How to Prevent House Fire in Summer

How to Prevent House Fire in Summer

How to Prevent House Fire in Summer

If you want to know How to Prevent House Fire in Summer than you come at right place. let’s read: Owning a property and investing in things to make your life more convenient requires focus. Regular maintenance helps maintain the excellent condition of your furniture and fixtures.

However, some disasters can only be avoided if you pay attention to their causes. One of these incidents is a house fire. Yes, it can be avoided, but there are times when it startles property owners.

Apart from losing your hard-earned investment, this disaster also impacts health. Many die after being trapped in the burning property.

A lucky few get out, but they usually suffer from severe burns, wounds and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In case of death, carbon monoxide poisoning is often the common cause.

You can follow simple and common fire safety tips if you want to avoid experiencing any of these effects this summer from burning property. They can help prevent a fire from starting and destroying your home.

Things that can start a house fire

To avoid fire accidents, you must know the things or activities that can ignite them. To help you identify these, here is a list of things that can lead to a house fire if neglected:

How to Prevent House Fire in Summer

  1. Grease Build-up on Your Kitchen Appliances

Summer is the season of festivities and house parties. While leaving any barriers open during these times is normal, you must take care of your home and consider fire safety measures if you are hosting the gathering.

The number of parties you’re hosting can result in increased use of kitchen equipment, from cooking to washing dishes. However, there is one thing you should take care of: Grease.

Cooking grease has a high smoking point, so keeping your kitchen clean is important. It is common for oil to drip in the kitchen while cooking, but keep it from piling up.

  1. Loaded Electric Circuit

Each electrical circuit in your home has its specified capacitance. They could start a house fire if you go overboard with the appliances or gadgets you plug into these circuits.

If you notice that your electrical outlet quickly covers up the heat, unplug the devices and gadgets connected to them and avoid plugging them in together.

If you need to know how much electrical capacity each outlet and circuit in your property can hold, it’s best to call an electrician to check on them. If they overheat quickly, the wiring may be busted and need replacement. To prevent a fire, you should let professionals fix the problem.

How to stop a house fire

Owning a property is an investment. It would be best if you always take care of it and prevent any danger that can harm it. To protect your home, here are some fire safety tips that you can follow:

How to Prevent House Fire in Summer

  1. Check the smoke detector

A smoke detector is one of the government’s home fire safety requirements that every property owner must comply with.

After building or buying a property, it is imperative that you install this gadget to not only meet government requirements but also ensure your family’s safety.

Get in the habit of testing your fire and smoke detectors at least once a month. Their test may vary depending on the brand and model you have.

However, most units have a button you can press to test whether they are working. Also, ensure someone can assist you when testing the alarm from outside.

Ideally, this person needs to have an excellent hearing to easily hear the alarm from a distance.

Other good summer fire safety tips include regularly changing the batteries of your fire and smoke detectors. This ensures that you can rely on the detectors in the event of a fire on your property.

As the homeowner, you should also be aware of the life span of your home detectors. Most of these last for about 10-15 years with proper maintenance.

Once your detectors have outlived their lifespan, you should consider replacing them to ensure your property remains protected.

  1. Check Indoor Sprinklers

An indoor sprinkler is one of the most basic fire safety measures. This device helps prevent fires from worsening in homes and other properties in addition to fire alarms.

Some units are automatic, releasing water simultaneously when the alarm sounds. Meanwhile, older units usually have buttons or switches so you can turn on the sprinklers for testing.

Regardless of whether you have a newer or older version of an indoor sprinkler, you must check this home fire safety device regularly to ensure it is still working. (How to Prevent House Fire in Summer)

  1. Check Your Equipment

Another safety tip worth considering is to check your appliances at home. Most of them should get tested for durability in hot weather.

When they break, some of them can start a fire. However, there are many ways to prevent the spread of a fire due to equipment failure.

Keeping your appliances clean is the most common way to prevent house fires. For example, don’t let grease pile up on your stove, griller, or oven, as this could start a fire.

Let appliances and other gadgets, such as HVAC systems and washing machines, rest to avoid wear and tear or overheating, which can start a fire. (How to Prevent House Fire in Summer)

  1. Other Home Fire Safety Practices

Always use caution when you have flammable materials in your home. Extinguishing candles after use, keeping a fire extinguisher handy and replacing it occasionally, and avoiding smoking in hot areas are some of the most common summer fire safety tips you can easily follow.

It takes little effort to practice these habits, but you must train yourself to stick to them. For example, you may want to walk outside rather than smoke inside the property because if a cigarette butt touches the fabric, it can quickly catch fire.

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