Top 30 Popular Holidays In Virginia USA

Top 30 Popular Holidays In Virginia USA

Top 30 Popular Holidays In Virginia USA

Popular Holidays In Virginia USA – Located in the area between the Appalachian Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean is the Commonwealth of Virginia, one of the oldest states in the country.

The Virginia Colony was established in 1603 by the London Company, the first English settlers in the state.

Throughout the state’s history, Virginia has been present in all the critical events of the early history of the United States, such as the fight for the revolution and the Civil War.

Its culture has been popularized by many of the state’s most influential figures, such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, and through a myriad of literature documenting its past. There is even a myriad of historic hotels displaying this history.

Part of Virginia’s culture is festivals. Each city usually hosts its fair and plenty of music and performing arts festivals.

If you’re looking to participate in one of their many gatherings, here are some of the most popular festivals in Virginia, USA.

  • Virginia International Tattoo

Known as the most incredible show of strength and music, the Virginia International Tattoo is for fans of music and the military.

This festival has something for everyone, featuring some fantastic military bands in an outstanding display of drums, bagpipes, and maneuvers.

Watch the orchestras and bands or the dancers and drill teams moving to the beat of the march. There will be 1,000 artists from eight countries showcasing themes of patriotism and honor.

  • Address: Norfolk, Virginia, USA
  • It takes place: from April to May
  1. Norfolk Harbor Party

For three days in Norfolk, the boardwalk becomes the best place to be. With tons of rides and games, Norfolk Haborfest is a perfect outdoor extravaganza for the whole family.

There are sea, land, and air activities, so head to this celebration and check out the excellent shops, tasty food, fireworks, games, and other entertainment.

  • Address: Town Point Park, Norfolk, Virginia, United States
  • It takes place: on June
  1. Virginia Highland Festival

The Virginia Highlands Festival has been around since 1943 and has been a part of the Virginia and Abingdon landscape for generations. The festival’s purpose is to preserve the culture and heritage of the people in Southwest Virginia.

Showcasing local art from the people of the region, this event is a great time to hang out and see some of the things residents are doing and passionate about.

Abingdon is a historic part of the state, having been founded in the 18th century, so exploring the festival and the city is a fun history lesson and a look into the culture of Southwest Virginia.

  • Address: Barter Square-Abingdon, Virginia
  • Takes place: July
  1. Historic Garden Week

With a place as historic as Virginia, you can bet there are many great attractions throughout the state. An event you may not know about is Historic Garden Week.

Each spring, visitors explore some of Richmond’s historic gardens, homes, and landmarks that make the city unique.

The event lasts over a week in April and showcases some of Virginia’s most beautiful spring colors. The event has been going on since 1924, so it is historic.

  • Address: 12 East Franklin Street Richmond, VA 23219
  • Takes place: April
  • Price: 25 – 55 USD
  • Norfolk NATO Festival

The Norfolk NATO Festival honors NATO and its member nations and is also an essential part of Norfolk’s history. Since 1953, the NATO central command established its base in Norfolk.

The festival has been a continuous party ever since. For more than 50 years, this celebration has been a military showcase for NATO member states while also providing an opportunity for people to glimpse the military prowess of other countries.

The festival’s purpose is to have a cultural exchange, maintain peace in the world, and showcase the best of Virginia.

  • Address: Downtown Norfolk, VA, United States
  • It takes place: from April to May
  1. Old Violinists Convention

For more than 200 years, the violin has been part of the culture of Virginia and the South. It’s as much a part of the landscape as anything else, and so is the Old Fiddlers Convention, one of the largest conventions in existence.

Whether you play or listen, this fun celebration is a weekend full of violins and great music. The convention has been going on for over 84 years and features competitions and fun and family-friendly activities. Camp on-site or buy a ticket for the day and enjoy the festivities.

  • Address: 601 S. Main St, Galax, Virginia 24333
  • Takes place: August
  1. Hot air balloon rally

Located in the town of Rock bridge in Lexington, the Hot Air Balloon Rally is precisely what it sounds like. Enjoy taking to the skies in one of the oldest methods of air travel: the hot air balloon!

 The organization that runs this festival donates all profits to local charities, so it’s not only a fun time but also a good cause.

Check this out for a full day of music and food, perfect for the whole family. Of course, while you’re here, maybe take a trip in one of the many hot air balloons on site.

  • Address: 487 Maury River Rd, Lexington, Virginia 24450.
  • Takes place: July
  1. Chautauqua Festival

Wytheville may be a small town in Virginia, but it’s a place with a passion for art. The Wytheville Arts Committee was formed in 1985 and has organized art festivals throughout the city.

The festival organizers aim to promote local artists in different media types, such as music and crafts, and traditional media, such as painting. This is one of Wytheville’s most anticipated events, so make sure you don’t miss out.

  • Address: Elizabeth Brown Park, 250 S 4th St Wytheville, VA, United States
  • It takes place: from July to August
  1. Pungo Strawberry Festival

Who doesn’t love strawberries? Pungo Strawberry Festival takes place every year and has been a part of the Virginia Beach community since 1985.

The event is quite popular, attracting over 80,000 people each year, and grew from just 5,000 during its first year.

Naturally, the event focuses on strawberries and picking, but there are plenty of great activities for the whole family at this country-style fair. Enjoy pony rides, arts and crafts, various activities, and even a parade.

  • Address: 1776 Princess Anne Rd K, Virginia Beach, VA 23456, United States
  • Takes place: May
  • Ella Fitzgerald Music Festival

Known as the “First Lady of Music,” the legendary Ella Fitzgerald is iconic jazz, R&B, and blues artist. She was one of the world’s most successful female artists and deserved a music festival dedicated to her work and the sound she brought to the world.

The fact that she was also born in Newport News makes the city the best candidate to host the event.

Located in its hometown, the festival brings together various artists to perform their music, which is great for fans and music enthusiasts. (Popular Holidays In Virginia USA)

  • Address: 2410 Wickam Avenue, Newport News, VA. 23607
  1. Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival

Held every year during the spring months, the Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival is a fun, family-friendly festival where you’ll probably go home with tons of apple-based treats.

But even if you’re not there for the blocks, there are still plenty of other activities like live band performances, a 10k run, parades, and even a couple of celebrity appearances.

The Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival is a healthy, country-style fair located in the historic area of Frederick County. (Popular Holidays In Virginia USA)

  • Address: 135 N Cameron St, Winchester, VA 22601, United States
  1. Stars and Stripes Explosion

What’s more American than the Fourth of July? Like many other cities and towns in the United States, there are always celebrations on this day.

Why not head to the Virginia coast and party on Virginia Beach this July 4 for a fireworks display?

Stars & Stripes Explosion is a celebration of all things the USA, with a free fireworks show and plenty of free musical performances by the water. (Popular Holidays In Virginia USA)

  • Address: Virginia Beach, VA, United States
  • Takes place: July 4
  1. East Coast Surfing Championships

East Coast Surfing Championships is one of the largest festivals and events in the entire state. Whether you like to surf or are a surfer, this is the second-oldest surfing competition in the world.

It started in 1963 when surfers and teenagers organized a beach party in Virginia Beach. Everyone has since come back to party and surf.

Amateurs and professionals alike come to compete, and more than 100,000 people come to watch. (Popular Holidays In Virginia USA)

  • Address: Virginia Beach Waterfront; Virginia Beach; Virginia; USA.
  • Takes place: August
  1. Oceana Air Show

For aviation and Air Force fans, the Oceana Air Show is a perfect way to spend some time seeing the latest and greatest in military aviation.

Held at the Naval Air Station in Virginia Beach, there are plenty of fantastic events to enjoy here, like air shows and parachute displays.

There are also a host of land vehicles that guests can visit, including trucks and other military and civilian vehicles. (Popular Holidays In Virginia USA)

  • Address: Naval Air Station, Oceana Dam Neck Annex, Virginia Beach, United States
  • It takes place: on September
  • Price: 4 – 60 USD
  1. Richmond Folk Festival

Folk music and art are part of Virginia’s culture and have been around since people began settling in the area.

Richmond Folk Festival has been going on for over 15 years and celebrates the roots and richness of American folk music and Virginia musicians.

The three-day festival is now one of the most significant events in the state, attracting visitors from all over the US Enjoy food, traditional dance, and tons of great music. (Popular Holidays In Virginia USA)

  • Address: 139 Virginia St, Richmond, VA, United States
  • It takes place: on October
  • Price: Free
  1. Shenandoah Valley Music Festival

Started in 1963, the Shenandoah Valley Music Festival kicks off in mid-July. Organized as a way to bring symphonic music to the people of Virginia, the genres featured here have grown to expand to bluegrass, blues, country, folk, and hip-hop.

If this is your type of music, you should check it out. The concert ground is located on the former site of the Orkney Springs Hotel, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. (Popular Holidays In Virginia USA)

  • Address: Shrine Mont, Orkney Springs, Virginia, United States
  • It takes place: from June to September
  1. American Music Festival

Ongoing for 25 consecutive years, the American Music Festival takes place on the beach every Labor Day weekend.

The festival has been going on for so long that they are expanding their lineup to include a few more fun days. This is your standard music festival with many great local bands and prominent name artists.

Some names that have appeared at the American Music Festival include ZZ Top, Journey, The Beach Boys, and Hall & Oates, to name a few. Best of all, a portion of the proceeds from the festival goes to charity. (Popular Holidays In Virginia USA)

  • Address: Virginia Beach Waterfront, Virginia
  • Held: Usually held from August to September
  1. Neptune Festival

Virginia Beach is one of the most beautiful places in the state, so there is no doubt that you can find some fantastic festivals in the area.

Neptune Festival is located along the boardwalk, so you’ll have plenty of nearby options for dining and entertainment.

Daily concerts and offerings are situated in 32 blocks of the path, in addition to 27 different performance spaces.

Enjoy a weekend of great music from local and international artists, and browse the craft stalls displaying over 250 pieces of crafts and art. Enjoy a boat show, live music performances, an 8k run, and a volleyball tournament. (Popular Holidays In Virginia USA)

  • Address: Courtyard by Marriott Virginia Beach, Oceanfront/North 37th Street, Virginia
  1. Miles of lights

Festivals and celebrations are not just relegated to the spring and summer months. There are also lots of great activities and gatherings during the winter, like 100 Miles of Lights.

Aiming to promote holiday events for the people of Virginia, 100 Miles of Lights has elaborate light shows and holiday events in some cities across the state, like Richmond, Williamsburg, Norfolk, and Newport News.

Drive around and enjoy the view, or get up close and personal and check out the lights for a sense of fantasy. (Popular Holidays In Virginia USA)

  • Address: Richmond, Williamsburg, Newport News, Hampton, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Virginia Beach.
  • It takes place: from November to January
  • Price: Free
  1. Christmas lights on the beach

If you’re in the Virginia Beach area and looking for a bit of holiday cheer this season, then Holiday Lights at the Beach is the place to be.

Continuing the trend of holiday light shows, the Virginia Beach Boardwalk becomes a holiday wonderland with lights, music, art installations, and a 40-foot Christmas tree that lights up the night sky. If you have children, don’t forget to plan a visit to Santa and take a picture with Saint Nicholas. (Popular Holidays In Virginia USA)

  • Address: Virginia Beach Boardwalk, Virginia Beach, VA, USA
  • It takes place: from November to January
  • Price: Free
  1. FloydFest

FloydFest is a popular music and arts festival you may never have heard of. The five-day event began in 2002 and had on-site camps and various stages playing different music genres: rock, bluegrass, folk, reggae, Cajun, Yiddish, and African.

The festival is more than just music; an essential part is dedicated to art and workshops. This includes morning yoga lessons, storytelling, and poetry readings.

There is also a “Children’s Universe Tent” for those traveling with children, which features a new theme each year. (Popular Holidays In Virginia USA)

  • Address: Blue Ridge Mountains, Floyd, Virginia
  • Takes place: July
  • Price: $30 – $185
  1. Houston Festival

HoustonFest is an annual event that brings together the people of Galax, Virginia, to support a good cause. Named after a local youth named Houston Caldwell, who passed away in April 2010, this annual festival is held in his memory.

Celebrating Houston Caldwell’s passion for music and his legacy in the local music scene, his spirit lives on at HoustonFest. This festival focuses on music and many performances, and people sell their crafts and products.

The purpose is primarily non-profit, with proceeds going to local scholarships, music programs, and the Galax Volunteer Fire Department. (Popular Holidays In Virginia USA)

  • Address: 601 S Main St, Galax, VA 24333, United States
  • It takes place: on June
  • Price: 30 – 70 USD
  1. Richmond Jazz and Music Festival

The 12th annual jazz festival is the Richmond Jazz and Music Festival. Celebrating all things jazz and funk, this festival is home to many great local, national, and international artists.

The event celebrates all kinds of music, so if jazz isn’t your thing, there’s also blues, r&b, and hip-hop. Celebrate one of Richmond’s most popular festivals and have a little fun. (Popular Holidays In Virginia USA)

  • Address: 1700 Hampton St, Richmond, VA 23220, United States
  • Takes place: August
  1. Virginia Film Festival

The University of Virginia hosts the Virginia Film Festival at Charlottesville. It aims to bring some thoughtful, insightful, and inspiring films to audiences, students, and faculty at the University of Virginia.

Those who enjoy a good movie should come, as the festival brings in some pretty big names in films and audiences.

Guests like Academy Award winner Ethan Hawke and best-selling author John Grisham have been guests at previous iterations of this event. (Popular Holidays In Virginia USA)

  • Address: Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
  • It takes place: on October
  1. Rooster Walk

Rooster walk Music and Arts Festival is another festival born out of tragedy. It was spawned by the passing of the organizer’s two best friends, Edwin “The Rooster” Penn and Walker Shank, who died at the age of 20.

Created with the idea that every minute is precious, this festival is about having a good time. Located on a large parcel of land known as “Pop’s Farm,” the annual Rooster walk offers great on-site food, art installations, and places where people can buy souvenirs and treats.

  • Address: 675 Hobson Rd, Martinsville, Virginia 24054
  • Takes place: May
  • Price: from 10 USD
  1. Caledon Art and Wine Festival

Combine the two most significant things in life, wine, and art, and you have the Caledon Art and Wine Festival.

It takes place in King George, Virginia, and is a small local festival that becomes increasingly popular yearly.

Virginia is home to many local winemakers, so what better way to sample a wine made in Virginia than to sample it at this festival? You will have a great time looking at local art and drinking local wine! (Popular Holidays In Virginia USA)

  • Address: 11617 Caledon Rd, King George, VA 22485, United States
  • Takes place: November
  • Price: Free
  1. Red Wing Roots Music Festival

If you’re looking to get out of the city and into nature but still want to enjoy great music, eat great food, and meet great people, then Red Wing Roots Music Festival is the event for you.

This festival seeks to go all out and give people the full benefit of an authentic festival experience. This event offers a lot to love in its seventh year, such as delicious holiday treats from local vendors, great music, and even a kids’ area.

On top of that, workshops and tours are available for guests, such as hikes and yoga or bike rides around the grounds. And if you don’t feel like going home after the festivities, you can always camp on-site. (Popular Holidays In Virginia USA)

  • Address: Chimneys Nature Park, Mount Solon, Virginia, United States
  • It takes place: on June
  1. Lockn’ Festival

Starting in 2013, Lockn’ Festival was previously known as Interlocken Festival, but they have since shortened the name.

The festival has been attracting some big names for a few years, though it still primarily focuses on smaller bands and musicians in the jam-band genre.

The first Lock Festival attracted over 25,000 people, making it popular. Musical guests like Willie Nelson, Santana, My Morning Jacket, and Phish have played at this event.

For those looking to stay for the entire festival, there are on-site campgrounds so that you won’t miss a moment. (Popular Holidays In Virginia USA)

  • Address: Oak Ridge Farm, Arrington, Virginia, United States
  • Takes place: August
  1. Hampton Bay Days

Hampton Bay Days has been ongoing since 1982. The festival is wildly popular, drawing approximately 200,000 visitors per year.

Bringing people to historic downtown Hampton Bay, the festival aims to promote the importance of the Chesapeake Bay.

This event aims to preserve the bay, and as a result, many things found at Hampton Bay Days are green and eco-friendly. There are many food options, great musical entertainment, and stalls and boutiques for shopping. (Popular Holidays In Virginia USA)

  • Address: 100 Bridge St, Suite D3, Hampton, VA 23669, United States
  • It takes place: on September
  1. PANorama Caribbean Music Fest

You don’t have to be a world traveler or go south to enjoy Caribbean life. Listen to the soothing sounds of steel drums and experience the casual atmosphere and relaxation found only on the islands.

The festival is perfect for the whole family, and sitting on the waterfront in Virginia means you’ll feel like you’re in the Caribbean, but you won’t have to break the bank to get there. Experience island culture, like food, music, and even a free concert on Friday night.

  • Address: Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • Takes place: May

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