Top 15 Things to Do in La Jolla CA

Top 15 Things to Do in La Jolla CA

Top 15 Things to Do in La Jolla CA

La Jolla is a seaside community in San Diego, California, famous for its sights, sounds, and sand, some of the best in California.

 Boasting the ideal combination of breathtaking scenery and dynamic attractions, the region’s unique climate deserves your attention.

The name La Jolla was argued to be derived from the Spanish La Joya, meaning ‘The Jewel.’ This led to La Jolla being nicknamed ‘The Jewel City.’

Amidst the blue skies and waters, the Beach Boys’ song “All Over La Jolla” sounds like bliss. Find out the activities that will solve your dilemma in finding the best things to do in La Jolla.

  • Explore La Jolla Cove

Begin your vacation in La Jolla with a visit to the epitome of the area’s reputation: La Jolla Shores, a beach perfect for relaxation.

The sand is smooth, the water is refreshing, and the waves break in all the right places. Located opposite the red-brick La Jolla Shores Hotel, this strip of paradise turns your afternoon into an adventure.

  1. Shop Top Retail on Prospect Street

Keep up the good thing with the massive shopping options on Prospect Street! Located right across from the Cove, Prospect Street and its surrounding shops have no shortage of local goods, beachwear, and boutique items.

Blue Apparel LLC, Hats Unlimited, Jewels by the Sea, Prospect Rug Gallery, and Urban Wave Company make the retail opportunity unforgettable.

  1. Skim the art scene at The Stuart Collection

By his admission, the University of California, San Diego, established the Stuart Collection in 1981 to showcase the premiere artwork of our time.

Seeking to enhance the cultural and intellectual experience of the individual, the Stuart Collection currently comprises 18 unique works of artistry. It is well-positioned to provide the art-lover with unprecedented access to the finest artistic crafts on display.

Niki de Saint Phalle’s Sun God, Terry Allen’s trees, and Nam June Paik’s Something Pacific are just some of the works that grace your gaze as you gaze upon the inner beauty of the campus grounds.

  • Kayak the Sea Caves

Want to experience La Jolla’s diverse marine life from unique angles? Handy as a life jacket, paddle, and a craving for adventure, look no further than La Jolla Sea Cave Kayaks.

Dynamic tours led by expert guides introduce you to the environment of marine life. La Jolla Sea Caves Kayak Tours is your next destination marine experience!

  1. Pay homage on Mount Soledad

Witness the unparalleled views from Mount Soledad, a testament to human achievement since its historical recognition in 1954.

Soledad exists as the only monument in the world devoted to recognizing veterans, living or dead, both through the Revolutionary War and the present day.

Photo and description. Take part in past contributions to human freedom while admiring the majesty of the La Jolla shoreline as you stand amid the winds atop Mount Soledad!

  1. Iconic Torrey Pines Course Golf

Indulging in some of the region’s finest golf at Torrey Pines Golf Course is a great day made to be unforgettable. Relive the history of the iconic 2008 US Open Championship here amid flawlessly manicured greens and challenging holes.

Whether you’re a regular to the area or participating in the golf getaway of your dreams, Torrey Pines Golf Course is just a swing away.

  • Marvel at the Museum of Contemporary Art

Visiting the Museum of Contemporary Art means immersing yourself in some of the region’s finest sculptures and installations.

Originally the Art Center in La Jolla, the Museum of Contemporary Art is decorated with artistic contributions from Donald Judd, Piero Manzoni, Franz Kline, California native Craig Kauffman, and others who contribute to the center’s dynamic aesthetic.

Become La Jolla’s newest art critic when you visit the Museum of Contemporary Art! an institution in 1941.

  1. Take off with Torrey Pines Gliderport

Torrey Pines Gliderport plays host to the area’s ideal adventure! Perfect to satisfy the most avid thrill seeker, our variety of assorted paragliders, hang gliders, and more will have you enjoying the cool sea breeze in no time as you soar over one of the state’s finest beaches!

With year-round mild flying conditions, Torrey Pines Gliderport is the place to be, no matter the weather! Experience nearly 100 years of flight experience when you visit Torrey Pines Gliderport, home to the excitement you’ve never experienced.

  1. Journey to the Bottom of the Pacific Ocean at Birch Aquarium

The ocean is a world unto itself, and it’s there for you to discover at the La Jolla Birch Aquarium!

From its location atop a hill overlooking the La Jolla Shores, this public outreach medium allows for the rehabilitation of many sea creatures and the enjoyment and education of those who frequent its grounds.

Bountiful fish and sharks, tide pool selections, authentic slices of coral reef, and more await your gaze at this award-winning aquarium. Discover how deep the Pacific is when you make the ocean your classroom at Birch Aquarium!

  1. Salk Institute: Inspiration for Science and Architecture

Tours of the Salk Institute require booking as it is a beautiful blend of science and architecture. An outside tour is awe-inspiring as visitors can see interesting architectural features. The fountain forms a channel of water, creating a unique photo opportunity.

The towering buildings have a backdrop of sea view. A tour is recommended to get the best out of the plaza, as you’ll see areas that the public can’t visit. However, you can walk around most of it on your own.

End the morning hours of some leisurely pursuits with a meal in the cafeteria. Mid-century architecture lovers will enjoy the minimalist feel of this place.

  1. La Jolla Shores Park

La Jolla Shores Park is a mile-long beach set in a gentle curve where summer waves are good for bathers. The waves are gentle, and families can enjoy beach combing under the watchful eyes of lifeguards. It is a good spot for novice scuba divers.

Shores Park is just down the street from the Salk Institute, where there is a cafeteria. There is a picnic area near the car park if you prefer to cater for yourself.

Enjoy a walk, a swim, or a stroll on the sidewalk on the beach. It’s a nice place to spend a day, and when it gets crowded in the height of summer, isn’t that all part of having a fun vacation?

Along with free parking, bathing facilities are also provided. However, you must be quick or patient to find a parking space.   

  1. Ride in Style with La Jolla Segway Tours

See La Jolla from a unique perspective with La Jolla Segway Tours! Get ready to work your way to La Jolla with your exclusive two-hour, semi-private Segway Tour conducted by knowledgeable guides!

Tours include visits to La Jolla Cove, Sonny Jim’s Cave, and other local attractions. Affordable tour packages truly redefine excitement!

Where the best gets better!

Welcome to La Jolla, where the best gets better! The perfect combination of picturesque weather, local eateries, and sunshine make for an unforgettable experience.

Make sure your next vacation in California is complete with the best that La Jolla offers!

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