How to Move to America

How to Move to America – A Starter Guide

How to Move to America – A Starter Guide

Moving to America is still a fascinating prospect for people of many nationalities worldwide. You can read our blog on the many reasons to move to the United States to find out why. (How to Move to America)

If you’ve decided to be among the more than a million people who visit America each year, there are several steps you’ll need to take to make sure your dream comes true.

We compiled a list of steps that will show you how to get to America and get you on the right track.

Do preliminary research

Moving to the United States: Do Preliminary Research

Take the Internet to learn more about America. Get an idea of ​​what job opportunities are out there and which are most prevalent. Make a short-list of the places you want to live and apply for any jobs that require your skills.

It would help if you learned what is involved in the visa application process and how long each step takes.

Create the timetable showing when you should proceed with each step of the moving process, including when you should give your notice at your current job, when you should move to the USA to attend a job interview, and when you should Keep any property you have for sale.

Travel to the USA

Going to America: Visit the USA First

You must ensure that you are going to America for the right reasons. This means you should not trust what you have heard about the USA from the media or other people.

For this, you must plan a fact-finding mission to America, during which you learn essential information about what life in the United States would be like for you.

Find out about the job opportunities, salaries, real estate, and the quality of life. America is a vast country whose lifestyle and surroundings vary greatly depending on location.

You can visit a few states to see which one suits you best. Only during such initial visits can you attend a job interview to secure a job that will facilitate your application for a US visa.

Get a US visa

Going to America: Get a US Visa

One of the biggest hurdles to moving to the US is getting the requisite US visa or green card. It will help if you allow several months before you plan to move to the US to complete the application process.

The process begins with a visa petition to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. Once approved, the National Visa Center provides formal visa applications and interview instructions.

You will probably be-able to get a green card through family or your job (though other methods exist).

If you already have any family member who is a citizen of US, they can apply to join you; Or you can apply for immigrant status if you have an offer of permanent employment in the US.

If you are wondering how to get to the US as an international student, you must apply for an F1 student visa.

Set up temporary housing

Moving to the US: Set up temporary housing

Once you obtain your visa, you must plan your US travel. You’ll need somewhere to stay as soon as you arrive, so book yourself into a hotel, an Airbnb late, or a holiday rental that you can use as your instant base.

This will give you time to thoroughly research permanent housing without rushing into anything or relying on internet property searches without physically looking.

If you arrange accommodation with some local property owner, you can take advantage of their local knowledge when deciding on a neighborhood to live in. (How to Move to America)

Stay at home

Moving to America: Settling at Home

There will be a lot of loose ends to tie up at the home before your big move to the America. This includes your paying bills, stopping utility services, redirecting posts, and letting people know you’re moving.

You should also ensure you hand over all the documents you need in the United States. Order official copies of any of the certificates you are missing.

Documents you will need include your birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce decree, and medical records.

Get more advice on going abroad here.

Move your property

Moving to America: Growing Your Wealth

You will need to arrange for transportation of your property before you travel to the US. More oversized items like furniture will require you to fork over container transport and sea freight to bring them to America.

However, for many smaller items, you can pack them in suitcases or boxes and have to Send My Bag to pick them up and deliver them to you in the USA. If you provide the address of your hotel, you can get them delivered there.

Unlike many ocean freight companies, Send My Bag sorts out the customs clearance for you and clearly state what information you need to provide. (How to Move to America)

Get a social security number

Moving to the United States: Get a Social Security Number

Once you move to the USA, you should apply for a social security number if you haven’t already applied for one when sorting your visa.

This allows the government to see how much money you make in the US and to determine if you are eligible for retirement benefits.

You can go to the local Social Security Administration office to apply and bring proof that you are allowed to work in the United States. (How to Move to America)

Set up a US bank account

Moving to the US: Set up a US bank account

When moving to the United States, you need to open a US bank account to pay bills and receive your salary quickly.

You should set up a checking account with a debit card so you can always pay for things without carrying cash.

You generally need to present proof of address, passport, immigration documents, and Social Security number to set up an account. You’ll probably want to transfer funds from your old bank account to your US account.

Make sure you are smart about how you do it and keep an eye on exchange rates to see where you can get the best money transfer deal. It would help if you tried to transfer when the rates are most vital in your favor. (How to Move to America)

Find Permanent Accommodation

Moving to America: Find Permanent Accommodation

Whether you are planning to rent long-term or buy your property, you should look for permanent accommodation as soon as possible to avoid high short-term rentals or hotel costs for a very long time. Do not pay

If you plan to rent in the US, be aware that the landlord will want you to fill out a rental application form. This is so that he knows whether the money is coming to you and can cover the rent.

Be aware of any additional costs involved in renting, as one month’s rent is usually asked for as a deposit, on top of the damage deposit and rental fees if there is a high demand for rentals in your area.

If you’re looking to buy a property, you’ll find that the realtor you choose is much more practical than you can use at home. Also, note that the property seller pays the realtor’s commission.

Make your new home by adopting these easy steps. (How to Move to America)

Arrange health insurance

Moving to America: Arrange for Health Insurance

Since private clinics and hospitals provide health care in the United States, you will need health insurance to cover any costs caused by injury or illness.

Employers often contribute to health insurance, so check with your employer if you are covered. Your employer may ask you to contribute yourself.

It will help if you get comprehensive medical insurance rather than the budget option, as the latter may not cover specific medical tests. (How to Move to America)

Sort Utilities

Moving to America: Sorting Utilities

Once you move into your new home or apartment, you should shop for the best deals for various utilities such as phone, Internet, electricity, and gas.

You can ask other people living in your building or street what suppliers they use and turn this into an opportunity for them to get to know you and choose your mind about other things. (How to Move to America)

Familiarize yourself with the laws in the US

Moving to America: Familiarize yourself with US laws

There may be many laws in the US that you are not automatically aware of. These include regulation in some areas that says residents must clear snow from the sidewalks outside their home and that gambling is illegal in many areas.

Laws and regulations vary by state, so make sure you know what is and isn’t in your local area.

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