How much money is needed to retire at age 60

How much money is needed to retire at age 60?

How much money is needed to retire at age 60?

Are you wondering How much money is needed to retire at age 60? Let’s read about it in detail:  Some 60-year-olds are looking forward to many more years of a fruitful career, but others are relishing the prospect of retirement just around the corner.

This is important to check how close you are to your retirement savings goal. While “How much retirement should I get at 60?”

Depending on your circumstances, there are a few ways to see where you stand and determine what to do next.

We all hope to retire comfortably, but what does that mean? For some people, retirement may mean quitting their jobs, downsizing their homes, and living the rest of their lives on savings.

For 48% of retirees, this may mean working part-time, traveling the world, and spending more time with family and friends.

No matter your retirement dreams, one thing is for sure – you need to have saved a decent nest egg to make it happen.

Unfortunately, most Americans aren’t saving nearly enough money for their end-of-work life (one in four workers say they have no savings at all, according to a PwC study).

How much money is needed to retire at age 60?

How can you calculate how much you will need in retirement?

Since everyone’s retirement needs are different based on lifestyle, salary, and other goals, use a retirement income calculator to find out how you’re doing. This is something that you can do on your own or with the help of a financial advisor.

First, estimate how much you may need per year for your retirement budget. Where do you want to live? What will be your monthly living expenses?

And don’t forget about additional medical expenses. Be sure to consider expenses that will go away, such as paying the mortgage, or costs related to working, such as commuting and parking.

As you budget, consider wants as well as needs. In retirement, every day is a Saturday. You may be surprised by the amount spent on hobbies such as travel, entertainment, and sports recreation.

Incorporate these into your budget so you can consider all the things you want your retirement to have.

Next, consider all of your guaranteed sources of retirement income. This includes Social Security, pensions, and any financial product (such as an annuity) that provides guaranteed income.

Your savings are there to fill in the gaps to help you meet your needs, wants, and desires when you retire.

For example, if you anticipate needing $60,000 per year in retirement and will receive a combined $30,000 from Social Security and pension, you’ll need to plan to receive $30,000 per year from your savings.

Once you have considered all your income sources, creating a strategy to convert your assets into income is important.

You have saved money throughout your working years, and when it comes time to spend them, not all assets are treated equally.

Developing an optimal strategy that matches your retirement income style and considers your full picture will give most people confidence in retirement.

How much money is needed to retire at age 60?

How can you hold onto your retirement savings?

Retirement Savings: don’t be discouraged if your savings aren’t where you want them to be.

Whether you were unable to save early in your career or are still reeling from financial losses related to the pandemic, making additional contributions, reducing your expenses, checking your investment strategy, delaying retirement, and building your retirement, Re-imagining lifestyle can help you.

Make a Catch-up Contribution

Consider whether you can afford to budget more than the amount you’re currently putting aside for retirement. Even an extra $50 a month can make a difference.

You may have the option of putting more into your retirement account now than you did when you were younger. After age 50, you can make catch-up contributions.

In 2022, annual catch-up contributions were $1,000 for Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and $6,500 per year for 401(k). This means you can put $7,000 per year in an IRA and $27,000 in a 401(k).

Bottom Line: Saving more can help you boost your financial flexibility.

Reduce your expenses

To save more, determine which expenses you can cut during the final years of your career. This could include canceling gym memberships and subscriptions, eating out less, or taking public transportation more often.

This could be an opportunity to test your retirement lifestyle. For example, if you think you’re going to build a tiny house, why not move earlier?

The amount you save on utilities, property taxes, or other expenses can go towards retirement savings. You can live on your target retirement budget for a few months and see if it’s realistic based on your expenses.

Downsizing your budget doesn’t mean you need to downsize your home. A budget can reduce excess spending that can go to savings. Just look at what you’re spending monthly and find ways to save on needs versus needs.

How much money is needed to retire at age 60?

So, Can You Retire With 500k? How long will your savings last?

Keep reading to learn some important steps for retirement.

Factors to consider

Financial planners often use the 4% rule to help their clients with retirement planning.

According to the 4% rule, pensioners can withdraw 4% of their savings when they stop working and adjust their withdrawals for inflation each year for 30 years.

The underlying premise is that if you can live on $20,000 a year, you should be able to retire with $500,000 in assets for 30 years (or more) after you stop working.

But the reality check here is that you may not be able to survive (and be happy) on $20,000, depending on your circumstances and preferred way of life.

Let us look at some of the factors that can affect the expenses you may incur after you stop working:

Your lifestyle

Lifestyle plays a huge role in retirement spending. Yours may be more expensive or less expensive than someone else’s, depending on your preferences.

For example, if you’re like the 70% of American workers who like to travel some part of their end-of-work lives, you’ll spend more than those who don’t enjoy traveling.

500000 in 401k

The state you live in

Another factor affecting the expense is the state you live in. The cost of living can vary widely from state to state.

If you live in a state like Hawaii, which is the most expensive state to live in 2022, this will result in higher retirement expenses compared to lower taxes and lower cost of living expenses than someone living in a lower-income state.

How much money is needed to retire at age 60?

Health Conditions

Your health status can also affect retirement spending. If you have a chronic condition like heart disease or diabetes, your doctor may prescribe a medication that can affect your ability to save money at any age.

Cost of property

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, housing is one of the highest retirement costs for older families, accounting for $16,219 annually (32.9 percent of annual expenditures).

Mortgage, housing, and property maintenance are big expenses for retirees and can add up quickly, which is why most retirees prefer to downsize after they stop working.

Cost of food

The cost of food is another big factor that affects retirement expenses. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, older adults spend as much as $6,066 on food annually. That’s 12.3% of what most people spend annually.


Retirees spend more money on services and goods most affected by inflation, such as healthcare, housing, and food.

In addition, inflation has risen sharply, leading to a 9.1% increase in consumer prices from June 2021 to June 2022. This means your money will not go as far as when you initially stopped working.

Financial planners generally recommend assuming an annual inflation rate of 3% when budgeting for retirement.

How much money is needed to retire at age 60?

Is $500 000 enough for a person to retire on?

For many, the answer to this question is an emphatic “no.”

After all, $500,000 isn’t a lot of money when considering the costs of health care, housing, and other necessities.

Also, a current belief among Americans is that by 2022 they will need $1.25 million to have a decent retirement, according to Northwestern Mutual Research.

But the truth is that it is possible to retire on $500,000 if your expenses are less than about $20,000 a year. A recent GOBankingRates survey found that 38% of Americans think a $500,000 retirement is possible.

Only 14% of respondents think you need between $1 million and $5 million to retire, while 30% think you can make it with between $500,000 and $1 million.

However, remember that there are a lot of variables when it comes to determining how much you’ll need after you stop working – such as your age, health, and lifestyle.

Can a Couple Retire With $500,000?

It’s no secret that retirement can be expensive. But is $500,000 enough for a couple to retire? data shows that in 2020, the median retirement income for married couples over 65 was $101,500. Although things have changed significantly since then, a couple might stop working on $500,000 today.

But remember that how long your savings will last will largely depend on your lifestyle. For example, you can stretch your $500k further if you’re inclined to live and don’t intend to make major life changes (such as traveling or setting up a business).

This is only a general recommendation. Depending on your situation, you will need this amount or much more money.

To be on the safe side, it is recommended that you aim for a monthly income of at least 70% of your pre-retirement income if you want a comfortable retirement, whether you are an individual or a couple.

How much money is needed to retire at age 60?

Can I Retire on $500,000 Plus Social Security?

You’ve probably asked yourself this question a million times: Is $500,000 enough for retirement and Social Security? The answer, unfortunately, isn’t a cut-and-dry yes or no.

Social Security payments are received by 90% of people age 65 and older, and at least half of them account for 50% or more of family income.

This is separate from your 401k. As a result, your Social Security payments are an essential component of your retirement planning.

Where can I retire with 500k?

According to the Social Security Administration, the average monthly payment for people receiving Social Security at age 62 in 2022 is approximately $2,364.

This amount is $28,368 annually. If you add the $28,368 from Social Security benefits to your $20,000 nest egg of $500k in benchmark retirement savings, you can end up working on $500K plus Social Security.

But you’ll need to organize a spending plan for your retirement income that minimizes taxes while maximizing your budget, investment returns, and Social Security benefits.

The best way to figure out what to do with your Social Security benefits is to consider Social Security tax planning so you can optimize your income. But in the meantime, half a million dollars is a good start.

How much money is needed to retire at age 60?

How much income will $500K generate?

For someone planning for the future, you may not feel comfortable dipping into your nest egg. You want it invested to earn interest for the rest of your life.

For some people, this means investing in fixed-interest savings accounts like fixed annuities or CDs. But how much income does $500,000 a year generate?

If you invest $500k in an annuity when you turn 60 and start earning immediately, you can generate approximately $26,256 in annual income.

This income is paid monthly, so you can expect to receive approximately $2,188 per month from your annuity.

How much money is needed to retire at age 60?

What to do with 500 000 dollars?

If you retire at 65 and invest $500k, you’ll receive $2,396 per month, and if you buy an annuity at 70, you’ll earn $2,605.

Of course, the income you’ll receive from your annuity will depend on other factors, including the type of annuity you choose and the current interest rate. This is where you need asset protection retirement planning, so you do not make the wrong choice.

How much money is needed to retire at age 60?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible To Retire At 45 With $500K?

The short answer here is maybe. With a $500K income, Social Security benefits, cheap living, and a little luck, it may be possible for some, but not everyone.

However, remember that unless you find yourself on the financial side (in which case, be sure to hire an unpredictable financial planner), retiring at age 45 will prevent you from entering your peak earning period, which could potentially lead to retirement can significantly increase your Social Security benefits.

How much money is needed to retire at age 60?

Can you retire at 50 with $500k?

Yes. For many people, retiring on $500k is sufficient.

Using the 4% rule of thumb, a $500K nest egg and one source of income like Social Security, and reasonably moderate expenses to maintain a $20K per year lifestyle (before taxes, if any) for at least 20 years Should be enough to keep up.

If your spending is less than $20,000, you can increase it further. But while retiring at 50 with $500k may work for an individual, it may not work for couples.

Can you retire at 55 on $500k?

Yes, you can retire at 55 with $500k. According to the 4% rule, if you retire with $500,000 in assets, you should be able to take home $20,000/year for 30 years or more.

Additionally, keeping the money in an annuity would offer a guaranteed annual income of $24,688 to retirees at age 55.

How much money is needed to retire at age 60?

Will you be able to retire at age 60 with $500,000?

Retiring at 60 with 500k is possible if you plan to downsize, live a minimalist lifestyle, and supplement your savings through a pension plan, annuity, or Social Security benefits.

At age 60, an annuity will offer a guaranteed income of $30,500/year for the rest of the insured’s life.

Regardless of age, the amount of money you’ll need to stop working depends entirely on your circumstances.

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