Top 15 Airbnb Vacation Rentals in Yucca Valley California

Top 15 Airbnb Vacation Rentals in Yucca Valley California

Top 15 Airbnb Vacation Rentals in Yucca Valley California

Vacation isn’t just when we get together with people and go to some random (or not-so) place. It is a time when we want to experience something new and special, something we never thought we would experience.

There are many unique things to do in Yucca Valley. Have you ever wished you could live in a rusty cabin in the desert for a few days?

Relax in a hot tub surrounded by rocks? Or sleep in a retro trailer? Check out our list of the best Airbnbs in Yucca Valley, California, to find those special someone!

  1. Chickpea Cabin

The Chickpea Cabin provides spacious accommodation for up to four guests. Its charming interiors are well-lit and offer comfortable dining areas, entertainment options, and galley kitchen facilities for preparing delicious and healthy meals.

The bedroom has a large king-size bed that ensures a good night’s rest. A sofa bed is available in the living area, which can also be used as a sleeping place.

Pets are welcome here, and the spacious outdoor area is perfect for playing fetch with your furry friends.

  1. Great Rentals with Private Hot Tubs

This lovely rental offers free on-site parking and a great base from which to explore the city. Two bedrooms are equipped with comfortable queen-size beds, and one has an en-suite bathroom for convenience.

With the property’s private hot tub, you can relax with a glass of wine after a fun-filled day exploring outdoor activities. You can easily access hiking trails and great rock climbing spots from the property’s backyard.

  1. Thunderbird Lodge Retreat

The only cabin next to Joshua Tree National Park is the perfect spot for those looking to escape strangers and wanting to spend some time with their friends or families.

The cabins have a kitchen and bathroom with a soaking tub, a hammock, and a nice front porch. The beautiful brick cabin can host up to 5 people (4 more comfortably) and is pet friendly too.

  1. Boulder Hideaway

If you’ve ever wanted to try glamping but needed to figure out if it was for you, Boulder’s Hideaway is the perfect place to try something similar but still not quite so adventurous.

But that doesn’t mean you won’t have fun there! In the middle of a veritable desert, you’ll drive on a windy dirt road away from civilization to get to this exquisite habitat.

The small, cozy cabin and exterior 0.5 of the bathroom give you a taste of the adventure and desert life. The cabin has two beds and can host up to 4 people, so grab your friends and give it a try!

  1. Glow in the Desert Joshua Tree

Glamping may be a new term – it stands for glamorous camping, a new way of traveling, combining the comfort and importance of camping.

So here, Desert Yacht Club gives you the camping experience, but with your tent set up, a comfortable bed, and all the necessary amenities!

  1. “Faye” 1969 Retro Trailer

That cute, colorful trailer looks like a scene from a 70s movie and makes a wonderful opportunity for a nice, romantic trip for two.

There is also a star deck bed on the property, with a fire burning right next to it; you can hang out, watch the stars, or even sleep under the sky if the night is nice! There’s also an original trailer kitchen and a compost toilet.

  • Airstrip

Here, Desert Yacht Club reunites with its iconic Spartan Airstream trailer from the 50s, but this time, unlike the other two trailers on the list, you can enjoy it with your friends or kids!

The trailer has a large bed, two couches (one converts to a two-person bed), and even a private bathroom!

  1. Rock Reach House

The last and most hardcore rock on our list is Reach House. This is one of the best Yucca Valley homes for rent. This beautiful, modern steel cabin was featured in the April 2010 issue of Dwell magazine.

This home is surrounded by large boulders and ancient junipers, making for a unique desert experience. It has much to offer, including hot tubs, indoor and outdoor showers, fire pits, grills, washers, dryers, and more.

  1. Dream Catcher Ranch

Of course, not everyone lives in primitive, Sharing bathrooms, cold water in the shower, etc. Some of us want luxuries even while spending time in the desert.

There’s no better place for that than Dream Catcher Ranch. Even though it is a private location, it is only 5 minutes from downtown! The farm is well sheltered by rocks, which provide some shade on hot days.

A lagoon pool and a hot tub are also nestled among the rocks to enjoy under the stars. It’s also a great picture opportunity with some great vintage vehicles on the property.

  1. Spartan Royal Mansion

The Spartan Imperial Mansion is one of those things we all see in old movies or photographs and secretly dream of spending a night there.

Now you have a chance! This vacation rental in Yucca Valley, CA, is the perfect spot to get away from the people, but don’t worry if you love to be social! Surrounded by nature in Yucca Valley stands the 1955 Spartan Imperial Mansion with spectacular views of Joshua Tree.

There are a few more trailers on the property, with some nice distance between them. The retro interior makes the experience even more interesting. This is one of the most affordable rentals in Yucca Valley that you can find.

  1. Nomad

The Nomad is an amazing yurt that can give you a taste of the life of a nomad. You may want to experience a bit of another culture and want your accommodation to take you thousands of miles to countries like Central Asia, Mongolia, or Uzbekistan.

However, the Tuft and Needle bed will make that experience super comfortable. The yurt has a cooler to store your food and drinks and a private patio with a fire pit and chairs. The kitchen and bathroom are shared.

  1. Rising Sun Teepee

How about a little Indian vacation in the desert and sleeping in a real tipi? It sounds fun to me! The tipi is decorated in Native American style, with a two-person bed and a cooler.

There is even a private outdoor area to sit outside and enjoy the desert! A kitchen and a bathroom are shared with 5 other tipis and trailers.

  1. Spacious Estate With Hot Tub

This spacious home has two bedrooms and a full bathroom, accommodating four guests. There is a lovely hot tub where you can enjoy a relaxing bath with stunning views of the lush green trees and valleys.

At night, you can head out to the beautiful verandah to enjoy star gazing with a drink. Hiking trails can be found nearby, making this ancient home ideal for outdoor travelers.

Experience the desert life

Joshua Tree is the perfect place to go to the desert, be one with nature, and try some primitive desert life. However, it also offers more luxury homes and places that are in between.

Here, there are several vacation rentals that you can choose from. There is something for everyone in this desert!

FAQs about the best Airbnbs in Yucca Valley, California

  1. What are the best Airbnbs in Yucca Valley overlooking the High-Desert Nature Museum?

You can go far from any of these Airbnb rentals to visit the High-Desert Nature Museum. Most of them are only 10 to 15 minutes away by car! Thunderbird Lodge Retreat and The Nomad are the best places you can stay.

  1. Which Airbnb in Yucca Valley is closest to Palm Springs Municipal Airport?

Most of the listings in this article are located approximately 40 to 45 minutes from the Palm Springs Municipal Airport via car. Two of the closest are Rock Reach House and Thunderbird Lodge Retreat.

  1. Which Airbnbs in Yucca Valley are good for families?

Accommodations for larger groups of people are also available in Yucca Valley. If you need a big, spacious place to stay, try booking Dream Catcher Ranch or Rock Reach House.

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