Top 10 Places to Eat in Eureka

Top 10 Places to Eat in Eureka

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Driving California’s longest highway, Route 101, can be tiring, so why not stop in Eureka’s delightful town for lunch or dinner?

We’ve put together our top ten recommendations for places to eat. Criteria? Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, Super Yummy, oh, and good price. So here we go, Eureka’s top places to eat; we hope you enjoy it!

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  • Cafe Waterfront

An oyster bar and grill with a prime location in historic Eureka’s downtown, Cafe Waterfront is a spot you don’t want to miss.

Housed in a former saloon, this establishment serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, boasting an onsite bed and breakfast on the top floor.

A place that was originally used as a brothel! With an extensive menu for any meal, you’re sure to find something everyone will enjoy.

Be sure to also ask about their daily specials, which the chefs create based on what locally available ingredients are available.

Make sure this restaurant on the National Register of Historic Places is on your list when dining in Eureka!

  • Cafe Waterfront
  • Address: 102 F Street Eureka, CA 95501
  1. Brick & Fire Bistro

Before you start your day with a variety of things to do in Eureka, be sure to stop by Brick & Fire Bistro.

This wood fire venue welcomes you to the streets with its interesting menu options; from scrumptious Italian truffle pizza to fire-roasted polenta lasagna, there are plenty of meat and vegetarian options to suit your taste and your budget!

  • Brick and Fire Bistro
  • Address: 1630 F Street, Eureka, CA 95501
  • Average cost: 12-15 USD
  1. Gallagher’s Irish Pub

Located on the main floor of The Eagle, a building that was first constructed in 1886, Gallagher’s Irish Pub is at the heart of the city’s long-standing cultural hub.

Opening in 2015, the establishment quickly grew as a spot within the local community with great food, and it quickly caught on with those passing through Eureka.

A charming establishment with rich Irish vibes, its menu of delectable Irish dishes always features fish and chips.

Be sure to check out Gallagher’s Irish Pub the next time you dine in Eureka, and if you’re a veteran, you’ll always get 20% off your food.

  • Gallagher’s Irish Pub
  • Address: 139 2nd St, Eureka, CA 95501, United States
  • Sandwiches to die for, Hole in the Wall

We know that’s quite a bold statement, but they are some great sandwiches! You can visit Eureka and stop at least once near the Hole in the Wall, an 8-minute drive from central Eureka.

It is a favorite with locals and tourists alike, with its extensive sandwich menu featuring a variety of bread, fillings, and sauces. Yum.

  • hole in the Wall
  • Address: 590 G St, Arcata, CA 95521
  • Average cost: 8 USD
  1. Go Gastro at Sixth and E Neighborhood Eatery

Located in downtown Eureka, just off Route 101, you’ll find this great neighborhood eatery. Please stop in for the grass-fed burgers, or test out one of the chef’s specialties, which they claim are better than their burgers. We can’t comment on that, but we know their veggie burgers are delicious!

  • 6th and E Street Restaurant
  • Address: 603 E Street, Eureka, CA
  • Average cost: 13 USD
  1. Have some artisanal meats at Humboldt Smokehouse

Hungry for Meat? Well, I am a vegetarian but fear not, meat eaters, I have got you covered on this one. Humboldt Smokehouse’s menu is full of meat, especially pork; they even cure their bacon! Best thing?

This is a BBQ joint. That’s right, whether you enjoy their burritos, whole hogs, or meat-filled BBQ boxes. My mouth isn’t watering this, but I know you must keep your head down and enjoy!

  • Humboldt Smokehouse
  • Address: 310 5th St, Eureka, CA 95501
  • Average cost: 10 USD
  1. Chow Down At Cafe Nooner

This is one to keep quiet as it is a secret local joint in Old Town Eureka with many interesting menu options. It might not look like much from the outside but trust us on this one.

With an extensive menu featuring everything from burgers to Creole food and Greek meze, there is sure to be something you like. Order us some meze when you go!

  • Cafe Nooner
  • Address: 409 Opera Street, Eureka, CA 95501
  • Average cost: 10 USD
  • Enjoy The Caribbean In California At The Taste Of Bim

The owner of Bim’s Taste was born and raised on the beautiful island of Barbados (also known as Bim), so you can expect true Caribbean flavors.

Their loaves are amazing, and you can help shape the menu as they have sample tastings every weekend; Recipes can be added to the menu based on customer votes! Caribbean at its best.

  • taste of Bim
  • Address: 613 3rd St, Eureka, CA 95501
  • Average cost: 12 USD
  1. Shamus T Bone

If you want to eat at a locally owned and self-proclaimed establishment boasting a “great atmosphere, friendly staff, and the best darn steak in town,” make your way over to Shamus T Bone.

This steak house has a vast menu of smoked and grilled meats, delicious pizzas, pasta, and of course because they’re in Eureka – oysters!

Shams T Bone is a restaurant that will make you want to visit again; it is a restaurant that the meat lovers in your group will surely love.

Be sure to stop by for bites and bites of the best steak in town and enjoy the great atmosphere.

  • shamus t bone
  • Address: 1911 Truesdale St, Eureka, CA 95503, United States
  1. Adele’s Restaurant

If you are looking for fine dining in an establishment with a diner feel, look no further than Adele’s Restaurant.

They have an extensive menu, serve breakfast all day, and are open from 7 am to 10 pm. They are known for their fast and friendly service and make a great spot if you are looking for a venue to please everyone in your group.

  • Adele’s Restaurant
  • Address: 1724 Broadway St Eureka, CA, CA 95501-0138

Hunger Pangs

If that doesn’t get your taste buds watering and your stomach rumbling, to be honest, we don’t know what will.

We hope you find something you like in Eureka; although it’s a small town, it has some great dining options.

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Think we need to include something that deserves to be on the list? Comment below! Now we’re going to get ourselves some lunch. Goodbye!

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