be considered for a fun and successful cookout party:

  1. Follow the instructions

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using your grill, especially when setting it up. Grilles should only be used for what they are intended for.

  1. Stay Safe

All barbecue safety tips will recommend wearing protective clothing, of course, including a mask. The loose sleeve should be rolled up, so it doesn’t come into contact with the hot grill and possibly ignite. Meanwhile, exposed skin can be burned by hot coals and grease, especially if it is not adequately covered.

  1. Stay out

Regardless of the type, a grill should never be used indoors or in a confined space. Ideally, it should be placed in an open area of the house, at a distance of 10 feet from the nearest tree or large plants. A grill placed too close to anything flammable is a fire hazard.

  • Watch the kids

Keep small children at least three feet from the area when your grill is burning. Many bbq safety tips also recommend that pets be supervised as they may be attracted to the aroma of your grilled food.

In short, don’t leave the grill unattended at any time because accidents often happen when no one is looking. (Barbecue Safety Tips for Labor Day Celebrations)

  1. Leave the lighter

If you have a charcoal-based grill, use charcoal starter fluid and never a lighter. If you do this, it can cause a flare-up that can quickly get out of control. When you’re done grilling, ensure the coals have cooled completely before disposing of.

  1. Check the Hose

Some other barbecue safety tips include using a propane grill. In this case, the tank hose must first be thoroughly checked for any possible leaks.

In the meantime, if you smell gas while cooking, step away from the grill and call your local emergency number immediately.

  1. Use Pan

It’s great barbecue safety advice to have a fireproof pan beneath it to catch any grease or ashes that fall from the grill. Both materials are hot and can spark if they come in contact with your lawn grass or a piece of paper.

  1. Use Grilling Tools

The most common injury associated with grills is a thermal burn. Thus, it would help if you never reached for grilled food with your bare hands as they may catch fire. For safety reasons, it is best to use long-handled grilling knives, tongs and other tools.

  1. Check the Grill

Place your grill on a stable, level surface about three feet away from the deck and fence of the house. Grilles that tilt to one side can result in serious injury. After using them, clean the grills to remove grease and fats, as they can still be a fire hazard.

Important Achievements about Barbecue Safety Tips for Labor Day Celebrations

The barbecue cookout is said to be the most popular activity on Labor Day weekend. That’s because the day is the last great holiday before summer ends. After that, cold weather comes, and people get busy with work and try to keep themselves warm.

Even though fun and excitement fill the air on Labor Day, safety should be a priority. Barbecue grilling is undoubtedly a great way to celebrate the day, but the activity has its share of risks, especially accidental fires.

This is common as grilling often involves handling open flames, which can develop into full flames if left unattended.

Thus, barbecue safety tips should be followed to prevent this from happening. Otherwise, your home may suffer extensive damage that may require repair work.

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