Top 10 Vrbo Vacation Rentals to Escape to Mendocino California

Top 10 Vrbo Vacation Rentals to Escape to Mendocino California

Top 10 Vrbo Vacation Rentals to Escape to Mendocino California

Mendocino is the only city on the California coast to be designated a historic landmark. From the crashing waves in Mendocino Bay to the architecture and parks, it’s picture-perfect.

We know you want to pack your bags and head to the coast immediately, so check out our top Vrbo vacation rentals to ensure you have the best vacation ever!

  1. Chapman Point Cottage

First up on our list at the Chapman Point Cottage, which feels more like a cabin and is located across the bay in Mendocino. The bedroom loft offers views of the bay that beckon you to explore.

Within minutes in either direction, you’ll be in either the main downtown area or the beachfront; everything you could ever want from your vacation rental is on the doorstep.

  1. Restful Retreat

Want to relax, want to retreat for a few days? Then look no further than this modern home and studio option in Mendocino.

The house is well decorated and spotlessly clean for each new guest who steps through the door. This private unit has its access, the hosts go out of their way to ensure everyone has a great stay, and it shows; check out the reviews on Vrbo for this gem.

  1. Bluff House

“Oh wow, the view!” That’s all we have to write for this property. Located on the oceanfront in Mendocino, you’ll wake up to awe-inspiring views every day.

The main house at this property sleeps four, while the cottage has room for two more people. There are polished wooden floors throughout the house and creative use of space, Offering lots of different nooks to relax in.

  1. Historic McCloud House

This 1880s waterfront home is on the edge of Mendocino and offers stunning ocean views. We love the furnishings of this property; the color-washed wooden furniture lends an elegant antique feel.

At the same time, the kitchen has modern appliances. The property has plenty of relaxing places, with a large lounge area and a gorgeous “den.”

  1. Charming Studio with Hot Tub

We are located just 7 minutes from Mendocino but within walking distance of Casper Beach. This spacious and bright studio-style home has a private hot tub.

This property’s bohemian cottage-style decor is perfect for relaxing, and the bedroom is a comfortable place to rest your head for a few days.

  1. Little River Retreat

Sit by a roaring fire, take in the breathtaking ocean views and enjoy a glass of wine. Little River Retreat offers charming retreats with unique furnishings such as hand-knotted Persian rugs, local art, and comfortable sofas. The bedroom has a large king-size bed, and the living room has an additional twin bed if needed.

  1. Charming Oceanview Cottage

Also located in Little River, this property is just a short walk from Van Dam Beach. With ocean views, a beach, and a state park, this property is perfect for couples to relax.

Lots of natural light floods into this property, and the light wood interior creates an airy feel. The kitchen is up-to-date and equipped with all the essentials.

  1. Heart-Stopping Ocean View at Stillwell Point

Is it worth driving ten minutes to Mendocino to have a heart-stopping view of the ocean? Well, for this property, we think it is!

Built-in wrap-around glass and stone, this unique property offers sky-high bay views as it is situated on the edge of a very steep cliff.

The property lovingly incorporates natural materials washed up on shores, such as driftwood and ancient ship anchors.

The 2 bedroom property each has queen size beds, perfect for relaxing, and the huge stone fireplace in the property means you won’t feel cold even in the depths of winter.

  1. Stately Home Surrounded by Redwoods

The property called “The Nymph’s Reply,” takes its name from a poem by Sir Walter Raleigh and is certainly poetic.

The 2-story property sits on 5 acres (2 ha) of idyllic landscape that basks in the sun and is home to various fruit trees. The inside is spacious and airy, with high wooden ceilings and comfortable seating.

The kitchen is well equipped and can easily provide for a large number of guests. Note that this property is ten minutes from Mendocino Central and has a 2-night minimum stay.

Last stage

OK, so you’ve packed your bags, selected a vacation rental from the list above, and so now all that’s left to do is check off your ‘to do’ list and head home, and make sure that you have enough battery for your camera; You’ll need it!

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