Median Salary in the US

Median Salary in the US

Median Salary in the US

interested to know about the Median Salary in the US? Learn about specific salaries by location, gender, caste, age, education, and job.

A solid understanding of the average salary can help you choose a career and location and can help ensure that your salary is reasonable.

This data can be further broken down to give insight into average salaries based on gender, race, and more. Here are some critical government estimates about the median salary in the US

Key takeaways about Median Salary in the US

  • The median wage in the US in the second quarter of 2022 was $1,041 per week or $54,132 per year.
  • Massachusetts ($58,531.20) and Washington, DC ($79,955.20) are the regions with the highest median annual salaries.
  • The median weekly wage was $1,144 for men and $943 for women.
  • Management and professional occupations had the highest median salaries ($1,743 for men and $1,265 for women).

Average Wage Information for US Workers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median wage for workers in the United States in the second quarter of 2022 was approximately $1,041 per week, or $54,132 per year (assuming 52 weeks of work per year). Wages were 5.2% higher than a year ago.

 A good salary in one job or metro area may not be in another. For example, professionals, management, and related workers earned the highest wages.

In these jobs, men earned a median annual salary of $90,636, while women earned a median annual salary of $65,780. However, in service occupations, men earned a median annual salary of $40,196, while women earned a median annual salary of $34,112.

Jobs in large metropolitan cities with a higher cost of living also tend to pay more than jobs in rural and suburban areas.

Average salary by state

The BLS breaks down salary data by state. Here are the median state salaries as of May 2021 (assuming 52 weeks of a 40-hour schedule).

The average salary for US men and women

The BLS reports that, in the second quarter of 2022, men earned a median annual salary of $59,488, while women earned a median annual salary of $49,036, or 82.4% of men’s earnings.

Caste wise average salary

Race and ethnicity also play a part in the wages of men and women. For example, white women earned 82.3% more than their male counterparts, compared to 88.1% for black women, 79% for Asian women, and 85.7% for Hispanic women.

However, black men earned an average annual salary of $49,556, which is only 82.1% of white men’s earnings ($55,536). The difference was slightly smaller for women; Black women had a median annual income of 87.9% ($43,680) of white women’s median annual income ($49,712).

The BLS also provides information on Hispanic and Asian wage earners who earned median annual salaries of $42,224 and $69,472, respectively.

Average salary by age

Salary also varies according to age. For example, men aged 35 to 44 had the highest average annual salary ($69,264). Women between the ages of 45 and 54 ($54,652) earned the highest annual salary.

Average salary based on education

BLS data shows that completing more education pays off (at least statistically). Workers age 25 and older without a high school degree had a median annual income of $35,828 in the second quarter of 2022, compared to $43,576 for high school graduates without a college degree. College graduates with a bachelor’s degree earn a median salary of $80,444 annually.

Average salary by job

The BLS breaks down salary information by career. It can help you choose a career with a salary that meets your needs. These average annual figures are based on weekly wage information from the second quarter of 2022 (assuming someone works 52 weeks per year).

Job Median Annual Salary

  • Management, Professionals, and Related Professions 75,868
  • Service Business 36,764
  • Sales and Office Business 45,084
  • Natural Resources, Construction, and Maintenance Business 50,128
  • Production, Transportation, and Material Transfer Business 41,964

How many people in America make over $100k?

Nearly a third of American households earn more than $100k a year. That being said, this average income can include the salaries of more than one person.

The average U.S. income distribution changes based on a person’s race, gender, education level, and age.

If you want to earn more than your current salary, ask for a raise, learn new skills, take a side job, or use your money to create passive income.

What is a good salary for a single person living in California?

Calling a California home can be expensive, and some places have a higher cost of living than others.

Your income may be the deciding factor if you’re considering where to live in the Golden State. A decent salary for an individual in California varies widely depending on location and industry: $50K may be sufficient in some areas, $100K in others.

How much are middle-income Americans earning?

The American middle class held steady at 50%, according to a Pew Research Center study released in April. This is largely unchanged from the 2011 figures.

But how do the percentages convert to earnings and earning power? Pew statistics show that the median income for middle-class Americans increased by 6% from $74,500 in 2010 to nearly $78,500 in 2016.

Today, that figure is around $90,000 – which sounds like a huge jump until you account for the purchasing power of a dollar today compared to a dozen years ago.

To make the same effective income as $74,000 in 2010, you’d need to make about $101,000 in 2022, based on this CPI inflation calculator.

How much does the average American make

The median American worker brings home an estimated $54,135 per year.

Key findings about Median Salary in the US

National median income

The national median U.S. income in 2021 was $97,965. The median American income in 2021 was $69,715.

Highest Paying Jobs

CEOs and nurse anesthetists will earn an average of $200,500 annually in 2021, making them the highest-paying occupations.

U.S. income by gender

The median male salary in 2021 was $50,390, up 27% from the median female salary of $36,726.

U.S. by metro area and state Salary

Male residents of Washington, D.C. earned a median income of $83,570 in the U.S. Arkansas posted the lowest median male income of any state at $40,736, the most of any state or territory.

U.S. median family income

Two-person households have the lowest median family income, earning an average of $75,145. Four-person households earn the most on average by household size, with an income of $105,900.

U.S. income by age

Americans aged 56 to 64 earned $83,810, the highest median income of any age group.

U.S. income by race

Asian Americans had the highest income in 2021, earning an average of $100,574. White Americans earned a median income of $74,930.

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