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American Passports are Strong, but not the Strongest. Know Everything about Passport

American Passports are Strong, but not the Strongest

American Passports – Most travelers have almost no idea which passport they have, but US citizens are lucky that their travel documents open many doors.

According to a citizenship advisory firm, Henley & Partners ranking, the US ranks seventh in the world regarding passport access.

Americans can enter 186 international destinations without applying for additional visas in advance. Passports from New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland and Belgium have the same level of access.

“America is still a powerful passport,” said Dominic Volek, group head of private clients at Henley & Partners. He said that powerful passports make it easy for their holders to travel for business and leisure.

Weak passports often require holders to apply for visas in advance, which can be expensive and time-consuming.

“I know this from personal experience. I have a South African passport. I can’t get on a plane tonight and fly to Europe or the UK.”

Or many other countries, Volek said. “The US visa costs me $160. … If I’m a family of four, that’s another $600 for my travel costs.” (American Passports)

10 Most Powerful Passports

According to Henley & Partners, passports from these countries have the highest levels of visa-free or visa-on-arrival access.

Visa-free means that travelers can enter other countries without additional paperwork. In contrast, visa-on-arrival means travelers do not need to apply for entry before departure, but at customs, They will be given a visa by the authorities on their landing. (American Passports)

  • Japan (access to 193 destinations).
  • South Korea and Singapore (reaching 192 destinations).
  • Germany and Spain (access to 190 destinations).
  • Finland, Italy and Luxembourg (reaching 189 destinations).
  • Netherlands, Austria, Denmark and Sweden (access to 188 destinations).
  • United Kingdom, France, Ireland and Portugal (reaching 187 destinations).
  • United States, Belgium, Switzerland, Norway and New Zealand (reaching 186 destinations).
  • Czech Republic, Canada, Australia, Greece and Malta (reaching 185 destinations).
  • Hungary (access to 183 destinations).
  • Lithuania, Poland and Slovakia (reaching 182 destinations).

10 Least Powerful Passports

  • Afghanistan (reaching 27 destinations).
  • Iraq (reaching 29 destinations).
  • Syria (access to 30 destinations).
  • Pakistan (reaching 32 destinations).
  • Yemen (reaching 34 destinations).
  • Somalia (reaching 35 destinations).
  • Nepal and the Palestinian Territories (reaching 38 destinations).
  • North Korea (reaching 40 destinations).
  • Kosovo, Libya and Bangladesh (reaching 41 destinations).

Sudan, Sri Lanka, Lebanon and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (access to 42 destinations).

Traveling with a US passport

With its seventh ranking, Henley & Partners said the US passport ranks top for accessibility and is highly desirable for foreign nationals if they have the opportunity to qualify for US citizenship.

While COVID-19 restrictions temporarily made it more difficult for Americans to travel to Europe and other countries, Volek said US passports had regained strength lost earlier in the pandemic.

Americans can visit many popular tourist destinations without applying in advance. Especially this summer, with the dollar and the euro near parity, Europe has been a beautiful place for Americans. (American Passports)

For places that require a visa to visit Americans, the State Department recommends contacting the embassy of the country you are visiting for more information about fees and the application process.

China, India and Russia are destinations where US citizens must apply for tourist visas before their travels.

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