Top 10 Street Foods in Los Angeles CA

Top 10 Street Foods in Los Angeles CA

Top 10 Street Foods in Los Angeles CA

Street food is a great equalizer. Not many people may be able to afford to dine at a five-star restaurant, but everyone can eat a flavor-packed hot dog or salsa-topped taco from a street vendor’s cart.

Although the people of L.A. live in their cars, they will still hit the sidewalk for the nearest food truck to sample some delicious street fare. Read on for the top 10 street food in Los Angeles.

  1. Guisados’ Street Tacos; Top of the taco food chain

Street tacos are the lifeblood of Los Angeles. Sure they were born and bred in Mexico, but they are raised and fed thousands of Angelenos.

One of the top contributors to the L.A. street taco scene is Guisados. Creating authentic Mexico-style street tacos with luscious slow-braised meats stuffed into fresh homemade tortillas, Guisados has found its calling.

Remember to order refreshing horchata water to wash it all down. Life on the street doesn’t get any better than guisados.

  1. Kogi BBQ: L.A. Street Food Icon

Surprisingly, even though Mexican street tacos were the first on the L.A. street taco scene, a Korean BBQ joint called Kogi BBQ is credited with blasting street tacos into the stratosphere for Los Angeles locals.

Kogi BBQ leads the way with its signature short rib taco; Caramelized Korean barbecue, red salsa, and a delicious mix of cilantro-onion-lime relish tossed in chili-soy vinaigrette, then served atop two freshly grilled corn tortillas. Kogi BBQ proves that you can get quality street food at affordable prices.

  1. The Original Grilled Cheese Truck: Entering serious cheese territory

A childhood favorite, the grilled cheese sandwich gets a major makeover from The Original Grilled Cheese Truck. With options such as Brie Melt and Goat Cheese Melt, there is a sophisticated air to eating such delectable dishes.

But the original grilled cheese truck isn’t all high-brow; cheese lovers can also opt for crazy and fun options, like the P.B. Banana Melt, a peanut butter mascarpone concoction with freshly sliced bananas and potato chips! They are ooey, gooey, and delicious.

  1. The Lobsta Truck: Fresh New England Taste in Sunny California

The lobster roll is a pure savory delight and is coated in succulent Maine lobster butter, resting in a warm, fresh, slightly toasted split top roll. Luckily, Los Angeles can add this tempting sandwich to its street food scene.

The Lobsta Truck is the brainchild of a seafood industry veteran who, after eating lobster on a Maine food tour, decided to bring the delicious meat to L.A.

The lobster truck menu is short and simple, and fresh lobster and fresh bread are brought in from the East Coast several times a week. Guests can choose to slather their lobster rolls in butter or mayonnaise.

  1. Pink’s: The Ultimate Hot Dog Stand

Delicious and portable, hot dogs are classic street food. And no one does dogs better than Pink. A historic roadside stop, Pink’s originally started as a rolling cart in 1939.

Today, Pink’s has grown into a beloved institution in Los Angeles and shows that go through 1,500 to 2,000 hot dogs a day! The hot dogs are creatively over the top, and some are named after celebrities, like Emeril Legace’s Bam Dog.

Other Pink’s hot dogs are two meals at once, like the Philly Cheesesteak Dog; Grilled steak on a 9-inch (228 mm) frank, topped with grilled peppers, onions, and American and Swiss cheeses.

  1. Yeasty Boy’s Bagels: L.A.’s smear masters

Bagels are bursting with yeasty goodness. Add a smear of cream cheese and delicious and satisfying street food. Yeasty Boys Bagels’ mission is to take the standard bagel and cream cheese combination to the next level.

Los Angeles’s first bagel truck, Yeasty Boys Bagels, started rolling out in 2014. The crowd-pleasing game over is; Soft scrambled eggs, black pepper bacon, sliced tomato, beer cheese, and jalapeno spread on a cheddar bagel.

Yeastie Boys Bagels has non-meat eaters with Mishka; Vegan sun-dried tomato spread, sliced red onion, and alfalfa sprouts all on a bagel. Yeasty Boys Bagels rise to the occasion when it comes to bagels.

  1. Super Tortas DF: The King of the Mexican-Style Torta

Tortas are Mexican-style sandwiches with many variations. However, the only variety that matters is the one in Super Tortas DF. This simple, no-frills eatery serves amazing Mexican tortas.

The skilled tortilla makers at Super Tortas DF pack copious amounts of meat and layers of cheese and eggs between warm, fresh bread to create a mouth-watering masterpiece.

Try Roosa, Layers of beef milanesa, pork leg, and Oaxacan cheese, or Super Tortas DF’s bestseller, the torta Cubana.

  1. Made in Brooklyn: N.Y.’s Ultimate Street Food in L.A.

Pizza bought by the slice and eaten on the street is the backbone of New York City’s street food, and thanks to Made in Brooklyn, it’s now a mainstay of L.A.’s street food scene.

Churning out authentic New York-style pizza slices, Made in Brooklyn serves up everything fresh, From homemade sauces and meats to quality ingredients and top-rated pizza dough.

Aware that this is L.A., Made in Brooklyn also serves Southern California pizza favorites, like BBQ chicken and pulled pork.

  1. Gyro-worshipped: Papa Christo’s

Papa Cristo’s is an inexpensive market and no-frills restaurant with lots of charm and character. Offering Greek eats from hummus to baklava, Papa Christo’s kills it with its top-notch fare.

The lamb meat is a standout with a wonderful mix of spices. Be sure to check out Papa Christo’s on Thursday nights, where they host a family-style dinner that offers a variety of Greek fare.

There is also belly dancing. In addition, Papa Cristo offers live music on the weekends, making for a delightful and fun dining experience.

  1. Sweet Treat at Da’ Haus – Coolhaus

Coolhaus takes the delicious and compact cookie and ice cream dessert combination and kicks it up several notches with their delicious ice cream sandwiches, also known as sammies.

The Coolhaus Truck has been delivering its cool treats since 2009, and they dish out some wild and crazy concoctions.

For a walk on the wild side, sample the Avocado Sea Salt Sammy. Savor something crazy, like their seasonal beers and pretzel sammies.

And foie gras PB&J for the daring effort! But have no fear; Coolhaus serves up old-school Ice Cream Sandwich flavors like chocolate and vanilla.

Eats on the Streets of LA

Los Angeles street food is delicious, convenient, fast, cheap, and, best of all, it’s accessible to everyone.

So, if your adventures in Los Angeles have got you so excited that you can’t sit still for a proper meal, wander the city’s sidewalks and sample the best of L.A.’s street food scene.

It will fuel you up and get you going to your next destination. 

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