Shopping in Washington DC: A Guide to Where to Go Shopping

Shopping in Washington DC: A Guide to Where to Go Shopping

Shopping in Washington DC: A Guide to Where to Go Shopping

Shopping in Washington DC – Washington DC isn’t just about the capitol building, museums, or grand government buildings.

Shopping is one of the biggest attractions in Washington, DC, and visitors can also find everything from luxury goods to more budget-friendly shopping destinations.

Whether you are looking to buy something for yourself, a gift for a loved one, or a souvenir to remember your trip, shopping in Washington, DC, is one of the best experiences in the city. There is something to fit every budget and for every purpose.

Here is a list of our favorite places to go shopping in Washington DC:

  1. Georgetown

The Georgetown area is one of the most established centers for shopping in Washington, DC.

It is well known among shoppers in DC that Georgetown is one of the best places to buy anything and everything.

Georgetown offers premium quality brands like Rag & Bone and Billy Reed. Georgetown For the more casually inclined shoppers, TJ Maxx, J. Crew, and department stores like Nike.

With the presence of stores like Apple and Dean, and Deluca, anyone can buy a new phone for themselves or even redecorate the interior of their home, making Georgetown a perfect one-stop-shop for almost any need. The shop becomes

  1. Downtown DC

Downtown Washington DC offers most shoppers almost anything they can dream of. With the presence of the sprawling City Center DC, a shopping mall that spans over 10 acres, offering shoppers cafes, sit-down restaurants, and luxury goods brands such as Kate Spade, Hermes, and Long champs, Downtown DC offers virtually everything.

Even internationally renowned restaurants such as Momofuku share the address; Downtown DC ensures that after a long day of shopping, visitors can relax and regain their energy by dining at some of the best restaurants in the United States.

  1. 14th Street

14th Street is a haven for those seeking a more independent and non-conforming shopping experience. It is an ideal destination for hipsters and trendy shoppers.

14th Street exudes an effortlessly laid-back atmosphere along the street with charming restaurants and boutique stores.

  1. Gallery Place

Gallery Place Mall is an ideal stop for those who are going to see a sporting event at the famous Verizon Center.

Offering everything from stores like Ann Taylor and Urban Outfitters to dining establishments like Sushi Go Round or even movie theaters, this is the ideal place if one wants to kill a little time before the big game! (Shopping in Washington DC)

  1. Tyson Galleria

Known as the ‘Rodeo Drive of the East Coast, the Tyson Galleria lives up to its nickname. It offers an immersive shopping experience to its visitors, and internationally acclaimed brands such as Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, and Armani share the address, among many others, making it the perfect destination for those craving the finer things in life.

Makes for a perfect location. Many fine dining restaurants also call Tyson Galleria home, such as the Lebanese Taverna, which is hugely popular and makes for the perfect way to end the day after a long stint of shopping in Washington, DC. (Shopping in Washington DC)

  • Politics and Prose Bookstore

The Politics and Prose bookstore received widespread publicity after President Barack Obama was seen shopping for his two daughters.

The best endorsement it could ever be advertising is sure to be a great stop in Washington, DC, for any visitor looking for a quirky bookstore.

The store houses a collection of over 100,000 titles, so it is one of the best-stocked bookstores in the country.

Even if the bookstore doesn’t have a copy of the book you’re looking for, they can certainly come up with a way for you to get it! (Shopping in Washington DC)

  • Eastern Market

One of the most unique and memorable places to shop in Washington, DC, has to be Eastern Market. It was located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood and was built in 1873 to serve the area’s residents.

Since then, it has become a lively market open throughout the week except for Mondays. Eastern Market comes alive during the weekend when live musicians perform, local artisans sell their wares, and a bevy of arts and crafts are on sale, too, making it ideal for buying unique gifts for loved ones. (Shopping in Washington DC)

  1. Tyson’s Corner Center

Tyson’s Corner Center is the hub of shopping in Washington, DC, and one of the largest malls in America. The shopping center has more than 300 shops, restaurants, cafes, and boutiques in its vast area.

An AMC movie theater showing all the latest flicks also offers the best break in the middle of a marathon shopping spree, and they also offer a service that will take all your shopping bags home if you feel like doing all the heavy lifting.

These are the top 8 destinations for shopping in Washington, DC! Let us know in the comments below if we missed anything!

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