Top 25 Largest Lakes in the United States

Top 25 Largest Lakes in the United States

Top 25 Largest Lakes in the United States

Largest Lakes in the United States – Many freshwater and saltwater lakes, both natural and artificial, can be found in the United States. Lakes are evaluated according to their surface area and water content.

The lakes are home to a wide variety of fish and marine species, each with unique characteristics.

Lake Superior is the largest lake in the United States, with an area of ​​82,103 square kilometres, while Lake Huron is the second largest lake in the country, with a surface size of 59,570 square kilometres.

The list includes artificial and natural lakes as well as saltwater lakes.

Largest Lakes in the United States

Rank – Name – Basin – Territory (km 2)

1 Lake Superior Michigan-Minnesota-Wisconsin-Ontario 82103

2 Lake Huron Michigan-Ontario 59,570

3 Lake Michigan Illinois-Indiana-Michigan-Wisconsin 57757

4 Lake Erie Michigan-New York-Ohio-Ontario-Pennsylvania 25,667

5 Lake Ontario New York-Ontario 19011

6 Great Salt Lake (Salt) Utah 5,483

7 Lake of the Woods Manitoba-Minnesota-Ontario 3,846

8 Iliamna Lake Alaska 2,626

9 Lake Ohe (Man-Made) North Dakota-South Dakota 1,774

10 Lake Okeechobee Florida 1,715

11 Lake Pontchartrain (Salt) Louisiana 1,634

12 Lake Sakakawea (Man-Made) North Dakota 1,347

13 Lake Champlain New York-Vermont-Quebec 1,269

14 Becherof Lake Alaska 1,173

15 Lake St. Clair Michigan – Ontario 1,140

16 Red Lake Minnesota 1,106

17 Selavik Lake Alaska 1,046

18 Fort Peck Lake (Man-Made) Montana 1,018

19 Salton Sea (Salt) California 899

20 Rainy Lake Minnesota-Ontario 894

21 Devils Lake North Dakota 777

22 Toledo Bend Reservoir (Man-Made) Louisiana-Texas 736

23 Lake Powell (Man-Made) Arizona-Utah 650

24 Kentucky Lake (Man-Made) Kentucky-Tennessee 647

25 Lake Mead (Man-Made) Arizona-Nevada 640

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