Will You Ever Need a Colorado Springs Car Accident Lawyer?

Will You Ever Need a Colorado Springs Car Accident Lawyer?

Will You Ever Need a Colorado Springs Car Accident Lawyer?

Are you looking for Need a Colorado Springs Car Accident Lawyer? We like to say to ourselves, “I’m a good driver, so I won’t have to worry about an accident!” While this may be true, and you may be an excellent driver, anything can happen anytime.

It would be foolish to ignore this fact. After all, most people don’t consider that the worst-case scenario could ever happen to them.

Still in doubt?

Consider this— every day, millions of Coloradans take an inherent and unavoidable risk of injury or death by driving a car.

It’s not a pleasant thought to carry with you daily, but it’s a reality that all Coloradans need to remember whenever they drive a car.

Accident attorney Colorado springs

In 2017, car wrecks claimed 648 lives in Colorado, and thousands more were injured or disabled due to one accident.

This adds up to more than 10,000 auto accident claims yearly and more than 10,000 Coloradans seeking compensation for their losses and injuries.

There are a lot of Coloradans who need a good Colorado Springs car accident attorney every year, wouldn’t you agree?

How A Colorado Springs Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

Too often, we’ve seen Coloradan attempt to deal with car accidents independently. From medical bills to legal battles to stingy insurance companies, it’s an uphill battle that the average person isn’t prepared to handle on their own.

 You must have seen or even experienced it for the first time! Chances are, you or someone you know has already been involved in an auto accident.

It could be a fender-bender, or it could be a serious highway accident. Either way, it was a stressful process. Even the simplest rear-end accidents can involve many hoops to jump through and red tape to cut.

After all, insurance companies are notoriously stingy when compensating car wreck victims in Colorado. With the help of a licensed Colorado Springs car accident attorney, you will not have to face this stressful process alone.

A reliable Colorado Springs car accident attorney can help you gather the necessary evidence to improve your case and receive fair compensation.

That’s where we come into play.

Talk to a Reliable Car Accident Lawyer in Colorado Springs Today

If you were involved in a car accident, you probably never thought it could happen to you. As a result, you feel completely unprepared and unsuited to handle the situation.

We understand, and we’re here to help! The Colorado Springs car accident attorneys here at Springs Law Group have seen it all.

Our car accident attorneys handle all types of car wrecks around the city. We’ll help you get compensation and closure after a car accident! Speak With A Licensed Colorado Springs Car Accident Lawyer Today!

Colorado Springs Car Accident Statistics

From January 1, 2018, to June 22, 2018, the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) investigated 23 fatal traffic collisions.

Seat belts were used in 9 of the 14 vehicular fatalities. Of the 5 deaths in which seat belts were not used, 4 were ejected from their vehicles.

Excessive speeding has been a factor in several deaths in 2018. In 3 of the collisions, speeds of over 100 mph were a factor.

Of the 3 motorcycle accidents in Colorado Springs last year, 2 involved wearing a helmet, and 1 was not wearing a helmet.

What to do after a car accident in Colorado Springs

The most important thing anyone can do after an auto accident is not panic.

Fear can lead to irrational decision-making and loss of common sense, causing the accident victim to either inadvertently admit fault or not follow a critical step in the post-accident process.

A car accident attorney at Springs Law Group has a list of best practices for everyone in the Colorado Springs area. If you are involved in a car accident, here’s what you do:

Stay off social media after a car accident!

The advent of social media has made it easier than ever for people to blame themselves in many ways.

Whether it’s an offensive tweet that gets someone fired at work or a picture posted on Instagram that breaks an excuse – social media and the law never seem to get along.

Car accidents and social media are no different. We advise avoiding social media until the claims process is fully functional.

In general, please do not:

  • Post pictures of your accident or injury anywhere.
  • Bragged about the accident or claims process.
  • Post excessively about your regular life.
  • Comment about other people’s motor vehicle accidents or injuries.
  • Follow those rules, and you’ll have nothing to worry about with your accident claim.

Colorado Springs Car Accident Lawyer Helps With the Claims Process

Once you have followed all the best practices after a car accident, there are other steps you need to follow to file an actual claim.

Some elements of these two steps may overlap, so be careful to read what you must do when filing an insurance claim. And remember, a car accident attorney can help you file a claim.

Filing insurance

Since Colorado has removed the “no-fault” system for filing insurance claims, if you are in a car wreck, personal injury law requires you to file a claim if you expect to receive compensation.

You will be expected to remain at the scene of the accident until the police arrive and possibly arrange transport for the other party to the hospital.

Your Colorado Springs Car Accident Attorney & Insurance Adjuster

Car insurance companies will appoint an “adjuster” to your car accident case who will evaluate and determine what damages the accident caused.

Your car accident attorney and adjuster will be in touch regarding these details until the insurance company makes an offer.

Submit an offer and negotiate

Once the insurance company has thoroughly assessed the accident, they will submit an offer to compensate you for any damages caused to you personally or to the vehicle.

If the initial quote is not high enough, your Colorado Springs motor vehicle accident attorney will work with you to negotiate the best possible offer.

Accept a motion or go to court

The accident insurance claim process can end in two ways – accepting the settlement offer or taking the matter to a Colorado court.

Most car accident cases in Colorado are settled out of court, and the state even goes so far as to encourage this with an “offer to settle” statute.

Colorado Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements

Colorado requires the following amounts of liability insurance coverage for anyone driving on the road:

  • $25,000 for liability for bodily injuries per person
  • $50,000 aggregate for liability for injuries if more than one person is injured
  • $15,000 in coverage for liability for property damage to others

Spring Law Group recommends that its clients ensure their vehicle exceeds the legal minimum.

If you purchase a Colorado car insurance policy, you will have the option of opting out of the following:

$25,000 per person or $50,000 per accident protection against uninsured motorists

$5,000 per accident of medical coverage

These are essential protection for any driver if they are involved in an accident. No one can predict whether an accident will happen with an uninsured driver or not.

Types of Car Accidents in Colorado Springs

No two car accidents are alike. Each involves a unique type of negligence on the part of one or both parties and other extraneous factors.

If you live in the Colorado Springs area, you’ve either experienced one or know someone who has. (Need a Colorado Springs Car Accident Lawyer)

Distracted driving

Texting and driving is the most infamous form of distracted driving – causing thousands of deaths a year across the country. But texting isn’t the only distraction we encounter on the road.

Eating, talking to passengers, or fiddling with the entertainment console all lead to distraction accidents. All of which are very preventable. (Need a Colorado Springs Car Accident Lawyer)

Hit and run

If you have read the Insurance and Claims section of this page, you will know that it is against the law to leave the scene of an accident if you are at fault, even if the damaged vehicle is not being monitored.

Don’t be the person who is charged with a crime because they left the scene of a hit-and-run accident.

Driving under the influence

Hearing “DUI” usually conjures up the idea of driving under the influence. The consequences of a DUI far outweigh the benefits of getting home early from the bar.

In Colorado, we have the additional issue of marijuana use while driving. Whatever your fault, be sure to do it in moderation. (Need a Colorado Springs Car Accident Lawyer)

Rear-end collision

Rear-end collisions are one of the more common accidents in Colorado Springs and are often the fault of the following vehicle.

In Colorado, we have a shared negligence statute that can find the dominant driver partially at fault if it is found that they acted negligently to cause the accident.

Direct hit

Two vehicles traveling at high speeds in opposite directions often cause more serious injuries than we see in car wrecks. Head-on collisions commonly result in whiplash, head injuries, and neck injuries. (Need a Colorado Springs Car Accident Lawyer)

T-bone bump

Referred to in the industry as “side-impact collisions,” these are often the scariest because they happen outside of your peripheral vision and become unpredictable.

Behind head-on collisions, side-impact collisions have the second-highest death rate in car accidents. (Need a Colorado Springs Car Accident Lawyer)


Rollovers are common among SUV, truck, and van drivers on our winding mountain roads in Colorado.

If a negligent driver caused your rollover accident, you would need an experienced car accident attorney to help you navigate shared negligence in the accident.


Even though all Colorado drivers have a duty of care, a pedestrian in an accident can still be found at fault if the court finds that they were acting negligently enough not to cause the car to hit them was impossible.

There have been instances where a Colorado judge issued a 50/50 fault in a pedestrian accident.


Going back to the Duty of Care statute for Colorado drivers, the law treats bicyclists and pedestrians equally.

The driver and cyclist can share blame in a bicycle accident, but the driver will almost always absorb most of the fault.

Proving Negligence or Fault: A Colorado Springs Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

Every car accident happens for a reason. In general, car accident lawyers don’t like to use the word “accident” because it connotes an idea that no one was at fault.

In reality, a motor vehicle wreck is always at fault. Whether it is driver negligence or an accident related to bad weather, the blame always lies somewhere.

The difficult part of being a Colorado Springs car accident attorney is navigating what each driver is at fault for.

Shared responsibility in an accident ultimately decides the compensation the customer will receive.

In Colorado, certain statutes and laws specify how fault is distributed in a car wreck. We’ll talk about them further below.

Proving Negligence in Colorado Court

Anything stipulated in the “duty of care” statute can be grounds for proving negligence in a car accident.

Was the driver/pedestrian/cyclist exemplifying an appropriate pattern of behavior in this situation? This is the question the court or insurance company will ask when reviewing the details of the accident. (Need a Colorado Springs Car Accident Lawyer)

Clear obligation

These are situations where an accident leaves no doubt about who is at fault. Failure to produce crashes and rear-end collisions falls into this category, as do drink driving and distract driving accidents. (Need a Colorado Springs Car Accident Lawyer)

Comparative negligence

Based on the investigation by law enforcement and insurance adjusters, both drivers involved in the accident will share fault in the accident.

The fault will be divided by the percentage; for example, a driver may get 40 percent fault for the accident.

If you are found to be more than 50 percent at fault in an accident, you will not be able to receive compensation for your accident. (Need a Colorado Springs Car Accident Lawyer)

What damages can be claimed?

The term “damage” can cover many areas regarding accident and injury claims. Damages can include repairs to your car or any suffering you suffer from an accident.

These losses are divided into two categories: economic and non-economic losses.

Economic damages are any amount of compensation that can be calculated to an exact dollar amount:

  • medical expenses
  • future medical expenses
  • lost wages
  • vehicle repair

Where a Colorado Springs car accident attorney can come in handy is fighting for non-economic damages.

These less-tangible damages can be challenging to prove in court because of missing receipts and number figures:

  • pain and suffering
  • loss of affection or companionship
  • emotional distress

Injuries Related to Colorado Car Accidents

Car accident injuries seriously injure the victim. Car accident injuries in Colorado come in various forms, but these are among the more common and often debilitating injuries that car accident victims suffer.

When dealing with these injuries, the most important thing is to listen to your medical professional and follow all necessary treatments. Never put anything above your well-being in a car accident claim. (Need a Colorado Springs Car Accident Lawyer)

Slap tears

SLAP stands for Superior Liberal Anterior Posterior. This refers to a tear that stretches from the front to the back of the cartilage on the inner side of the shoulder joint.

In sports, we see baseball players and quarterbacks suffer this injury due to the repeated throwing motion of their shoulders.

In a car accident, you can damage your labrum by absorbing the crash’s impact by gripping the steering wheel.

People who suffer this injury will immediately feel pain in their shoulder, popping noises, and loss of upper range of motion. (Need a Colorado Springs Car Accident Lawyer)


Any blow to the head, no matter how severe, can cause a concussion. This is the definition of concussion, but its diagnosis and treatment are not so simple.

Headaches, strange sleep patterns, seizures, and mood changes may take several days to appear, but nausea, ringing in the ears and loss of consciousness may occur right after the accident.

More severe injuries fall into traumatic brain injury, which can cause cognitive dysfunction long after the accident. (Need a Colorado Springs Car Accident Lawyer)


Back and spinal cord injuries are an umbrella term for several specific injuries sustained in a car accident.

Motor vehicle collisions can cause facet joint injuries, disc herniation, spinal stenosis, and many problems that can debilitate the victim for months.

These injuries are often the costliest for those who suffer them. Time spent away from work and the amount of physical therapy needed to recover. (Need a Colorado Springs Car Accident Lawyer)


Whiplash occurs when the head is rocked back and forth violently. You will know immediately that you have experienced whiplash when you feel lightheadedness and pain in your neck and back.

Whiplash injuries are almost exclusively associated with car wrecks. Most of the time, whiplash injuries heal within a week or two.

Other times whiplash can be more severe and cause memory loss, blurred vision, and sleep apnea. (Need a Colorado Springs Car Accident Lawyer)

Contact a Colorado Springs Car Accident Attorney Today

Above all, Springs Law Group wants all drivers around Colorado Springs to be safe. However, we know that’s never a reality on American roads.

Car accidents cause thousands of injuries and deaths every year. This is not a scare tactic – it is a fact. (Need a Colorado Springs Car Accident Lawyer)

Another fact

If you have been in a car accident in Colorado Springs, there is a good chance that you will have to fight with an insurance company to ensure that your livelihood and health are protected.

Springs Law Group has fought for the people in the Colorado Springs area for over ten years. Don’t take on that fight alone. Don’t let anyone fight for the compensation you deserve.

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