Top 10 Glamping Spots Near Big Bend National Park Texas

Top 10 Glamping Spots Near Big Bend National Park Texas

Top 10 Glamping Spots Near Big Bend National Park Texas

Big Bend National Park offers a wide range of activities for all outdoor enthusiasts. It has approximately 200 miles (321.9 km) of hiking trails, 150 miles (241.4 km) of dirt roads, and 100 miles (160.9 km) of paved roads.

The opportunities for fun in this place are endless, including activities such as wildlife watching, birdwatching, mountain biking, hiking by day, and camping by night.

And along the Rio Grande’s 118 miles (189.9 kilometers), kayaking, canoeing, and rafting are popular activities.

You can plan your visit with the paid tours offered in the area. There are several Airbnb vacation rentals and cabins in and around the national park for accommodations.

But if you want to enjoy the wild without sacrificing comfort, check out this list of the best glamping spots near Big Bend National Park, Texas.

  1. Cozy teepee with modern amenities

This pet-friendly and cozy tent, comfortable for two guests, makes for a memorable outdoor vacation with your partner.

It is located on the Cosmic Campsite and is surrounded by beautiful mountains. Prepare yourself for an adventure close to Big Bend National Park.

The place is off-grid and features modern amenities to make your stay enjoyable, from an extensive library to electrical outlets. WiFi is also available for convenience.

The teepee comes with two cots, but you’ll need to bring your sheets, blankets, and pillows. Hike through wooded areas daily, relax, and stargaze around the community fire pit at night.

Terlingua Ranch Lodge is only 10 miles (16 kilometers) away if you want to enjoy some dining and recreational activities.

  1. Great Tents Next to Big Bend National Park

This beautifully furnished yurt is a dream abode for those who don’t want to sacrifice luxury for a wilderness stay.

The adults-only tent is located on a 400-acre (162 ha) undeveloped property at the entrance to Big Bend National Park.

The spacious interior has a telescope to get a close view of the surrounding forest area. It also has running water, electricity, a bathroom, and a kitchenette for convenience.

The comfy king-sized bed and fireplace will keep you warm, especially on chilly nights. A rocking chair and campfire ring outside the tent to enjoy the cool night air.

Exploration of the surrounding area is not permitted, but you can hike in a nearby park and visit the nearby Terlingua Ghost Town.

  1. The Perfect Glamping Spot for All Seasons

This spacious, well-decorated adobe dome is designed to maximize your vacation experience regardless of the season.

The materials used in the building protect you from desert elements like rain, wind, cold, and heat, and the tent also comes with a fan and propane heater for added comfort.

The off-grid dome home is just minutes from Big Bend National Park and can sleep two guests on the comfortable bed and a third guest on the sofa.

Cook with ease in a well-organized kitchen with essential ingredients. A solar bag shower and a composting toilet are provided for use.

Enjoy afternoon naps on the hammocks, and spend evenings around the fire pit, enjoying the spectacular sunset.

  1. Large, Hearty Canvas

Appreciate all that Big Bend National Park has to offer from this spacious and well-equipped teepee.

Beautiful mountains surround the pet-friendly Mesquite Manor, and you can hike in the wooded areas. Enjoy barbecuing outside in the tent with the provided charcoal grill and two chairs.

You can charge your phone, access the WiFi, or borrow some books from the Lajitas Library Trailer, an off-grid, cosmic campsite steps from Canvas.

The interior has two hearty beds, but you’ll need to bring your sheets and blankets. For a proper shower, food, and laundry, you can reach Terlingua Ranch Lodge for a surcharge of 5 USD. It is 10 miles (16 kilometers) from the property.

  1. Kushi Agave Residence for Three

The Agave Abode is a padded tent oriented toward the comfort of three guests. The pet-friendly teepee, made of puncture-proof and waterproof material, is situated in the cosmic campsite with mountain panoramas.

Take a tour of the extensive flora and fauna in your nearby wooded areas or Big Bend National Park.

Relax in three lounge chairs in front of the tent and count the infinite stars in the sky or barbecue with the provided charcoal grill.

There’s a handy off-grid trailer with a great book selection, electrical outlets, and WiFi. In addition, Terlingua Ranch Lodge is only 10 miles (16 kilometers) away. Note that comforters and sheets are not provided.

  1. Cozy tents at Cosmic Campsite

This 20-foot (6.1-meter) canvas at the beautiful Cosmic Campsite offers amazing views of Nine-Point Mesa. It can comfortably sleep up to seven guests and has plenty of amenities to complement your stay. Outside the tents are four chairs and a table to relax on, a fire pit, and a charcoal grill to enjoy moments of gossip with your group.

Peruse books, charge your phone, or use the WiFi on-site in the Lajitas Library trailer. Walk around and appreciate the beautiful outdoors.

The sunset and the stars are also wonderful to behold. The property is just minutes from the Terlingua Ranch Lodge, which has a pool, laundry facilities, and modern amenities costing as little as 5 USD. Note that sheets, pillowcases, and duvets are not provided.

  1. Secluded Pet-Friendly Canvas

Jackrabbit Junction is one of the most secluded tents at the Cosmic Campsite. The pet-friendly teepee can comfortably accommodate up to four guests with two mattresses and twin cribs in its sizable interior.

There are hiking opportunities all around the property, and Big Bend National Park is just minutes away. After a hard day, you can nap on the community swings or lounge with your friends on the chairs outside your tent.

The site’s Lajitas Library trailer has a good book selection, power outlets, and WiFi for your convenience, and Terlingua Ranch Lodge is close. Note that you must bring your duvet, pillow, and sheets for a comfortable stay.

  1. Secluded, Well Furnished Cabin

If you are planning a family vacation or just hanging out with friends in this beautiful wooded area of Texas, Point-a-View Cabins has got you covered.

It is a private, off-grid residence located on a 60-acre (24.3-hectare) property in the Corazón Mountains, close to Terlingua Ranch Lodge.

It has all the comforts of home, including a bathroom, propane heater, and an open-plan living area with a well-equipped kitchen and a living area.

The one-bedroom property can accommodate up to seven guests in the family room with its large extra futon bed.

Upstairs on the screened porch is a hammock for relaxing in the afternoon and admiring the stunning forest surrounding you. Pets are also allowed, and there is WiFi for use.

Get your deserved outdoor fix in comfort

If you can’t get enough of the outdoors, this is a great opportunity to enjoy a relaxing stay close to nature. From water features to landscape activities, you won’t be short of things to do.

The welcoming community will also provide an exciting experience. With these fabulous glitter options, you don’t have to compromise on comfort.

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