Houston Car Accident Attorney

Houston Car Accident Attorney

Houston Car Accident Attorney

Houston’s roads are among the most dangerous and deadly in the country. We know because we live here too! (Houston Car Accident Attorney)

Do You Need a Houston Car Accident Lawyer?

When you are in a road accident, our car accident injury attorneys in Houston can help you know your rights – and protect them.

We know the stress you are under. That’s why our Houston car accident attorneys work hard to take some legal burdens off your shoulders during this time.

As an accident injury law firm with over 20 years of experience, Stewart J. Gus is a name to remember if you’re ever in a wreck. From fender benders to devastating pile-ups, our firm handles it all.

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Should You Hire Our Houston Car Accident Lawyers?

Dealing with a car accident in Houston is a complicated situation for anyone. It would be best if you had someone who cares about you and your best interests.

Unfortunately, insurance companies are not on your side. They only care about paying you as little as possible. (Houston Car Accident Attorney)

Seek advice. Get allies. Get Houston personal injury lawyers

You may not know your rights and options after a Houston car accident, but that’s our job! The right Houston car accident attorney can make all the difference in your case and recovery.

Don’t worry: If you’re uninsured or can’t afford the health insurance deductible or co-pay, we can help you get the medical treatment you need with no upfront cost out of your pocket.

Contact us now to learn more about how we can help you after a serious car accident in Houston. (Houston Car Accident Attorney)

How Much Do Houston Car Accident Lawyers Charge?

One of the main reasons that car accident victims decide not to call an injury attorney in Houston is the concern about cost.

We know that as a victim of a car accident, you are entitled to receive money, not payment of money. However, our attorneys do not charge exorbitant hourly fees, as you may see in TV shows or movies.

For this reason, we handle car accident cases on a contingency fee basis. Our Houston car accident attorneys are not paid until they collect your money.

When they secure a favorable settlement or verdict, you pay our firm a percentage of the money won.

This allows all injured car accident victims to seek justice – regardless of their financial situation. Contingency fees vary from attorney to attorney, but we can discuss our fees when you call us for your free consultation and review your case. (Houston Car Accident Attorney)

A contingency fee has the meaning of the following:

  • You don’t pay anything for the consultation.
  • If you hire us, we will cover all the costs in advance
  • We don’t take any fees until JIT has successfully received compensation for you
  • Our payment comes from your settlement, not from your pocket

You should never have extra money to hire our car accident attorneys. Anyone can hire the right lawyer for a car accident claim. (Houston Car Accident Attorney)

When Should You Hire a Houston Car Accident Lawyer?

Important Questions After a Houston Car Accident If you take all the right steps after your vehicle accident in Houston, you will want or need to answer several questions.

You’ll discover some of these answers immediately, while other questions may arise in the days and weeks following the accident.

If you are wondering whether to call a Houston car accident law firm, think about the following:

Are there injuries or deaths?

If you or someone close to you is injured in an accident, the first order of business is to get medical attention for you or your loved one.

If you need medical care or a loved one is a survivor, always speak with our law firm as soon as possible to determine the full cost of those injuries. (Houston Car Accident Attorney)

Are the vehicles damaged?

Car accidents can cause serious damage to your car, and accidents can often lead to the complete ruin of a car.

You depend on your vehicle to get to and from work, school, or family obligations. If someone else caused your accident, you should not pay for repairing or replacing your car. You don’t want to go weeks or months without a vehicle.

You are entitled to full compensation for the damages from the responsible party’s insurance company, and our law firm can help. (Houston Car Accident Attorney)

Are the Houston Police Involved?

Houston law enforcement officers regularly arrive at the scene of Texas car accidents. An officer should always try to identify if one or more drivers have violated the law, such as being intoxicated.

The police should arrest and charge the drunk driver for DWI. Officers can also issue citations for speeding, running a red light, and other traffic violations.

His police report is invaluable. If it does, it can help you prove who was at fault in your future insurance claims. (Houston Car Accident Attorney)

Are there medical and insurance costs to pay?

If you have not suffered any financial loss, you cannot claim compensation from the insurance company.

However, even if you had relatively minor medical bills or paid only a small amount out of pocket, you have a right to recover payment of those costs.

Your health insurance company may not cover injuries sustained in a car accident because it expects the other driver’s insurance to cover them.

Medical bills for car accidents can range from a few hundred dollars to millions of dollars, and in either case, you should call our law firm immediately. (Houston Car Accident Attorney)

What are the legal rights and responsibilities of drivers?

Suppose an accident results in any property damage or injuries. In that case, Texas law requires all drivers involved to stop and remain at the scene until necessary assistance and exchange of information have taken place.

In the aftermath of an accident, the rights and responsibilities of each driver will depend on who caused the accident.

Any driver or motorist who has not acted negligently has the right to file an insurance claim against the negligent driver.

Drivers who cause accidents need to contact their insurance companies, who are responsible for compensating victims for their losses.

In many cases, more than one person may have some defect. Have our law firm determine liability in your situation. (Houston Car Accident Attorney)

What Kind of Settlement Should You Expect?

If another driver was negligent and you file an insurance claim, the settlement payment amount will depend on several factors. Contains:

  • the severity of your injuries
  • the total cost of your medical bills
  • whether you will need ongoing medical care in the future
  • how much work you lost, and what was your income lost
  • can you go back to work in the future
  • whether you have a permanent impairment, disfigurement, or disability
  • the pain and suffering you experienced

Calculating the total amount of your damages can prove challenging, as many people are not aware of their full rights when it comes to compensation.

It would help if you had the assistance of a skilled car accident law firm to ensure that you request and receive the full amount needed to cover your past and future damages. (Houston Car Accident Attorney)

What Is A Consolidate Car Accident Injury Claim?

There are many factors to consider when determining the strength of your Houston car accident claim.

  • Clear obligation. Texas is a modified comparative negligence state. If someone is more than 50% at fault for the accident, they cannot recover money. Instead, they are liable to pay for the damages after the accident. If your case involves clear liability, it will be a stronger case.
  • Significant property damage. When your vehicle has significant property damage, insurers are more likely to compare it with a more serious accident. This can improve your chances of collecting maximum compensation.
  • Immediate medical treatment. If you received prompt medical treatment, this strengthens your case. Delays in treatment give insurance adjusters the impression that you were not as injured as you claim. It may also raise suspicion that your injury is a result of your accident and nothing else.
  • Continuous therapy. Injured accident victims who follow their doctor’s treatment plan and attend all therapy sessions will only get stronger.
  • Serious or permanent injury. Insurance companies are bound to take your case more seriously if you have suffered a serious or permanent injury. For this reason, it is important to reach maximum medical improvement before signing any settlement offer.
  • Strong cases often have strong evidence to support them. Eyewitness statements, toxicology reports, and police reports are all examples of evidence that can help your Houston car accident attorney win your case. (Houston Car Accident Attorney)

Does Houston car accident claim cost?

What is the Average Settlement for a Car Accident in Houston?

Many people approach our law firm with the same question: How much will I receive for my car accident settlement?

There is never a single (or simple) answer to this question, as the answer depends directly on your circumstances.

Many people have no idea what their claim is worth until they have an experienced Houston car accident attorney thoroughly evaluate their situation.

What we do know is that medical care in America is expensive! This is true no matter how serious your injuries are.

The following are some of the average costs of the medical treatment you may need for your car accident injuries:

  • An ambulance ride can be around $1,000.
  • An emergency room visit ranges from $1,000 to $20,000, depending on the services.
  • A hospital stay can cost approximately $2,750 per night or more
  • Surgery can cost thousands of dollars
  • physical therapy can cost as much as $350 per session

Some people have injuries that require additional care, including time in the intensive care unit (ICU), home health care, assisted living, medical equipment, and more.

Costs and damages will vary depending on the client we help. Whether your loss is $1,000 or $1 million, you are still eligible to receive compensation from the responsible party. If someone else is the cause of your accident, you should never bear your expenses.

Call us today to receive a free personal evaluation. (Houston Car Accident Attorney)

How much do you get for pain and suffering in a Houston car accident?

It would be best if you had a dedicated Houston car accident attorney when calculating your car accident damages.

We may review your medical bills, pay statements, and other documents showing expenses.

However, state law also allows many Houston car accident victims to recover from the pain and suffering they experienced due to their injuries.

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