Top Reasons International Students Want to Study in the US

Top Reasons International Students Want to Study in the US

Top Reasons International Students Want to Study in the US

International Students Want to Study in the US – Find out why millions of international students choose to study in the US, the world’s most popular study-abroad destination.

With more than one million international students, the United States is the world’s most popular destination for studying abroad.

Here are the top reasons to study in the US, including why international students study in the US, why you might choose the US to learn, and how higher education in the US USA can help you achieve your goals.

Why do students choose to study in the United States?

Each student has their reason and motivation for choosing the US for their degree, and many are related to the benefits that international students can experience while living and studying in the US.

About half of the world’s top universities are in the United States

US universities offer world-class academic opportunities in all disciplines, from undergraduate studies to doctoral-level programs.

You can choose from more than 5,000 higher education institutions in the US. Each university is unique and has something special to offer, from world-class academics to international study programs.

Another big plus for US universities is the flexibility in selecting your major, allowing you to explore your interests before fully committing to an academic degree program.

Whether you want to enrol in a specific major at the beginning of your studies or start as an unstated major, US universities give you the time and space to make your choice.

In addition, US universities and college programs offer general education courses that allow you to take various methods and gain exposure to different specializations.

Many college programs also enable students to explore multiple academic subjects while earning credit through electives.

With its wide variety of cultures, college options, degree options, lifestyles, and cities, the USA offers unparalleled benefits for all types of students, no matter where you’re from or what major you choose.

Benefits of studying in the United States

A US university degree covers outstanding academics, of course, but also personal and professional growth. International students in the US benefit from the following:

Real-world work experience: When you enroll in a US university or college, you can work one or more internships and connect with top employers.

Many degree programs require an internship or co-op to graduate, building your network and providing future opportunities.

Career Outlook: Universities and colleges across the US regularly host career fairs and often host career workshops with guest speakers from prominent organizations.

These events connect you with industry experts who can be valuable contacts in your professional network.

State-of-the-Art Facilities – Many US universities and colleges have state-of-the-art research labs, manufacturing workshops, and more, allowing you to engage in groundbreaking research and create new products.

Multicultural Experiences: The United States is home to people from all over the world, each with its own unique cultures and traditions.

While studying in the US, you have the opportunity to live, work and learn with diverse groups of people, giving you valuable teamwork experience that employers value in an increasingly global world.

Studying at a US university or college allows you to earn a world-class degree in a flexible learning environment that helps you work toward your goals.

Study at some of the best universities in the world

Some of the highest-ranked universities in the world are in the US, such as the University of California – Berkeley, ranked #4 among the best universities in the world.

Programs at US institutions equip you with the knowledge, skills, and experiences you need to excel in the career of your dreams.

With a broad liberal arts curriculum and employment-oriented, skills-based programs, you can find a school in the US that fits your learning style and goals.

You can also find specialized study programs in the US, such as Oceanography and Coastal Sciences at Louisiana State University or Sports and Athletic Administration at Gonzaga University.

You can even create your interdisciplinary specialization, such as pre-med and international relations, to work towards a career in global public health. Your study possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

In addition, professors at American universities use flexible teaching styles to help all types of students succeed in the classroom.

Many classes at US universities are considered active learning environments, like Maker Space at Cleveland State University, and are taught by professors with years of experience working in their respective fields.

American institutions also allow you to learn from industry experts. Your professors will often be active researchers or innovators in the field they teach, giving you a valuable source of firsthand experience.

Connecting with your professors expands your professional network and can help you find a long-term job. These lifelong connections are a strong motivation for why international students choose to study in the US. (International Students Want to Study in the US)

Rich cultural diversity

With so many different international students and residents, the US is one of the best destinations in the world to experience cultural diversity.

This exposure to global cultures is one of the critical reasons international students study in the US.

From the moment you arrive on campus, you will be surrounded by people from all walks of life, with unique traditions, cuisines, lifestyles, and fashion. You can try food from different cultures, learn a new language, or even share your culture with your friends.

International Community Friendly Universities in the United States are committed to providing opportunities, outreach, programs, and services to all campus members.

From the #youarewelcomehere campaign to departments focused on equality and inclusion, cultural diversity is a massive part of life in the US. (International Students Want to Study in the US)

Make friends from all over the world.

Many US cities host annual cultural festivals celebrating international traditions, food, music, art, and more with the larger community.

Join in the festivities or even volunteer to help as you connect with vibrant cultures and experience unique traditions. Cultural diversity is a great reason to choose the United States to study.

If you ever feel homesick, you can join a student club! Many types of student-led organizations and societies focus on cultural communities.

Many of these societies form clubs for students from different countries, which can connect you with other students like you.

Making friends in college is a great way to overcome culture shock while adjusting to American college life.

By working with your peers in class, during homework, or meeting new people on campus, you can create a network of friends with people from all over the world. (International Students Want to Study in the US)

Wide Variety of Subjects to Specialize in

No matter what you want to study or what career you want to pursue, you can find a US university or college that offers a program that brings you closer to your goals.

With the liberal arts focus that many institutions have, there are many different subjects to major in, which can be more specific to each institution.

You can find top-tier programs for popular majors like business, social sciences, and biology and specialized majors like video game development, artificial intelligence, petroleum engineering, and more. (International Students Want to Study in the US)

Vibrant student lifestyle

University clubs and societies allow you to explore different aspects of student life in the US.

Suppose you are interested in further enhancing your studies. In that case, you can join study societies, where students who want to improve their learning experiences come together to share experiences, knowledge, and advice on performing better in class.

Depending on the club’s activities, you can even compete with clubs from other universities!

Students interested in athletics can join clubs focused on their favorite sport, train, and work alongside like-minded students.

Your club can also play matches with other colleges, and you could enter your college sports team and represent them nationally.

There are all kinds of different clubs to explore, and each university has its selection to choose from, including pop culture appreciation, film, art, writing and many more.

If you can’t find a club that matches your interests, you can always create your club with your fellow students. (International Students Want to Study in the US)

Experience American culture firsthand

Having the freedom to try new experiences may be just one of the reasons you want to study in the US. As an international student on an American college campus, you can:

Join Study Groups – Study groups can create friends for life and help you improve in class.

Discover your favorite activities, old and new: discover all the sights and sounds of your new home by visiting local landmarks, restaurants and much more.

Cheer on your college sports team with your friends, try hobbies like hiking, rock climbing or cooking, or participate in intramural sports competitions.

Spend time with friends: On an internationally friendly campus in the US, your new friends will come from countries worldwide. With your new campus community, you will truly feel like a global citizen. (International Students Want to Study in the US)

Enjoy being independent and self-sufficient

As an international student in the US, you will typically live far away from your family. While this can be challenging when you first arrive, it is a valuable experience that helps you become independent and gives you room to grow as a self-sufficient person.

You are responsible for maintaining your daily schedule and activities, including attending classes, keeping track of your assignments and coursework, and meeting deadlines.

You will learn personal responsibility, accountability, and how to manage your workload to ensure you complete your work on time.

Your independence also gives you the freedom to live the life you choose! It’s up to you to decide how to spend your free time and what you like to do, which helps you grow. (International Students Want to Study in the US)

Involve teachers and professors

Professors at American universities use a wide range of teaching styles, depending on the professor, the subject, and whether the course is graduate or undergraduate.

Some teachers prefer a more instructional approach centered on lectures and class work. Other teachers may take a more hands-on approach and teach you through examples, personal experiences, or classroom activities.

Your teachers are also ready to support you outside the classroom, and you can talk to them during their office hours when you need to ask a question or want to learn more.

Many teachers also have teaching assistants (TAs) who you can contact for help. TAs work closely with their teachers and can often answer your question if your teacher is busy.

You may also find it helpful to form study groups with other students in your class. This helps you learn new approaches to your subjects while offering your own experience and knowledge to help other students. It can also be an excellent opportunity to make new friends! (International Students Want to Study in the US)

Inherit the prestige of an American title

The United States continues to be the best option for international students, mainly due to the prestige of having a certified university degree in the United States.

Higher education programs in the US are known for their exceptional quality standard in learning experiences, intellectual rigor, and innovative practices.

With a US degree, you can stand out to employers as your degree represents the knowledge and experiences you’ve gained while studying. Your degree helps you access rewarding careers in the US or anywhere. (International Students Want to Study in the US)

Participate in innovative research

US universities and colleges often have highly advanced research facilities for faculty, staff, visiting scholars, and students. Some also have purpose-built labs dedicated to student coursework.

You will work alongside university professors and may even work with national research organizations as a research student or researcher.

For example, many Cleveland State University students can intern at NASA’s Glenn Research Center annually.

Conducting research is a significant focus at many US universities, and some even provide special scholarships or offers of admission if you plan to pursue a career in research after graduation.

Funded research topics may include neuroscience, climate change, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and more. (International Students Want to Study in the US)

Exceptional support system for international students

International students can work on campus, obtain internships at off-campus companies, and take up research and training positions as graduate students.

Internationally friendly study programs, like Shorelight’s exclusive Career Accelerator, are staffed by career advisors experienced in helping overseas students like you find your first internship and work experience positions in Optional Practical Training (OPT) or On-the-Job Training curriculum (CPT).

Also, many internationally friendly universities offer specialized courses to help international students like you adjust to university life and learn more about American culture.

You’ll learn firsthand about American traditions and American cuisine and maybe even get to take a hike, attend sporting events, or visit historical sites.

Counselors and support staff at the International Student Services office are experts in helping international students navigate college life.

Enrolling in a Shore light college gives you access to a suite of additional programs and support services. Our advisors help you understand the application process, handle visa questions, and find housing.

Once you’ve arrived on campus, they can walk you through orientation and class registration and help with tutoring services, culture shock, and other academic support. (International Students Want to Study in the US)

Launch a successful career after graduation

With the skills and knowledge you gain from your program of study in the US; you’ll be ready to work toward your dream career anywhere in the world.

The experience you’ve gained through your classes, internships, and diverse cultural connections give you a head start when applying for jobs and make you stand out to employers.

In addition, your professional relationships through your program may allow you to access unique job opportunities in the US for your future career.

Now that you know the top reasons to study in the US, it might be time to ask yourself, “Should I study in the US?”

If you’re ready to get started, talk to a Shore light consultant! Your advisor provides services for international students, whether you are an incoming undergraduate student or an experienced graduate student.

They can help you find the best colleges, understand the application process, help you choose a major, and much more.

Regardless of your goals or ambitions in life, pursuing your higher education in the US allows you to work toward the career and life of your dreams.

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