Burn Injury Attorneys Representing Clients in Houston & Nationwide

Burn Injury Attorneys Representing Clients in Houston & Nationwide

Burn Injury Attorneys Representing Clients in Houston & Nationwide

One of the most incapacitating injuries somebody may sustain is a burn. In addition to causing intense, ongoing pain, they can also seriously impair mobility and result in psychological and emotional damage. Treatment for severe burns is expensive over the long term, and many victims never fully recover.

Numerous burn injury cases are caused by someone else’s carelessness. The burn injury attorneys at Patrick Daniel Law will painstakingly and methodically construct a catastrophic injury claim on your behalf if you or a loved one experienced serious burns, and they will relentlessly pursue the compensation to which you are legally entitled.

Why Do Burn Injuries Occur?

Burns can be caused by a variety of different things, even though most people only identify them with fires. These consist of:

  • Thermal burns brought on by contact with fire, a hot object, steam, or boiling water
  • exposure to potentially harmful substances, such as fumes and particles
  • Electrocution
  • exposure to radiation
  • Burns are caused by friction.

Our attorneys have litigated cases for individuals who sustained burn injuries as a consequence of:

  • Car crashes
  • Including lawsuits involving tanker trucks and vehicles transporting hazardous products, truck accidents
  • Motorcycle collisions
  • Road rash, a form of friction burn, can occur to motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian accident victims.
  • Defective vehicle components, in particular those that affect the engine and fuel systems, are among the allegations of defective products.
  • Defects in electronics and appliances can cause electrocutions, overheating, and fires.
  • Flammable attire
  • Power tool fuel geysers and broken farm equipment
  • Aviation mishaps
  • Workplace and industrial accidents
  • Incidents involving ships and refineries, including flames and explosions

Patrick Daniel, our founding and lead attorney won a sizable verdict in a defective product lawsuit where our client suffered severe burn injuries, including burn encephalopathy (damage to the brain resulting from severe burns).

Maintaining a Burn Injury

What Group Does Burns Fit Into?

A scale that indicates the extent of the damage is used to assess the severity of burns. There are several categories for burns:

First degree: Only affects the skin’s outer layer. usually comparable to a sunburn

Impacts the epidermis (skin’s outer layer) and dermis in the second degree (the underlying layer of skin).

Reached the fatty layer beneath the dermis in the third degree. damage to blood vessels and nerves could happen.

Fourth degree: Damages muscle and other tissue by penetrating all layers of skin and fat.

Burn damage symptoms range from skin redness and little discomfort (as in a first-degree burn) to skin blistering, excruciating pain, and a higher risk of infection (as seen in third-degree burns).

Getting Burn Injury Treatment

The type of care needed will also depend on how severe the burn is. The majority of burns can be healed with first aid at home or a trip to the doctor. Deep or extensive burns, however, require immediate medical attention.

Serious burn victims may need numerous surgeries to remove injured tissue, stop complications, apply skin grafts, and lessen scarring.

Before being transferred to a burn center for specialist care, hospitalization may be required until the victim’s condition stabilizes.

Burn recovery takes a very long time. Physical treatment may be necessary for victims to help with mobility-related problems (particularly if the burns are on the arms and legs or affect the joints).

If the injuries interfere with the capacity to do daily duties or job-related activities, occupational therapy and vocational rehabilitation may be required.

To deal with the shock of the damage and, depending on the location and severity of the burn, the impact on their look, many burn sufferers need psychiatric treatment.

Burn damage sufferers and their families are overwhelmed by the cost, scope, and continuing rehabilitation.

It’s critical to speak with a personal injury attorney right away if you or someone you care about suffered severe burns as a result of another person’s carelessness.

Payment for Burn Injury Cases

In cases involving severe burn injuries, the damages are frequently significant. As a result, all of the losses you and your loved ones have endured should be considered in your claim.

Damages like the following may be eligible for compensation:

  • Future, recent, and past medical costs
  • lost income
  • If your ability to earn a living is hampered, you will lose income.
  • Your home, car, and other property may sustain damage.
  • Distress and suffering
  • Discoloration and scarring
  • loss of support, caring, and direction

Tragically, severe burns can be lethal, whether from the severity of the injury or complications like infection. Patrick Daniel Law can bring a wrongful death lawsuit on your behalf if this worst-case scenario negatively affects your family.

The following damages may be recovered in a wrongful death burn injury claim:

  • medical costs incurred before death
  • lost wages and additional financial support that your loved one gave
  • funeral costs, either burial or cremation
  • loss of support, caring, and direction
  • emotional distress
  • Your family member’s suffering and agony

Whether you lose a loved one or face serious, life-changing burn injuries, it is crucial to have an experienced legal team on your side. Patrick Daniel Law will fight tenaciously to get you and your family the compensation you need.

Fires Resulting from Auto Accidents and Faulty Vehicles Examining Burn Injury Claims

It is not always easy to determine the cause of a fire, explosion, or another event that causes burns. For instance, fires can sometimes start in auto accidents, but the fire may have been started by a faulty component.

Corporations will always try to claim that a consumer error caused harm rather than their product. The maker will argue that you mistreated or altered the item, which caused it to malfunction if a defective product results in a house fire in which you sustain burns.

Due to the frequent presence of combustible substances and dangerous chemicals in some sites, including refineries, farms, warehouses, and more, determining who is responsible for workplace accidents is frequently challenging.

Additionally, Texas’s “no-fault” system for workers’ compensation restricts employees’ ability to sue their employers for injuries.

All of these factors make it essential to retain legal counsel if you or a loved one has sustained burn injuries.

To discover what happened and hold those accountable for your losses and injuries, you need skilled legal representation because the circumstances surrounding your injury and the party or parties responsible may be difficult.

Burn injury lawsuits are frequently made more difficult by the destruction of important evidence due to fires and explosions.

To identify the mechanism and sequence of events that resulted in your injury, we will study the situation and rebuild it using experts in fire science and other domains.

Your injuries may occasionally be the result of many parties. We regularly need to initiate legal action in response to defective product claims against numerous businesses that were involved in the creation, design, and distribution of hazardous products.

Similar to this, the manufacturer of a hazardous product or substance, as well as any parties that carelessly transport or store the substance, may be held accountable for workplace incidents involving flames, explosions, and chemical burns. If your employer disregards workplace safety laws, this may also apply to you.

Patrick Daniel Law will painstakingly compile evidence for your case in each of these scenarios and create a strong, unique legal plan to help you get the money you are due. We work tirelessly to get you the full amount of damages in your case.

Contact Our Houston Burn Injury Attorneys Today

You probably don’t know who to contact if you or a loved one suffers burn wounds at home, in a car, or at work.

The cost of present and upcoming bills, the length of the rehabilitation process, and the scope of the treatment are all overwhelming. When you need help, Patrick Daniel Law is here to help.

We are aware of the difficulties that burn injury cases present as well as the distress they bring about for victims and their families.

Our staff has made sizeable settlements in cases involving serious burns, and we will use this knowledge and track record of success to assist you as well.

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