The 12 Beautiful Lakes in and Near Sacramento California

The 12 Beautiful Lakes in and Near Sacramento California

The 12 Beautiful Lakes in and Near Sacramento California

Sacramento is known as the capital of the state of California, Sacramento is one of those destinations that you should not miss when visiting the states.

Renowned for its richness in culture, history, and countless things that will impress you, it is no wonder that many travelers from different cities rave about this remarkable destination.

There’s a popular saying in Sacramento that states California begin here, and after spending time exploring the city, you’ll understand why.

Whether you are traveling alone or with a group of friends, there are tons of fun activities you can indulge in, be it for relaxation or adventure. Find the best campsites and cabins in Sacramento to easily make your way to such promising lakes.

Keep reading to get acquainted with the gorgeous lakes in and near Sacramento, California.

  • Folsom Lake

Located within Placer, El Dorado, and Sacramento counties, Folsom Lake is a reservoir at the base of the Sierra Foothills. The Lake and its surrounding area provide travelers with almost endless entertainment opportunities.

From hiking, biking, horseback riding, and camping to waterskiing and boating – a lot is waiting for you at Folsom Lake.

Fishing in the Lake offers catfish, trout, and largemouth bass, so if one of your hobbies is fishing, you’ll love visiting Lake Folsom. And if you’re looking for stunning views, Lake Folsom will give you plenty to marvel at.

  • Folsom lake
  • Address: Folsom Lake, California, USA
  1. Shasta Lake

Dubbed the largest reservoir in California, Lake Shasta has plenty of space to enjoy in the area. The ideal season to visit the Lake is summer, when the crystal waters are splashed with jet skis, fishing boats, and almost anything that floats.

One experience you will love is staying in one of the houseboats available for rent, allowing you to feel the waves of the water and its refreshing vibes.

In addition to beautiful views of the Lake, there are other useful stops around, including a free tour of Shasta Dam, the country’s second-largest dam at 602 feet (183 m).

  • Shasta Lake
  • Address: Shasta-Trinity National Forest, Shasta County, California
  1. Natoma Lake

Lake Natoma is a spectacular lake with plenty to do, including water activities such as boating and hiking. Enjoy a wonderful quiet holiday traveling alone.

While here, ride a bike and explore the sights or try horse riding – if you’re a beginner, this would certainly be an interesting new skill.

There’s a lot to see and do here, so when you visit, you may want to spend your entire afternoon at Lake Natoma.

  • Natoma Lake
  • Address: Folsom, Sacramento County, California
  1. Clementia Lake

One of the best lakes near Sacramento, Lake Clementia is ideal for outdoor activities such as swimming, kayaking, and picnicking. Everything about the area, from its campground to the Lake, is clean and worth visiting.

Lake Clementia is perfect for both adventure seekers and nature lovers.

For those who like to spice up their water experience, the south side of the Lake is a mix of wild rapids and calm shores, excellent for daring jumps into the white water.

But if you prefer to be safe, there is a leash in the middle of the raft that you can use.

You can also enjoy tours and group activities here, such as swimming through the stream. A captain will guide you through your on-the-water experience, so you won’t have to worry.

  1. Clementine Lake

Standing on a slender boulder in the North Fork American River, Lake Clementine is one of California’s natural wonders more than worthy of a visit.

Whether you want to indulge in water activities, such as paddling or boating, or relax and cool off, you will find this amazing Lake perfect for your leisure.

The Lake is divided into Lower Lake Clementine and Upper Lake Clementine, each offering different experiences; you’ll find plenty of entertainment here.

Water sports are available on the lower Lake, while swimming and white sandy beaches are offered on the upper Lake. If you want to see something magical, then be sure to visit the Lake before sunrise.

  • Lake Tahoe

The largest alpine Lake in North America, Lake Tahoe, is a breathtaking natural beauty surrounded by the majestic Sierra Nevada mountains.

Known for its deep, blue-to-blue water, the Lake is something that words cannot describe. Imagine an alpine paradise and a winter wonderland from November to April, then a striking spring, summer, and fall.

Whichever season you decide to visit, it won’t matter. The spectacular views and fun activities like kayaking and swimming on this Lake near Sacramento make it worth a visit.

  1. New Melones Lake

A favorite destination among boaters and fishermen who like to explore long, deep, and secluded bays, New Melones Lake is one of California’s major lakes, offering all kinds of recreation. From waterskiing and boating to camping, travelers can do a lot during their trip.

Since New Melones Lake is the fourth largest Lake in California, there is plenty of room for visitors to spread out.

The amenities available in the area are budget-friendly, making this location popular with locals, especially those who live in Central California. The guests can also enjoy camping at the campground while admiring the full beauty of the place.

  1. Clear Lake

Clear Lake in Northern California’s Lake County is always a good place to go when you need respite and time out from the busy schedule of your daily life.

Known as the largest freshwater lake in the state, Clear Lake offers travelers from various places a memorable vacation filled with exciting and relaxing activities.

From kayaking and fishing to sightseeing and dining, plenty awaits your arrival. You can even do some camping, picnics or take an early morning dip in the legendary waters.

This Lake surrounding Sacramento is a stunning destination for families looking for a place to make happy memories.

  1. Lake Sonoma

Nestled in the impressive foothills of Northern California, Lake Sonoma is a long, narrow body of water that offers many activities in and around the area.

Surrounded by the charming vineyards of Sonoma County and historic sites, Lake Sonoma is the perfect setting for a plethora of vacation ventures.

A fact about it – the Warm Springs Dam, which forms the Lake, plays a vital role in preventing devastating floods, storing water for the daily use of local people, and creating a lake for recreation.

If you want to understand the place better, you can visit the Visitor Center & Fish Hatchery, which is open daily.

Outdoor adventures, including camping, horseback riding, and mountain biking, are just some things to look forward to during your visit.

  1. Donner Lake

Located in the charming Sierra Nevada district just a few miles from Sacramento, Donner Lake is a high alpine lake with spectacular views.

Donner Lake, surrounded by cabins and a public pier, is worth a visit. Offering summer vacationers amazing opportunities for picnics, fishing, camping, and boating, it is a complete package type of destination.

During winter, cold-weather lovers can indulge in cross-country skiing on the trails near the Lake and enjoy the season’s charm.

If you want to see all the wonders California offers, add Donner Lake to your itinerary and have a fun-filled vacation.

Nothing beats the summer heat more than a refreshing dip.

The best season to visit Sacramento is the summer when the city’s lakes await you. Whether hiking, fishing, boating, camping, shopping, or swimming, these lakes in and near Sacramento will fill your heart’s desires.

There are also some amazing restaurants in Sacramento. If you decide to make a quick stop, remember to check out our list above of the Most Beautiful Lakes in Sacramento, California, for the most thrilling outing.

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