Top 10 Airbnb Vacation Rentals in New Jersey

Top 10 Airbnb Vacation Rentals in New Jersey

Top 10 Airbnb Vacation Rentals in New Jersey

For those visiting New Jersey (NJ), there is always something new to do, whatever the season!

During the spring and summer, stop by the sunny shores of Ocean City, where the bustling Boardwalk is great for daytime entertainment. When the cool mountain air pulls at your scarf, head to a spa and warms yourself.

Here in NJ, there’s room for everyone – check out 10 of these Airbnb vacation rentals that are perfect for solo travelers and even the largest of families!

  1. Cozy Room at The Howell

At Suzanne’s humble Airbnb abode, you can use a shared living room with plenty of space for a short let-down.

If you’re feeling a little indulgent, you can request Susan to cook a simple meal (additional charges may apply). Enjoy a cozy dinner while you share your travel experiences!

Head back to your room at the end of a long day – a freshly made bed greets you with just a hint of the sun’s glow illuminating the room.

Step out onto the balcony to ward off the sleep monster and have a cup of hot coffee – the lush green view is a relaxing companion to a lazy Sunday morning at this Airbnb.

  1. Classy Rooms at Westfield

Stop by Emma’s cozy cottages, just 5 minutes from Westfield train station. A lovely single bed perfect for backpackers to sink into your luscious sheets after a long ride here.

Step into the main living area and get ready to be mesmerized by the aroma of freshly baked cookies – the whole house is filled with the aroma of home-cooked food, courtesy of the amazing culinary skills of the hosts!

Feel free to relax on the cushioned leather sofa with a reading light in hand. Soak away the day’s stresses by immersing yourself in the hot tub provided at this vacation rental.

  1. Luxury Apartments in New Brooklyn

Beautifully carved hardwood floors with nine-foot (2.7 m) vaulted ceilings feature this Airbnb studio apartment in an upscale neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Have the world at your feet (literally!) as you gaze through giant glass windows while enjoying a sparkling glass of wine.

Feel free to prepare a romantic dinner for yourself and your spouse – The kitchen has everything you need (except candles!) Retreat to your leisure room for 2 – The lavishly furnished queen-size bed makes it a Can pose a challenge. To crawl you out of bed the next day!   

  1. Little Fisherman’s Shack in Ocean City

Located on the main streets of the Ocean City Riviera neighborhood, this cozy bayside retreat is perfect for the traveling couple looking for a quiet haven.

Furnished with vintage trinkets reminiscent of a fisherman’s lifestyle, wooden oars, and fishing bait add a rustic touch to the otherwise simple interior of this Airbnb vacation rental.

Stocked with informative books about the nearby reservoirs and tricks of deep sea diving, visit some of the hosts’ book collections as you enjoy a simple homemade breakfast.

Snuggle up in comfort with your partner in the comfortable double-bed decorated with antique paintings collected over the years.

  1. Charming Studio Apartment in Princeton

Located in the heart of Princeton, visit this quaint studio apartment overlooking Palmer Square, where you can enjoy the city’s tranquility and your morning coffee from the downstairs cafe.

Head to their loft for 2, where vintage filament bulbs illuminate the room with a soft glow. The main living area has everything you need, including a small collection of books and a fireplace – perfect for chilly winter evenings, where you can relax on the couch under a blanket, hands in.

It can be read well. Melt away jet lag with a cup of steaming hot espresso at the Coffee Station.

  1. Nautical-Theme Beach House at Sea View

If you can’t get enough beach life, this Airbnb apartment is the perfect home for you! Decorated with nautical-themed ornaments, wake up to the sound of waves crashing outside your door.

The ocean-themed rooms feature 2 oversized queen-size beds to choose from, and you can swim in dreamland with dolphins. On hot summer days, hide indoors with the air-conditioning on while you tune in to the latest shows on cable TV. When the sun is less harsh, head out to the backyard for fresh air!

  1. The Vintage Apartment at Cranford

Perfect for large families of up to 6, book a stay at Dano’s Apartments in the lap of nature here – the neighborhood’s sprawling park with running trails is a hit for family trips!

Choose from the main bedroom with a padded double bed or the upstairs loft with a homey bed that doubles as a day sofa.

For the little ones, the pull-out sofa makes a great mattress! If you’re having difficulty sleeping, feel free to indulge in a late-night game of pool.

  1. Hepburn House in Greenwich

This newly renovated Airbnb Glass Cabin is a modern gem found in the tranquil woods of the Kohnsee River. Spacious enough for a crowd of 11, take a trip to Greenwich with your extended family today!

The living space is a haven for the modern minimalist – the classy monotone furniture line interior fuses aesthetically pleasing designs with complete functionality.

With a total of 4 rooms for you to choose from, the luxurious queen-size sleepers will lull you into a sound sleep the next day!

Contact the host for more room photos if you need additional context. On a scorching summer day, jump into the pristine waters of your private pool! Brilliant and succinct in four words!

  1. Pumpkin House in Branchville

Built of stone, the Pumpkin House here at Hickory Corners looks like it came out of a fairy tale book! With a total of 8 sleeping places, this place is perfect for a summer get-together with your friends!

Relax with the crowd in one of 5 single-bed rooms, or fall asleep to the dancing flames in the fireplace on a queen-size bed.

Feel free to contact the host for more bedroom photos! The living room area of this vacation rental has plenty of space for a dinner party or a lazy Sunday night.

  1. The Woodland Retreat in Newton

Wake up to panoramic views of clear blue waters, surrounded by the serenity of Mother Nature, and enjoy the warm glow of morning light at Ruth’s Lakefront Cabin.

The oak interior is a warm welcome for a traveling family of four—spend the colder months next to a crackling fire, complete with a rocking chair and cozy fireplace.

Choose a window-side dining area for a beautiful view of the flourishing forests around you. At the end of a long day, choose a queen-size bed that’s spacious enough for a cute couple and bunk beds for energetic little ones.

Find Your Location in New Jersey

With many Airbnb vacation rentals hosted by warm and friendly hosts, you don’t have to shell out a lot of money to get a place for the night!

Solo travelers can feel safe staying alone – many explorers have frequented accommodations that have left favorable reviews, so get your bags ready for your next trip!

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