Airplane Accident Lawyers Serving Aircraft Accident Claims in Houston, Texas & Nationwide

Airplane Accident Lawyers Serving Aircraft Accident Claims in Houston, Texas & Nationwide

Airplane Accident Lawyers Serving Aircraft Accident Claims in Houston, Texas & Nationwide

Flying is reportedly safer than driving, according to data. However, this does not imply that flying is risk-free. Serious injuries and fatalities are very likely to occur in a collision.

You need skilled legal representation on your side if you were hurt in an aircraft accident or lost a loved one in a plane catastrophe. Our staff at Patrick Daniel Law handles complex accident claims on behalf of our clients with meticulousness, foresight, and ruthlessness.

Aviation Accident Types

The skies above Houston have filled with a wide variety of aircraft thanks to the George Bush Intercontinental Airport. Some of these planes operate locally, while others travel to distant parts of the world. Many different types of aircraft may be involved in aviation accidents due to the diverse nature of air traffic.

Our attorneys handle cases involving all kinds of aviation mishaps, such as:

  • Accidents in commercial aviation
  • Regional carriers involved in accidents
  • Private and small plane collisions (including accidents involving charter planes and corporate jets)
  • helicopter mishaps

One victim in an aviation catastrophe may be followed by hundreds more victims. No matter how severe the tragedy, Patrick Daniel Law has the knowledge, perseverance, and resources to assist you and your loved ones.

What Leads to Aircraft Accidents?

Aircraft crashes can be caused by a variety of circumstances, just like many motor vehicle collisions. These elements could consist of:

  1. Pilot Mistake

Strict guidelines governing preflight inspections, takeoff and landing procedures, aircraft speed and safety, and many other factors apply to both private and commercial pilots. Even seemingly insignificant mistakes can endanger the lives of pilot, their passengers, other aircraft, and those on the ground.

Commercial pilots are similarly subject to limitations on the number of flight hours they can log. Pilot error is frequently caused by fatigue, which may also be a sign of negligence on the part of the pilot’s employer.

  • Carriers’ Error

Businesses include airlines and other carriers. Companies that transport people and freight place a high priority on keeping to schedules, which frequently results in pressure on pilots and flight crews to meet deadlines however they can. This could result in the firm pressuring pilots to go above their permitted duty limits and commit other safety infractions.

To save money, the carrier can also hire pilots and flight crew who aren’t fully certified, neglect to do drug and alcohol testing, or take shortcuts when maintaining the aircraft. Any one of these elements may make aviation accidents more likely.

  1. Technical Error

Even one-engine aircraft are intricate devices with many moving parts. Each of these components must be in good operating order for the craft to be airworthy.

Unfortunately, mechanical issues remain a significant contributor to aircraft crashes and other aviation mishaps. The failure is frequently the result of one or more faulty parts.

Multiple aircraft systems may be affected by defects, including:

  • The motor or engines (or propellers)
  • the engine system
  • The landing apparatus
  • The equipment
  • Its wings
  • the aircraft’s main structure

Manufacturer error could be to blame for malfunctions caused by a faulty airplane part (product liability). They could also be the result of careless maintenance by the aircraft’s owner.

  1. Liability at Airports

Of course, an aircraft’s crew is not the sole party accountable for its safe flight. Fuel handlers are responsible for ensuring that the aircraft is appropriately fueled for the distance it needs to travel. Baggage handlers are responsible for loading, securing, and balancing luggage.

The airline or airport may hire these and other parties. Investigation of the events leading up to the crash is crucial in the event of an aircraft disaster to identify potential culpability.

  • Acts of God

Aviation mishaps may sometimes be caused by alleged “acts of God,” such as bad weather or birds flying into the flight path. Accidents that result from these circumstances may still be traceable to pilot mistakes, despite the term’s potential to imply that no one is to blame.

Before a flight, it is the responsibility of the pilot and their company to verify that the weather is safe. A skilled pilot should be able to alter the direction and use evasive maneuvers to lessen or escape risk in the event of adverse weather or another “act of God.”

Aviation Accident Compensation

Accidental Injuries in Aviation

No crash is necessary for significant injuries to be sustained by passengers. Brain damage, broken bones, and trauma to the soft tissues of the neck and back can arise from flying in extremely turbulent air or from being forced to make an emergency landing.

In the event of a collision, fatalities and severe injuries are more common than not. Injuries that crew and passengers may experience include:

  • harm to the brain from trauma
  • spinal cord damage
  • burn wounds
  • Paraplegia or quadriplegia, or paralysis
  • amputation wounds
  • Bone fractures in the back, chest, legs, arms, and feet.
  • Crush wounds

Post-traumatic stress disorder is one example of psychological trauma.

If a member of your family loses their life in an aviation accident, Patrick Daniel Law can bring a wrongful death claim on their behalf.

Damages in a Lawsuit for an Aviation Accident

Extensive compensation may be possible for significant injuries or wrongful death due to the severity of injuries that might occur in an accident involving an airplane, helicopter, or other aircraft.

If you or a loved one was hurt in an aircraft disaster, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your losses, which may include:

  • Medical expenses
  • lost revenue
  • limits on your future earnings if the injury prevents you from returning to work
  • out-of-pocket costs for prescription drugs, assistive devices, house, and car modifications, etc.
  • Distress and suffering
  • emotional angst
  • Discoloration and scarring
  • loss of group support

The damages you might be able to obtain in a wrongful death claim if your loved one was killed in an aviation accident include:

  • lost earnings and lost financial support in the future
  • reduction in household contributions
  • Expenses for treating your loved one’s illness
  • The price of a funeral, burial, or cremation
  • emotional distress
  • The suffering your loved one endured before passing away

Patrick Daniel Law advocates for victims and their families in a methodical, rigorous, and ruthless manner. We create a case that is specific to your situation and work to win you the money you are due.

Using the Flight Data Recorder to Build Your Case for Aircraft Accidents

Developing a Case for an Aviation Accident

The legal field of aviation accident litigation is complicated. The accident will be looked at by the Federal Aviation Administration and other organizations, and a complicated web of rules will apply to your situation. Additionally, a lot of these instances involve suing big airlines and other businesses that use legal teams to settle claims quickly and for considerably less than they are typically worth.

Patrick Daniel Law has a lot of expertise in handling difficult liability cases. Our legal approach in each claim is distinct from the relevant facts and based on a careful examination of the available evidence.

To fully examine the accident, we collaborate with specialists in a variety of aviation-related sectors. This could entail inspecting the aircraft, reviewing data from the flight recorder and cockpit voice recorder, reconstructing the disaster, and more. To determine the extent of your injuries and the costs and difficulties you might encounter in the future, we also collaborate with your doctors and other medical professionals.

We can develop a compelling case on your side thanks to our in-depth analysis. After then, we relentlessly pursue the damages you are due for your losses. Negotiations with the airline’s legal counsel, a manufacturer of aircraft or parts, and other parties may be necessary. We are not intimidated by the idea of negotiating a fair settlement with these strong parties or by the potential need to represent you in court.

Our staff and attorneys will be on hand to respond to your inquiries and address any worries you might have during your case. When a settlement offer is made, we’ll let you know about it and talk about whether accepting the offer or going to trial is in your best interests.

Get in Touch With Our Aviation Accident Attorneys Today

Any airplane catastrophe leaves a huge mess in its wake. You need skilled legal counsel on your side if you or a loved one was hurt or a family member perished in an accident involving a jetliner, small plane, helicopter, or any other type of aircraft.

With 15 years of experience, Patrick Daniel Law has defended clients in difficult accident and injury cases. We will explore every available avenue of recovery with the utmost care, tact, and zeal to make sure you and your family receive the full compensation you are due.

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