Top 15 Trails for Hiking in Long Island

Top 15 Trails for Hiking in Long Island

Top 15 Trails for Hiking in Long Island

If you are one of those outdoorsy tourists, there are several avenues that you should check out. Long Island has everything from bagels to beautiful beaches.

This place has attracted travelers from near and far. It also offers an array of amazing accommodation options – from top family resorts to the best cabin rentals; anyone will appreciate the myriad types of trails this island has to offer.

Moreover, summertime is the perfect time for people to explore the island on foot. Luckily, Suffolk and Nassau’s counties have an array of interesting hiking trails where you can marvel at the natural beauty of the surroundings.

From serene beaches to mountain trails, embrace your adventurous spirit and check out these best routes for hiking in Long Island.

  1. Sunken Meadow State Park Trail

Sunken Meadow State Park has 9.7 km (6 mi) of hiking trails that provide spectacular views of northern Long Island.

This Long Island hiking trail is perfect for jogging or a simple walk. You can also walk your pets on the trail, but please ensure they are on a leash.

Once you’re done walking the trail, you can cool off and cool off at the beach, where you can also do some kayaking and fishing or play a round of golf at the 27-hole golf course.

  1. Blydenburg County Park

Located near Hauppauge, New York, and with trails that reach 6.1 miles (9.8 km), Blydenberg County Park provides a serene hiking experience as you walk through the many trees that lead down to the lake.

On top of all that, the trail allows dogs to be brought free of charge, although they must be registered at the entrance.

Past visitors have noted that the trail gets muddy during the wet season but is beautiful during autumn.

  1. Edgewood Oak Brush Plains Preserve

This 23.5-mile (37.8-kilometer) trail is made up of a wonderful mix of paved and unpaved roads, which help showcase the preserve’s natural beauty.

The hiking trails loop over approximately 2.7 miles (4.3 kilometers). Bike trails span 12.3 miles (19.7 kilometers) and are divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced trails.

And the cherry on top, all the trails allow visitors to view the preserve’s diverse wildlife, such as birds, fish, reptiles, and many more that are either endemic to the area or simply migrating through the state.

  1. Nassau-Suffolk Greenbelt Trail

The Nassau-Suffolk Greenbelt Trail connects the Bethpage Bikeway and the Cold Spring Harbor State Park Trail. It is an ideal stretch for all the out-of-town travelers who don’t mind venturing a few miles inside.

The complete trail covers approximately 32.18 km (20 mi). Since it includes two extremely popular hiking trails, traffic is moderate to heavy, depending on your route.

If you want to bike this trail, it is important to note that it is partially paved. As such, it would be wise to ride a mountain bike in some parts. If you plan to hike, wear sturdy shoes.

  1. Trail View State Park

If you’re looking for places to hike on Long Island, visit Trail View, State Park. It is a linear park spanning 11.90 km (7.4 mi) and connects Bethpage State Park and the Nassau/Suffolk Greenbelt Trail.

You’ll find a variety of natural resources and habitats along the way. It is also a popular spot for birdwatchers throughout the year.

Other major activities in this park include cross-country skiing and horse riding. Hikers and bikers share the same path. It is an ideal way to explore and discover nature.

  1. Stump Pond Loop Trail

Spanning approximately 9.65 km (6 mi), the Stump Pond Loop Trail is located within Blydenburg Park. This is one of the best routes to enjoy stunning water views and fall foliage.

Traffic along this trail is generally light throughout the year, making it an excellent place to hike any time of day.

The terrain here is mostly flat, so it is easily accessible to hikers of varying fitness and skill levels. Don’t be surprised when you spot deer while hiking here.

  1. Hempstead Lake State Park

Welcome to Hempstead Lake State Park, located on the largest lake in Nassau County. Located in West Hampstead, this is one of the city’s state parks, featuring children’s playgrounds, tennis courts, horseback riding, basketball courts, and great biking trails.

This lovely park offers flat hiking trails to three ponds. It’s also a great place to enjoy a casual picnic, and there are shaded picnic areas with BBQ pits, tables, and benches. Simply put, this is the perfect site for your entire family.

  1. Montauk Point and Camp Hero State Park

Your trip to Long Island would be complete with hiking at Montauk Point and Camp Hero State Park. There are many trails to enjoy here, and it is quite surprising that they are generally less crowded than others.

Like many hiking trails listed here, it is recommended to start early in the morning so that you can enjoy the trail or share it with just a few other hikers.

  1. Muttontown Preserve

If you’re looking for great walking trails on Long Island, visit the Muttontown Preserve. It is famous for its picturesque nature walks through beautiful wild flowers and mesmerizing woodlands.

Continuing on the trail, visitors will come across the beautiful Chelsea Estate. They will be exploring the remains of the former mansion of King Zog of Albania.

Many speculate that there are hidden treasures within its walls. You’ll also find apple trees and ponds in Long Island’s largest nature preserve.

  1. Sands Point Preserve

A loop trail that spans 3.05 km (1.9 mi), Sands Point Preserve is located adjacent to Port Washington.

This Long Island, NY, hiking trail offers opportunities to spot wildlife and is perfect for hikers of various skill levels.

This trail offers many activity options that are best explored from February to October. You can bring your furry friends here, but they must be on a leash.

Some other activities that can be enjoyed along this kid-friendly route include fishing, bird watching, and nature hikes.

  1. Cold Spring Harbor State Park

Cold Spring Harbor State Park offers a hiking trail to enjoy the picturesque views of this charming village on Long Island.

This is one of the best hikes on Long Island for adventure freaks looking for a short but challenging hike.

Although most of the hiking trails on the island are flat, it features over 40 acres (16.188 ha) of rolling terrain.

You can also enjoy the dense forest and nice views of the lake while hiking. Overall, it is easy to follow, and it is accessible and open to all.

  1. Caleb Smith State Park

If you are looking for an excellent hiking trail in New York, Caleb Smith State Park offers a great option. The park features forest trails, kid-friendly trails, lake trails, and more.

There are driving directions and hand-curated trail maps with pictures and in-depth reviews from nature lovers, campers, and hikers. In all, here are five easy ways to get around the heart of Smithtown.

It is only one of two state nature preserves Long Island proposes. Ideal for hiking, it offers fascinating views of extremely rare plants such as the Ghost Plant, Mayflower, and Lady’s Slipper Orchid.

You can either choose to relax here or indulge in activities such as fishing, hiking, snowshoeing, or cross-country skiing.

  1. Bethpage Bikeway Trail

The Bethpage Bikeway Trail begins at Bethpage State Park, ends at the Massapequa Preserve, and is approximately 19.31 km (12 mi) long.

The mostly flat and paved trail sees considerable foot traffic in all seasons except extreme winters. You can start early to avoid traffic and enjoy the trail to yourself. Dog walkers, bikers, and runners share this beautiful path in New York State.

Enjoy Hiking These Amazing Trails

Long Island has a beautiful mix of urban attractions and natural sites. In addition to the city’s majestic buildings, Long Island has thousands of miles of scenic trails that wind through lakes, fields, and forests.

Many of them are suitable for the little ones in your family, and some even offer guided tours for your convenience.

Taking a break from theme parks and fancy restaurants may be just the fresh diversion you need, and Long Island is here to deliver.

Take a closer look at these hiking trails and experience the excitement of hiking, one of the best things to do in Long Island.

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