Memorial Day Traditions

Memorial Day Traditions: 10 Powerful Traditions to Show Pride

Memorial Day Traditions: 10 Powerful Traditions to Show Pride

However, never lose sight of the reason behind Memorial Day in the first place. It’s a day set aside to honor the soldiers who gave their lives in the line of duty so that we could live comfortably in America. (Memorial Day Traditions)

At your barbecue, you should continue to down beers and eat hot dogs and hamburgers. However, remember to memorialize these valiant troops on Memorial Day by engaging in these ten inspiring customs.

Veterans Day customs: 10 Strong Traditions to Display Pride

  1. Visit an old battleground

Many former battlegrounds from battles, such as St. Gettysburg, may be found in North Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Along the East Coast, there have been numerous battlegrounds where soldiers have battled valiantly to defend our nation since the Civil War. It might be time to watch a fantastic Memorial Day movie if you are not near a battlefield.

  1. Attend a concert on Memorial Day

The Memorial Day concert near the US Capitol is broadcast on channels like NPR and PBS each year.

The concert, which has a lot of music, honors the soldiers who died but gave their all in the battle to make our nation what it is today. Oh, and there is a distinction between Memorial Day and Veterans Day; keep that in mind.

  1. Participate in a Memorial Day Parade

Veterans might be seen marching in parades to display their pride. Bring your kids and enjoy yourself with the veterans. You’ll no doubt make the veteran very happy. Before throwing a Memorial Day party, you may add a parade.

  1. Participate in a memorial service

During this holiday, veterans typically organize memorial services for families, friends, and the general public. Don’t be hesitant to drop by because they always like meeting new people.

  1. Fly the American Flag high

Raising your American flag is one simple gesture to honor veterans. This flag stands for the battles they had to endure to secure and defend our freedom. Due to tradition, the flag shall remain in the half-past-noon position.

  1. Go to a veterans’ residence

Following the Civil War, there were a sizable number of disabled and helpless soldiers who were unable to return to their employment or take care of themselves because of their health.

Veteran houses started popping up in 1864, and ever since, a lot of veterans have gone there. It’s the least we can do in light of what they have accomplished for our nation. We can go see them as Americans and make them feel at home.

Have your kids say hello to the veteran after a few hours of conversation. Respect what they’ve accomplished for our nation. To express your gratitude, bring them some food or treats like cookies. Make sure they know you are thinking about them.

  1. Post a photo of a deceased soldier or solder on social media

To ensure that a veteran’s legacy is preserved, post a picture on social media of them or share a story you’ve heard about them. Memorial Day is, after all, a day to honor the soldiers who have served our nation.

  1. Visit a Veteran’s Cemetery Locally

Usually, a veteran’s family members look after their graves. If they don’t have any live family left, though, local veteran organizations step in to help. Drop over with some fresh flowers to decorate their graves and help them out. (Memorial Day Traditions)

  1. Raise the MIA/POW Flag

To raise awareness of the sacrifices made by these warriors and the loss of their families, try to raise the POW or MIA flag.

The Department of Defense estimates that 83,000 Americans have died or disappeared as a result of combat in the Korean War, Vietnam War, Cold War, World War II, and the 1991 Gulf War.

  1. Observe a Silent Moment

Sadly, the majority of people use Memorial Day as an excuse to binge on burgers and drinks. However, the National Moment of Remembrance Act was passed by Congress in 2000. It helps to honor the troops by doing this.

All Americans will halt on Memorial Day at 3 p.m. to remember the fallen warriors. It’s a wonderful approach to honor and keep in mind these soldiers.

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