Taste Northern California Beer at Lagunitas Brewing Company

Taste Northern California Beer at Lagunitas Brewing Company

Taste Northern California Beer at Lagunitas Brewing Company

Most people know that Northern California is blessed with abundant rich vineyards and wineries.

Still, most travelers need to be fully aware of the beer selection that Northern California has to offer.

There are many taprooms and breweries to visit across the state, but Lagunitas Brewing Company offers the best brewery tour in the region!

The tour was completed with stories from his rocky start, including The Valentine’s Day Massacre: The Origins of His Undercover Alley and why an undercover cop attempted to shut him down.

Hip Beer Of Choice

Lagunitas beer has become a staple of American hipster beer drinkers across America, but its popularity is due to more than just its hip, iconic identity.

Their beer is really good! They offer a variety that will please anyone’s palate. From dry and hoppy to smooth and chocolaty, you won’t be disappointed!

If you are a fan of their classic IPA or need a little CJeh-style Pilsner in your life, you’re in luck; Lagunitas can be found on taps and in stores across the country!

Most Entertaining Brewery Tour Award

The brewery has a short but intriguing history. It was founded in 1993 in the city of Lagunitas, CA. Soon after moving from their original location, the team moved to Petaluma, CA, located about an hour north of San Francisco.

Early in their ventures, the employees and their operations became notorious for their weekly block parties.

The company ran into several infractions with the law, but as neighbors and admirers celebrated them, they continued their craft with great enthusiasm.

The company cleverly fought back by designing secret messages for law enforcement on its beer labels. You’ll have to join one weekly to get all the juicy details!

Visitors 21 and older (with a valid driver’s license or passport) can schedule a free taproom and brewery tour. The tour should take about an hour, but guests are welcome to drop by whenever they’d like.

Tours are offered every day of the week. From Monday to Friday. Guests can enjoy a tasting tour in which each person is served the special beer of the day during a walk through the brewery.

You can enjoy free music Wednesday through Sunday at the Taproom. Check their website (as listed below) for exact times and band schedules.

More Than Just Beer

After your tour, you’ll want to head to the dog-friendly Taproom and grab a picnic table, a food menu, and an “Around the World” flight of beers.

The vegetarian-friendly menu features hummus plates, salads, and even veggie burgers. But don’t worry, meat lovers, you can also enjoy a selection of smoked pork nachos, wings, and savory sandwiches.

Plates of food will run anywhere from 5 USD to 11.75 USD, and beer flights consist of 16 4-oz. Beer for only 21 USD!

The servers are well-educated on the beer selection. They will be able to explain the uniqueness of each beer and, hopefully, one that suits your taste buds.

Service can be slow on the weekend or on a busy, sunny day. If you have a large party, I recommend that you visit earlier in the week to make sure you’ll be able to be seated.

Remember your swag!

After lunch, visit the “Shwag” shop. In the shop, they sell everything from Lagunitas dog collars, to headphones, to Frisbees. (Did you know that 4½ ounces of beer fit in a standard-size Frisbee?!)

If you ever find yourself in the Northern California area, the Lagunitas Walking Tour is a must-do.

If you’re looking for a local tour guide who is passionate about his craft and has a great sense of humor, a low-key atmosphere, great food, and even better beer, this is the tour for you!

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