We will buy Your House

Problem with Your Deed? We will buy Your House

Problem with Your Deed? We will buy Your House

Doug Hopkins buys problematic deed-related properties in Phoenix, Arizona. Regardless of the deed scenario, you may be experiencing, just ask for a free cash offer for your home.

We understand why individuals want to “sell my house fast” since we are cash home buyers. Bypass the drawn-out, conventional real estate market procedures and receive cash for your home in as little as a week!

Deed Issues We Can Address

The following are some typical issues that property owners have with their property’s deed:

Errors in Public Records: Your deed may have been harmed due to an issue with the county clerk’s office. You would have to gather proof of your home ownership and present it to the public records office, which can be expensive and time-consuming.

Extra Owners: You might or might not be aware that the property you want to sell is subject to other people’s rights. These outside parties might restrict your homeowner ship rights, which might influence your choice to sell the house.

Boundary Conflicts: Because of inconsistent surveys, some areas of your property might belong to other people, much like homes that turn out to have additional owners. These persons might contest your decision to sell and claim those portions.

Fraud: Some deeds might contain false information that interferes with your ability to sell the property. Additionally frequent are impersonations, which put your legal right to a property in jeopardy.

Impersonations and forgeries can be tricky to deal with and may need to be resolved through the legal system.

Unbeknownst to you, your action may be illegal but it managed to appear in print. Some illegal acts involve minors, unauthorized immigrants, or people who are not mentally competent to sign the title.

Undiscovered Will: Sometimes, the last testaments of homeowners who have passed away are discovered right before you decide to sell your home. The selling process would be prolonged by these unforeseen wills.

Missing Heirs: In some cases, after the death of the original owners, property may pass to unnamed heirs. It’s possible that these heirs aren’t present, which would make things more difficult and prolong the procedure for obtaining the right to sell a house.

Unknown Easements: You might be prohibited from entering certain areas of your property by the law.

Businesses and government organizations could access those components at the same time. These easements consequently have an impact on your ability to sell the property.

Unknown Liens: Your home might be subject to liens that you were unaware of. This problem results from the previous owner’s poor management of the property debts, which regrettably becomes your problem.

These problems are merely a sample of what might occur when you are trying to sell your house. You might run into unusual circumstances that put your right to sell a property in jeopardy.

How We Can Aid

As cash home buyers, we at Doug Hopkins are in the business of buying houses for cash, no matter how they are maintained. We buy houses as-is, whether the owners have deed issues or need to make repairs.

Regardless of the deed issues, you are facing, Doug Hopkins is prepared to offer you a fair price for any property you are selling. We comprehend that all you want is to sell your house for a profit so you can continue living your life. We take the time to craft a fair price based on the specifics of your deed.

When you sell the house, we choose the price that works best for you. We also estimate the cost of dealing with your deed problems at the same time. We then determine the difference, which represents the cash you would receive right away if you sold your home to us.

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