Top 8 Beautiful Lakes in Flagstaff Arizona

Top 8 Beautiful Lakes in Flagstaff Arizona

Top 8 Beautiful Lakes in Flagstaff Arizona

Surrounded by ponderosa pine forest, desert, and mountains, Flagstaff is a beautiful city in Arizona.

Flagstaff is home to Humphreys Peak, Arizona’s tallest mountain. The city of Flagstaff is blessed with an abundance of natural resources, such as Mormon Lake, Lake Mary, Long Lake, Stone Lake, and Ashurst Lake, which are considered among the most beautiful lakes in Arizona.

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To stay near one of the city’s beautiful lakes, consider finding a Vrbo rental or cabin in Flagstaff. Take a moment and browse through these beautiful lakes in Flagstaff, Arizona.

  • Mormon Lake

Located in the northern part of Arizona, Lake Mormon is fairly shallow, with a depth of about 10 feet (3 m). The surface area, when completed, is approximately 12 square meters (129.2 sq ft).

Shallow as it may be, it still holds the title of the largest lake in Arizona due to its expanse. Lake Mormon is famous for being volatile and fluctuating during different seasons. During the dry season, the lake dries to the point of being less visible.

  1. Mary Lake

Lake Mary is one of the two major reservoirs located in the southeast part of Flagstaff. Initially, the two lakes (Upper Lake Mary and Lower Lake Mary) shared the same name.

The lake today covers a total area of 243 hectares (600 acres), with an average depth of about 38 feet (12 m).

The lake’s upper reaches are home to nine species of fish, and if you want to enjoy a good swim in the lake, Mammoth Basin would be the perfect place to enjoy a dip in the dive-worthy waters.

  1. Kinnikinnick Lake

Located within the Coconino Natural Forest 38 miles (61.2 kilometers) south of Flagstaff, Kinnikinnick Lake is surrounded by the Prairies of Jupiter.

Bald eagles are easily seen in this area during the winter and autumn. The lake’s average depth is about 6.71 m (22 ft).

Kinnikinnick Lake offers the perfect place to enjoy kayaking, boating, canoeing, or fishing with friends and family while you camp along the lake’s shores.

  • Ashurst Lake

Turn your compass to the southeast of Flagstaff, where you’ll head to Lake Ashurst. It is considered one of a handful of natural lakes in Arizona. The lake occupies 230 hectares (568 acres) of land, with an average depth of 12 feet (3.7 m).

Ashurst Lake creates the perfect habitat for thriving Catfish, Rainbow Trout, Bluegill, Northern Pike, and Brook Trout. This makes the lake an ideal fishing ground for visitors.

  1. Stoneman Lake

Considered one of the few natural lakes in Arizona, along with its sister lake, Mormon Lake, Stoneman Lake has an average depth of no more than 10 feet (3 m) and an average surface area of no more than 100 acres (40.5) hectares) of land.

Stoneman Lake extends approximately 46 miles (74 km) south of Flagstaff. Its ponderosa pine covering, Gambel oak, and Arizona white oak create a scene to remember.

  1. Long Lake

Located southeast of the city, Long Lake can be found in the Mogollon Rim area. The average depth of the lake is 7.6 meters (25 ft).

Long Lake is home to Rainbow Trout, Sunfish, Channel Catfish, Northern Pike, Largemouth Bass, and Walleye, providing a rich fishing ground for those who love fishing.

Enjoy the plethora of things to do and experience the tranquility the city offers when you camp by the banks of Long Lake.

Flagstaff’s Natural Treasures

Blessed with an abundance of nature and life, as with this list of the most beautiful lakes in Arizona, Flagstaff is truly an oasis for relaxation. This is where you can disconnect from your busy life and focus on yourself.

Flagstaff is a small city, but with these natural resources, it’s sure to be on the map. If you plan to book a trip here soon, check out the cheap hotels and tiny houses for rent available to you. Housing needs.

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