Serving Clients Injured in Collisions with Delivery Vans, Buses, Taxis, Rideshare Vehicles, Cement Trucks, and Other Commercial Vehicles

Serving Clients Injured in Collisions with Delivery Vans, Buses, Taxis, Rideshare Vehicles, Cement Trucks, and Other Commercial Vehicles

Serving Clients Injured in Collisions with Delivery Vans, Buses, Taxis, Rideshare Vehicles, Cement Trucks, and Other Commercial Vehicles

There are many different kinds of automobiles used for business. Commercial cars are common in Houston and other cities across the nation, whether they are carrying goods or passengers.

These vehicles frequently need specialized training and licenses to operate, and driving them requires extra caution. Unfortunately, the demands of business frequently lead to irresponsible driving on the part of drivers and cost-cutting on the part of businesses, increasing the likelihood of accidents.

Although assisting semi-truck accident victims makes up a large portion of our business, 18-wheelers are not the only commercial vehicles that can crash and result in severe injury or death. Additional instances of commercial vehicle mishaps include:

  • Dispatch van mishaps
  • bus collisions
  • Accident in a taxicab
  • Rideshare mishaps
  • Concrete truck collisions
  • Dispatch van mishaps

You presumably pass delivery vans on the road every day, from FedEx to Amazon. These truckers are under intense pressure to complete deliveries on schedule. Delivery drivers frequently make mistakes that put the safety of other motorists and pedestrians at risk to keep to the frequently unreasonable timelines imposed by their companies.

The following are some of the most typical reasons for delivery van collisions:

  • Speeding
  • ignoring a stop sign or red light
  • refusal to yield
  • drowsy driving
  • driving while distracted
  • driving when impaired by drink or drugs

Lack of expertise and training, however, is another significant issue in these situations. Delivery vans typically do not fulfill the weight criteria for drivers to need a commercial driver’s license to operate them, even though the majority of delivery vehicles do. As a result, many drivers of delivery vans are trained similarly to regular drivers.

For instance, Amazon does not mandate that the people operating its delivery vans have a commercial driver’s license (CDL).

This implies that many unqualified drivers are expected to perform long-haul trucker-like duties without the necessary training or expertise. Delivery vans are considerably smaller than 18-wheelers, but a collision can still result in fatalities or serious injuries.

In addition to the negligent driver, the employer of the delivery vehicle may also be at blame. Patrick Daniel Law will thoroughly look into how everyone was involved in the collision and fight for financial compensation on your behalf.

Attorneys for Bus Accidents in Houston

There are many different types of buses, including school buses, charter buses, and public vehicles. Regardless of their intended usage, buses are typically large vehicles. Bus accidents frequently result in catastrophic injury and death because of the size, weight, and absence of passenger restraints of these vehicles.

Liability in bus accident lawsuits is frequently a complex issue, much like vehicle accident claims. The following parties could be held accountable for the collision:

  • The bus’s operator
  • The business that manages and owns the bus
  • The organization in charge of employing and educating drivers
  • the bus’s maintenance provider
  • the maker of the bus’s faulty component
  • The operator of the other car that strikes the bus

Local and state authorities may look into some bus incidents, while federal organizations like the National Transportation Safety Board may look into others. In any scenario, you require a knowledgeable transport accident attorney to look into the collision on your behalf.

The lawyers at Patrick Daniel Law will shrewdly construct your claim, carefully examine the accident, and tenaciously pursue the full amount of compensation you are entitled to.

Taxi cab mishaps

Cabs are a prevalent mode of transportation in Houston, whether you’re traveling to and from the George Bush Intercontinental Airport or simply exploring the city’s central business district. Taxi drivers are aware of the importance of timing when delivering passengers, hence many incidents involving cabs have speeding, irresponsible, or aggressive driving as a contributing component.

According to Texas law, buses and cabs are common carriers. Taxi and bus drivers, as well as their employers, are expected to provide a higher level of care to their customers because they are paid to do so. Unfortunately, the organizations that employ these drivers and the drivers themselves frequently prioritize profit over safety.

Patrick Daniel Law will conduct a thorough investigation to establish liability if you have been hurt in a taxi accident. We will look into important details like:

  • The actions of the driver that led to the collision
  • His or her employment screenings, drug test outcomes, and driving history
  • The license and medallion for driving (a permit signifying that he or she can operate the taxi)
  • The cab’s vehicle inspection report
  • the procedures followed by the business that owns or rents the cab

Although liability insurance for taxi firms must be at least $1 million, the insurer will almost probably want to settle for less than your case is worth. It is in your best advantage to work with a legal representative who has a track record of zealously pursuing all of the damages for your injuries that you are entitled to.

Rideshare Mishaps

In recent years, the popularity of services like Uber and Lyft has skyrocketed, giving customers options besides the typical options for public and private transportation. Under Texas law, rideshare drivers are considered common carriers, but the drivers themselves are just regular motorists who have downloaded an app.

The number of drivers with little to no prior driving experience has increased along with the frequency of accidents involving rideshare vehicles. Unfamiliarity with the area’s roadways has occasionally led to head-on collisions and wrong-way accidents. Leading causes of rideshare accidents include speeding, distracted driving, and sleepy driving.

Due to how Uber, Lyft, and other comparable businesses categorize their drivers, an upcoming lawsuit in rideshare accidents is tricky. Instead of being considered workers, drivers are independent contractors. Because of this, ridesharing businesses frequently assert that they are not held liable for the harm brought on by a driver.

Choosing the best lawyer is essential because these situations are so complex. The rideshare accident attorneys at Patrick Daniel Law are ruthless in their pursuit of the just recompense you are entitled to from careless drivers, their employers, and other parties. We prepare each case with strategy and precise detail.

Our attorneys also defend passengers who were in an Uber or Lyft when an accident happened, in addition to drivers and pedestrians who have been hurt in collisions with rideshare vehicles.

Concrete truck mishaps

When not handled properly, any semi-truck can be deadly, but few big rigs offer less room for error than cement trucks. The cargo that cement trucks transport is inherently unstable, as opposed to freight that is secured in a trailer.

Cement truck accident attorneys in Houston

When the truck reaches its destination, the concrete will still be mixed and ready to pour since the drum containing the cement and other materials will continue to rotate as it travels. This raises the possibility of several accident types:

Rollover mishaps: As the drum spins, one side of the truck becomes heavier than the other. The truck may topple over on its side if the weight shifts or if the driver fails to account for it.

Accidents caused by lane drift: To keep the rig under control, cement truck drivers must pay close attention when driving. The truck may pass over into another lane and perhaps collide with another car if problems like distracted driving or a failure to consider concrete instability are present.

Concrete spills into the road: When concrete is wet, a hazard is created that cement truck drivers may not be able to avoid. The driver can lose control and collide if they drive over the concrete or make an evasive maneuver.

Liability for crashes involving cement trucks may lie with numerous parties, as it did in the situations of the other commercial vehicle accidents mentioned above. Although the driver may be at fault, it’s also possible that the truck’s manufacturer or the driver’s company is equally to blame.

Compensation for Accidents involving Commercial Vehicles

The severity of the injuries in commercial vehicle collisions varies depending on the size of the involved vehicles and the force of the collision. Regardless of the severity of your injuries, you shouldn’t be responsible for paying the collision’s expenses all by yourself.

In-depth research on the effects of the accident on your life and the life of your family will be done by Patrick Daniel Law. Then, we’ll develop a plan to pursue the financial recompense you and your loved ones are due.

You might be entitled to financial compensation for harms like:

  • Medical costs
  • lost revenue
  • Distress and suffering
  • scarring and deformity
  • Reduced Work Capacity Impairment and Disability
  • emotional distress
  • loss of group support

Patrick Daniel Law can file a wrongful death case on your family’s behalf if your loved one perished in an incident involving a bus, taxi, ride-hailing service, or another commercial vehicle. You and your loved ones might be entitled to financial compensation for harm like:

  • How much do funeral services cost
  • the price of cremation or burial
  • The absence of revenue your loved one once generated
  • the loss of support and services provided by your loved one for household tasks
  • loss of parental supervision and cooperation

You may also be qualified for exemplary damages in injury and wrongful death lawsuits involving a commercial vehicle collision. This award is given to the defendant or defendants as punishment for severe carelessness or misbehavior and is not related to your economic or noneconomic losses.

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