Top 12 Common Causes of Fire

Top 12 Common Causes of Fire

Top 12 Common Causes of Fire

Hello friends, are you aware of these 12 Common Causes of Fire? In 2020, the National Fire Protection Association NFPA recorded 490,000 residential fires out of over a million reported fires of all types. These figures suggest that house fires are a major cause of property loss in the country.

A house can catch fire for many reasons. It can only happen due to carelessness or negligence. Nevertheless, regardless of the cause, it is important to know and prevent common causes of fires to save more lives and property.

What are the most common causes of fire?

While there are times when this is unavoidable, many of the things that can lead to a house fire are within your control.

Once you know the common causes, you can make the necessary changes and preparations to prevent them. Listed below are some of the things that you should take care of:

Common Causes of Fire

  1. Cooking

According to the NFPA, cooking was responsible for the 49 percent of home fires between 2015 and 2019, making it the leading cause of residential fires.

This is often caused by cooking being left unattended and quickly getting out of control as there is no one in the kitchen to extinguish the fire.

Cooking is also one of the common causes of fires during holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Still, this can be prevented by focusing on what you’re doing and staying in your cooking. Another great tip is to keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen that you can easily reach in case of an accident.

  • Heating

According to the NFPA, between 2014-2018, local fire departments responded to approximately 48,530 fires involving heating equipment.

This represented approximately 14% of all home fires reported during that period, resulting in approximately 500 civilian deaths and 1,350 injuries.

Heating systems are the most common cause of house fires in northern states, where temperatures often freeze.

This is especially true during the winter when the heaters are often used for long periods, exposing them to early wear and tear.

A portable heater can be even more dangerous because it can be placed near flammable things like furniture and walls.

  1. Smoking

Smoking is one of the common causes of fire inside the home, and the two main reasons are the smoker’s carelessness.

Smokers sometimes fall asleep on their beds or sofas, and their still-lit cigarettes come into contact with highly flammable materials such as bedding or pillows.

Occasionally, a smoker fails to put out his cigarette properly, and the butts burst into flames, or embers fly from the ashtray and ignite the carpet.

One in four people die from a fire caused by secondhand smoke; Sometimes, the victim is not even a smoker.

Try to avoid smoking indoors to prevent fire damage and deaths. If you can’t help it, ensure you properly extinguish the cigarette in the ashtray before you sleep or do anything else.

  1. Electrical System

Poor electrical work in the home, such as loose wiring, is also one of the common causes of fires that some homeowners may need to be aware of. This often happens in older homes with faulty or obsolete wiring.

Due to excessive dust and debris, home electrical systems can also be a fire hazard. To check for dust accumulation, remove the outlet and light switch covers. If there is a lot of dust, wipe them carefully with a dry cloth. (Common Causes of Fire)

  • Candles

Each candle contains the following reminder: “A burning candle should not be left unattended.” Unfortunately, many people take this lightly, especially on holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Day when they get caught up in the festivities.

The result is a devastating fire that could have been easily prevented if precautions had been taken.

  1. Equipment

Anything that produces heat (stoves and clothes dryers) or gets hot from prolonged use (computers and electric fans) is a potential fire hazard. They should be addressed, especially if used for several hours.

  1. Electronic Equipment

Appliances that use electricity can also be common causes of fires. For example, a charger could overheat, catch fire, and set fire to nearby furniture. It is also important to ensure that your electronic equipment is not worn out or too old.

If they are, have them checked by a licensed technician to ensure they haven’t been damaged by repeated use. A piece of electronic equipment that emits a slight burning smell may indicate danger and should be investigated immediately.

  1. Gas leak

Natural and propane gases can easily cause house fires because they are flammable. Simply put, use these gases with extreme caution. A small leak or sudden spark can easily lead to a major disaster requiring fire damage cleanup. (Common Causes of Fire)

  1. Barbecue Grill

The problem of grills is more in summer than in any other season. Regardless of when they are used, flames from barbecue grills can be difficult to manage, especially when there is unseen damage to the equipment. Accidental grill fires can be avoided by checking for gas leaks before using the appliance.

  1. Chimney

A chimney can also cause a fire, which can happen when a log sparks and sends embers flying through the air. While this may be rare, it is still possible, especially if your indoor fireplace is in the middle of a room close to flammable materials such as carpet or sofas.

  1. Lightning

Lightning fires often occur during the summer when afternoon and evening storms peak. If your home is the only tall structure in a vast open space, it could be vulnerable to lightning during a thunderstorm, which could lead to a fire. (Common Causes of Fire)

  1. Children

House fires are sometimes started by small children left alone to play. One such scenario is to see if they can reach matches and light their homes on fire.

While it’s impossible to curb their curiosity, you can greatly reduce the likelihood of a house fire by teaching children about the destructive power of fire.

Another way to solve this issue is to make sure matches, lighters, and flammable materials are out of reach for your kids.

Important Achievements

Fire is one disaster that every homeowner wants to avoid at all costs. It is not completely impossible, as many common fire causes are easily preventable if precautions are taken.

For example, smoking in bed is a virtual fire starter, but it shouldn’t be if you smoke outside. Similarly, a fire in the kitchen can be avoided if you don’t leave your cooking utensils unattended.

Many other things that can start a fire, such as appliances, power supplies, barbecue grills and electronic equipment, can be safe from fire if you keep them under regular inspection. Otherwise, you’re setting the stage for a disaster requiring major restoration work.

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